apartment flooded

Help! My Apartment Flooded – What Do I Do?

Has your apartment flooded due to a burst pipe or an overflowing bathtub from upstairs? At ServiceMaster by Zaba, our experience helping renters with apartment flooding stretches back more than 15 years. Let’s cover everything you need to know about how to handle a flooded apartment.  What to Do If Your Apartment Floods 1. Shut […]

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what to do if your house floods in palatine illinois

What to do if Your House Floods in Palatine, IL

You never get used to severe weather. Keeping a close eye on the forecast doesn’t reduce the chance of a flood damaging your Palatine home. You have to be prepared, but you also need to know how to handle the aftermath. Over the years, ServiceMaster by Zaba has helped Palatine homeowners recover from flood damage, […]

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basement flooding in lake county

Basement Flooding in Lake County, IL: A Complete Guide [2024]

If you’re like most home and business owners in Lake County, IL, basement flooding isn’t something you’re prepared for. It doesn’t happen often, but the effects are serious and long-lasting. When residents in Lake County need help with flooding in the basement, they call us here at ServiceMaster by Zaba. Based on our combined 90 […]

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House floods restoration

What to Do When Your House Floods: 9 Critical Steps to Take

Whether it’s the result of a plumbing failure or torrential downpours, a flooded home can be overwhelming. You need to mitigate the damage and minimize your losses as quickly as possible. Do you know what to do when your house floods? As Chicago’s leading water damage restoration company, we’re here to help.  Read on for […]

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sump pump restoration chicago

Help! My Sump Pump Isn’t Working & the Basement Is Flooding!

Two things that every homeowner dreads usually happen at the same time: A broken sump pump and a flooded basement. One is bad enough, but when these problems collide, you’re looking at extensive water damage. Why isn’t the sump pump working? What can you do about the flooded basement right now? How do you prevent […]

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dishwasher overflowing water damage

Dishwasher Overflowing? Here’s What to Do Right Now 

Your dishwasher works hard, and you trust it to do its job. When it starts malfunctioning and overflowing, then, it can be a startling experience. After all, nobody wants to be surprised by a puddle of water on their kitchen floor or the expensive damage left behind. Fortunately, you’re not alone. In this blog, we […]

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flooded basement

Help! My Basement is Flooding – What Do I Do?

When the basement floods, you’re suddenly facing multiple problems. They all need attention right away, but you may not know where to begin. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, we’ve been helping Chicago-area customers clean and restore flooded basements for more than 15 years.  In this blog, we’re compiling […]

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My Basement Flooded – Who Do I Call First?

Heavy rains and bad sump pumps aren’t the only reasons basements flood. Burst pipes fill the downstairs with water. A broken washing machine turns the basement into a wading pool. Whatever the cause, you’re facing a mess. Who do you call when you realize the basement in your home is flooded? Knowing who to call […]

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Why Are Floods in Chicagoland Getting Worse?

You never get used to it. Dealing with Chicago flooding year after year doesn’t make it any easier. All across the city, homeowners are frustrated by recurring floodwater damage in their basements. Any type of flooding in Illinois can cause serious problems, but it always seems worse here in Chicago. It fills basements with sewage […]

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flooded living room

Your Complete Flood Remediation Checklist

It’s one of the hardest jobs a homeowner can face. It’s an enormous challenge for businesses too. Cleaning up after a flood takes time, hard work and patience. This flood remediation checklist is designed to help you with initial recovery efforts. Y ou can’t do it all by yourself, but there are important steps you […]

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