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thawing frozen pipe

5 Quick Steps to Thaw Frozen Pipes in Your Home

You wake up and head for the kitchen. The house is still chilly from last night’s hard freeze. You’re ready to make some coffee, but one turn of the faucet handle snaps you wide awake. You don’t have any water, and you know why: Some time during the night, the pipes froze. If you wait […]

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wet drywall needs treatment

Drying Drywall After Water Damage: 5 Effective DIY Steps

It doesn’t take much to make the walls wet. A leaky pipe upstairs drenches drywall in the rooms below. Rain water seeps under window sills soaking sheetrock. Once you figure out the problem and get it fixed, you still have a soggy situation on your hands. It almost sounds like a riddle. How do you […]

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ice dam leaking

How to Remove Ice Dams: The Essential Do’s and Don’ts

Our Chicago winter has been milder than usual, but last week’s temperatures delivered the deep chills that we expect this time of year. Area homeowners can expect to deal with ice dams on the roof and eaves too. You’ll find plenty of information online about preventing this frozen phenomenon, but you don’t have time to […]

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burst pipe garage

7 Ways to Quickly Fix a Burst Water Pipe in the Garage

When most homeowners think about burst pipes, they picture a flooded bathroom or soaked kitchen floors. However, plumbing problems can leave you dealing with water in unexpected places. Can you imagine the mess caused by a broken pipe leaking in the garage overnight? During the winter, frozen pipes in exterior walls cause serious water damage, […]

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oven fire

Is Your Oven On Fire? How to Safely Put It Out in 5 Steps

You react to the burning smell of an oven fire before it triggers the smoke alarm. Flames shooting up through a stove top burner send you scrambling for the extinguisher. Are you sure you know how to put out an oven fire? How do you handle a flare-up in the microwave or toaster oven? This […]

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business flooded

How to Quickly Recover When Your Business is Flooded

Water drips from the ceiling, covers the floors and puddles around equipment. It might be the aftermath of a severe storm or the result of a plumbing failure. From soaked inventory to ruined furnishings, it all seems overwhelming.You look around, take in the damage and shake your head. “My business is flooded. What do I […]

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signs of water damage


You have good reason to be concerned. The basement seems damp, or you’re worried about roof damage from the last bad storm. It might be noises coming from the pipes or a musty smell in the laundry room. As home water damage restoration specialists, we understand. You want the peace of mind that comes from […]

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brown water sign of busted pipe

7 Sure Signs of a Busted Water Pipe and How to Fix It

It’s not a good situation. Carpets are soaked, walls are wet, and you’ve put in the call for help. While you’re taking care of cleanup and water damage at home, repair crews are on the way, but you keep asking yourself the same questions. How could you miss the signs of a busted water pipe? […]

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chimney water damage

Chimney Water Damage: 4 Critical Questions Every Homeowner Asks

You know a damaged roof can spring a leak, soak the attic and ceilings and cause extensive property damage. However, you may not realize there’s another potential problem on top of your home. Did you know that masonry chimneys can develop serious water leaks? These stone or brick structures stand up to the elements all […]

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