Flooded Basement Cleanup Cost: What You Should Expect

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: February 23, 2022

It can be the result of rain seeping through foundation cracks. It can happen when storms back up sewage lines. Sometimes, the sump pump gives out. Whatever the cause, your basement looks like an indoor pool.

Do you take care of flooded basement repair yourself or call in professionals?

Before you make a decision, consider the variables involved in basement water damage repair cost. It’s a project that you may be able to tackle on your own, but it takes time, and your out-of-pocket expenses can quickly add up.

As one of Chicago’s largest flooded basement cleanup companies, we know a thing or two about the repair costs. Read on.

Heavy Rains Mean Flooded Basements

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Sometimes, it seems like our area here in Chicago is the nation’s flooded-basement capital. While the blame lies with our aging drainage system, the infrastructure is slowly being upgraded. Still, our Tunnel and Reservoir Plan isn’t expected to be completed until 2029.

Meanwhile, every inch of rain that falls here equals more than 4 billion gallons of water. If you live in a flood zone, you can’t be sure that the next deluge won’t flood your basement.

Minimize Your Risk

You can’t control the weather, but you can minimize your flooded basement cleanup cost risks. Develop foundation inspection routines, and work up a list of preventative measures to reduce the chances of basement flooding.

Steps as simple as cleaning up clutter downstairs can save money and headaches when you face floodwaters in the basement. Sump pump maintenance is one of your best defenses against heavy downpours, so keep this downstairs workhorse in good shape.

Basement Flood Cleanup Cost: An Overview

damaged sump pumpThe most important thing to understand about basement water damage repair cost is that it depends on many factors. We can outline the general costs of water damage restoration, but DIY basement cleanup costs can also include:

  • Portable utility pump – $70 to $250
  • Large-diameter discharge hose – $50 to $100
  • Residential dehumidifier – $70 to $250
  • High-capacity dehumidifier – $800 to $1200
  • Sump pump replacement – $100 to $300

You can rent the equipment, but the drying process takes at least three days after you’ve pumped out all the water. This approach saves money, but take into account the amount of time you spend on the project.

You also need to consider the potential cost of:

  • New drywall and replacement materials
  • Flooring damaged by standing water
  • Electrical wiring that may have been compromised
  • Water damage to the furnace and other appliances
  • Mold removal and remediation
  • Major repairs to structural damage

Do You Have Flood Insurance?

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You don’t want to scramble trying to cover the details of insurance coverage while you’re still figuring out basement water damage repair costs. Take a little time now, locate the documents, and give them a good review.

Not all types of water damage are covered by home insurance. These are important details that you need to understand now. Give your agent a call, and take care of any necessary adjustments as soon as possible.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you don’t need insurance if you don’t live in a floodplain area. So many homeowners in Georgia learned this lesson the hard way in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

When Should I Call a Professional Restoration Company for Help?

If you have second thoughts about working in the basement, call in a professional restoration company. Always put your personal safety first, especially if you face these situations:

  • Water more than a few inches deep
  • Heavy mold growth
  • Compromised electrical wiring
  • Damage to gas lines
  • Biohazards posed by sewage waste backup

Some flooded basement cleanup problems are too dangerous for your best DIY efforts. Often, you can actually save money by having professionals take care of water removal and restoration projects as quickly as possible.

Did Your Basement Flood in Chicago? We Can Help

Sometimes, homeowners take on basement flooding on their own and then realize it’s a bigger job than they expected. Before you take the plunge, carefully weigh your options.

When a project gets too big, we’re here for you. As the leader among flooded basement cleanup companies in Chicago and the suburbs, we answer your call 24/7. ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba stands ready to tackle the big jobs.

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