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flooded bathroom

Flooded Bathroom? Here Are 12 Essential Steps to Recovery

If your bathroom has flooded, you need to act quickly to prevent further damage.  With more than 85 years of combined restoration experience, we know how to tackle this kind of work.  In this blog, we’ve compiled our expertise to help you learn how to clean up your flooded bathroom and avoid future damage. What […]

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kitchen of hoarder

“I Am a Hoarder and I Need Help” – 10 Steps to Self-Help

It can feel as though you’re completely isolated and on your own. Even with the help of friends and family, dealing with hoarding can become overwhelming. It consumes the space in your home while it drains your ability to cope. As you look in the mirror, you say, “I am a hoarder. How do I […]

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frozen water pipe burst chicago

A Pipe Burst and Flooded My House in Chicago – What Do I Do?

Some years, it seems like Chicago winters are the coldest in the nation. We break records, shovel snow and shiver through historic polar vortexes. Residents across the city take it all in stride, but we never get used to the freezing effect it has on our plumbing. Are you ready to deal with frozen pipes […]

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basement flooding in lake county

Basement Flooding in Lake County, IL: A Complete Guide [2024]

If you’re like most home and business owners in Lake County, IL, basement flooding isn’t something you’re prepared for. It doesn’t happen often, but the effects are serious and long-lasting. When residents in Lake County need help with flooding in the basement, they call us here at ServiceMaster by Zaba. Based on our combined 90 […]

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emergency water damage what to do

Emergency Water Damage? Here’s What to Do Right Now

There are small plumbing problems that quickly become DIY headaches. There are also plumbing mishaps that present as full-blown water disasters. Whether a water emergency starts with a leak or pours through the ceiling, being prepared makes a big difference. Based on our years as Chicago’s leading restoration pros, we’ve developed this guide.  It outlines […]

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how to prevent water damage in lake bluff home

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Lake Bluff, IL Home

Lake Bluff, Illinois, is a beautiful place to live, work, and play. Popular attractions like Sunrise Park and the exhibits at Artists on the Bluff Station Gallery make it a popular area for both locals and visitors alike.  Because it sits so close to Lake Michigan and is known for heavy rainfall and severe weather […]

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signs of wate damage in walls

11 Sure Signs of Water Damage in the Walls

Have you noticed discolored streaks forming on the walls of your home? Perhaps unusual splotches appeared overnight. Both are indications of water damage hiding inside the walls. It’s a serious situation that you can’t ignore. Even a small leak behind the wall quickly spreads and results in extensive water damage. You have to get the […]

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fire damage mitigation

Fire Damage Mitigation: A Complete Guide [2024]

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re not prepared for the aftermath of a house fire. If a fire shuts down your business, the loss is just as overwhelming.  Fortunately, fire damage mitigation is the first step to getting things back to normal. Here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, we have over 85 years of combined […]

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House floods restoration

What to Do When Your House Floods: 9 Critical Steps to Take

Whether it’s the result of a plumbing failure or torrential downpours, a flooded home can be overwhelming. You need to mitigate the damage and minimize your losses as quickly as possible. Do you know what to do when your house floods? As Chicago’s leading water damage restoration company, we’re here to help.  Read on for […]

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fire damage due to neighbor

Help! My Neighbor’s House Fire-Damaged My House!

No one ever expects the house next door to go up in flames. Your first concerns center on the safety of your neighbors and their property, but you worry about your own home too. It can all happen so fast. The first responders do their job, the fire is extinguished, and everyone’s in good shape. […]

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Fire damage restoration Chicago

Fire Damage in Chicago? Here’s What to Do Right Now

A stove top grease fire flares out of control. An unattended space heater sets nearby drapes on fire. Faulty wiring at your workplace sparks a fire that spreads through the property. These are just a few examples of how quickly flames can devastate residential and commercial buildings in the Chicago area. Every year, fire departments […]

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sump pump restoration chicago

Help! My Sump Pump Isn’t Working & the Basement Is Flooding!

Two things that every homeowner dreads usually happen at the same time: A broken sump pump and a flooded basement. One is bad enough, but when these problems collide, you’re looking at extensive water damage. Why isn’t the sump pump working? What can you do about the flooded basement right now? How do you prevent […]

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