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fire damaged building chicago

What to Do After a Business Fire: 10 Steps to Recovery

It’s so hard to handle the aftermath of a property fire. It’s even more difficult to deal with the chaos when it impacts your workplace, your employees and your financial security. You hope it never happens, but you need to be prepared. Knowing what to do after a business fire gets you and your workforce […]

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flooded bathroom

Flooded Bathroom? Here Are 10 Essential Steps to Recovery

Clogged toilets can happen in the best-kept homes. Busy families can forget someone’s filling up the tub. A pipe can freeze during the night and burst before you’re awake. From faulty plumbing to a sewage backup, it doesn’t take much to flood the bathroom. Before you grab a mop, ask yourself a quick question: Do […]

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flooded basement in chicago

How to Prevent a Flooded Basement: A 10 Step Guide by Water Damage Experts

If you were anywhere near the city last June, you remember the severe storms and flooding that shut down Eisenhower Expressway. The river was out of its banks, and we had two tornado warnings that night. As Chicago’s leading restoration contractor, our teams were busy after the deluge answering calls from folks with flooded basements. We cleaned […]

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marijuana grow room in chicago

Cleaning Your Grow Room: 12 Daily, Weekly and Monthly Maintenance Tips

Recreational marijuana use has recently been legalized here in Illinois and many other states across the country. It’s quickly becoming a legitimate industry with powerful earning potential nationwide. Whether you own a small or large-scale operation, you want a superior product and consistent harvests. Cleaning your grow room plays a critical role in growing your very best. […]

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movie theater in chicago

The Ultimate Movie Theater Cleaning Checklist

Movie customers mingle and roam through the lobby, visit concession stands and head for the auditoriums. They’re looking forward to enjoying the latest features at your cinema. They don’t want to walk down sticky aisles, step over trash or sit on dirty seat cushions. Employees man the box office and run concessions. They know how […]

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chicago bar

The Ultimate Bar Cleaning Checklist for Keeping Your Bar Spotless

As the bar owner or general manager, you take pride in your establishment’s success. Your customers look forward to enjoying themselves in a warm, inviting atmosphere. They don’t think about the work involved in cleaning the club. But here’s the thing: They do notice streaked glassware or dirty bar stools. You keep the bar immaculate […]

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chicago library

A Complete Library Cleaning Checklist with Daily, Weekly & Monthly Guidelines

Keeping a library clean and inviting requires attention to large spaces and a focus on details. You want visitors to always feel comfortable in a welcoming environment. A well-organized library cleaning checklist can simplify general housekeeping and help you manage big projects too. Your Complete Library Cleaning Checklist From stacks and reading rooms to circulation […]

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church in chicago

The Complete Church Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Guidelines

Whether it occupies a large campus or houses a small congregation, a church is made up of many different areas, each with its own unique function. How do you clean a church efficiently? Our church cleaning checklist can help you organize everything from daily housekeeping duties to bi-annual and yearly projects. A Comprehensive Church Cleaning […]

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Slab Leak Water Damage: 6 Things You Need to Know

They’re an affordable alternative to crawl space or basement construction. They don’t flood, and that’s a big plus (especially here in Chicago). Slab foundations are usually low maintenance, but water under the slab can result in serious problems. 6 Things You Need to Know About Slab Water Leaks Slab leak water damage isn’t always obvious. […]

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flooded house

10 Spring Flooding Safety Tips to Protect Your Home

You have every reason to be worried about your home. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in spring flooding especially across northern and western Illinois. This season may go on record as the worst in 50 years. It’s important to know how to implement smart spring flooding tips that can protect your property, whether you live in […]

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cleaning checklist for banks

The Ultimate Bank Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly and Monthly Guidelines

When customers walk through your doors, they immediately form first impressions. Immaculate interiors create a welcoming atmosphere of security. Business depends on conveying that sense of trust and integrity to every client. Sparkling entryways, lobbies and teller stations reflect the pride you take in your institution. Your janitorial staff works hard keeping it all in […]

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