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fire damaged building chicago

What Should I Do After a Business Fire?

It’s so hard to handle the aftermath of a property fire. It’s even more difficult to deal with the chaos when it impacts your workplace, your employees and your financial security. You hope it never happens, but you need to be prepared. Knowing what to do after a business fire gets you and your workforce […]

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flooded bathroom

Flooded Bathroom? Here Are 10 Essential Steps to Recovery

Clogged toilets can happen in the best-kept homes, apartments, or condos. Busy families can forget someone’s filling up the tub. A pipe can freeze during the night and burst before you’re awake. From faulty plumbing to a sewage backup, it doesn’t take much to flood the bathroom. Are you wondering how to clean up a […]

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kitchen of hoarder

“I Am a Hoarder and I Need Help” – 10 Steps to Self-Help

It can feel as though you’re completely isolated and on your own. Even with the help of friends and family, dealing with hoarding can become overwhelming. It consumes the space in your home while it drains your ability to cope. As you look in the mirror, you say, “I am a hoarder. How do I […]

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washing machine burst pipe

Washing Machine Pipe Burst? Here’s What to Do Right Now

Doing the laundry is a simple routine. You never think about how quickly it can go wrong. Suddenly, a washing machine pipe bursts. The damage spreads in a matter of minutes. One ruptured hose can flood the laundry room with a flow equivalent to 650 gallons per hour. That’s a huge volume of water filling […]

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dishwasher overflowing water damage

Dishwasher Overflowing? Here’s What to Do Right Now 

Your dishwasher works hard, and you trust it to do its job. When it starts malfunctioning and overflowing, then, it can be a startling experience. After all, nobody wants to be surprised by a puddle of water on their kitchen floor or the expensive damage left behind. Fortunately, you’re not alone. In this blog, we […]

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water restoration

What Is Water Restoration? A Complete Guide [2022]

Home and business owners don’t schedule seasonal maintenance with a water restoration company. It’s a not a service you need very often, but when the time comes, it’s an invaluable resource. More often than not, you contact restoration pros because of an emergency water damage situation As you make the call, you might wonder, “What […]

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flooded basement

Is Your Basement Flooding? Here’s What to Do Right Now

When the basement floods, you’re suddenly facing multiple problems. They all need attention right away, but there are so many things to consider. How much water are you dealing with? Can you handle it by yourself? When does DIY basement cleanup become dangerous? How do you recover from a flooded basement? As Chicago’s leading flooded […]

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fire damage restoration contractors chicago

How to Hire the Best Fire Damage Restoration Contractor

The impact of a fire on your home or commercial property doesn’t stop when the flames are extinguished. Dealing with the aftermath is overwhelming. It’s not something you want to take care of by yourself. You need the services of an experienced fire damage restoration contractor. We work with Chicago home and business owners in […]

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rosemont water damage signs

7 Sure Signs of Water Damage in Rosemont, IL Homes

When we help Rosemont, IL homeowners with water damage restoration, we’re often asked about how to identify hidden leaks. This type of plumbing failure is hard to spot, and that’s why it causes so many problems. The best handyperson skills don’t let you see through walls or under the floor. A moisture meter can fine-tune […]

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plumbing leak cleanup

How to Clean Up Water Damage After a Water Leak

When plumbing starts to leak, you take care of it right away. Whether you call water damage pros or fix it yourself, the problem gets solved. Now, you’re facing one more big job: Water leak clean up. This work can’t wait either. From floors, walls and cabinets to personal belongings, it all has to be […]

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how to clean outdoor patio furniture

How to Clean Commercial Outdoor Cushions Like a Pro

From poolside bar service to patio dining, the great outdoors extends your hospitality business. Spotless furniture outside reflects the professional focus you put on keeping guests happy. Knowing how to clean outdoor cushions makes sure your venue makes the best impression. It’s just one of the specialty services we provide for hotels and restaurants in […]

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