Basement Cleaning Service Chicago, IL & Suburbs

Professional Full-Service Chicago Basement Cleaning for Mold, Water, Sewage and More

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When cleaning up the downstairs turns into more than you can handle, you need the services of professional basement cleaners. basement cleaning

We clean up unfinished basements and clean out crawl spaces. We cover every type of scenario at every type of property. With headquarters in both Chicago and Skokie, our teams are just a phone call away ready to tackle these basement cleanup projects and much more.

• Expert basement flooding cleaning services including water damage restoration
• Basement cleaning for residential and commercial properties of all sizes (unfinished basements only)
• Discreet hoarder basement cleanup, disinfection and deodorizing
• Basement cleaning and sanitizing after sewage backups or toilet overflows
• Drywall and flooring repair and replacement
• Floor-to-ceiling cleanup services for unfinished basements and crawl spaces
• Full-service basement cleaning in vacant or abandoned buildings
• Basement and crawl space mold removal and remediation services

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Our 7 Step Professional Basement Cleanup Process for Chicago & Suburbs

A professionally cleaned basement starts with just one phone call to our headquarters. We schedule a visit to your home or business, assess the situation and give you an on-site estimate that covers time and cost.

We develop an action plan according to your directions. Depending on your basement’s condition, our process follows these seven steps.

1. We haul off and dispose of trash following all City of Chicago sanitation and disposal codes.

2. As we work, we identify and address problems like water leaks or mold growth.

3. Once we’ve cleared the space, we scrub basement walls, floors, beams and exposed studs.

4. When necessary, we power wash and steam clean concrete surfaces including walls and floors.

5. Our technicians remove any calcium buildup left behind from earlier flooding or water damage.

6. We deep clean hard-to-reach basement areas including behind and under appliances.

7. Our process includes antimicrobial treatment for fungal growth or bacteria as needed.

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Why Choose Us to Professionally Clean Your Basement?

We Do the Heavy Lifting

You don’t have to hike up and down the basement stairs. We haul trash out of unfinished basements, and we clean under furniture in finished basements. Whatever it takes, we take care of the heavy lifting while you relax.

We Tackle Dirty Jobs

Storm floodwaters and sewage backups leave dangerous contamination on every surface in the basement. Our IICRC-certified technicians tackle all types of black water removal, cleanup and sanitation in flooded basements.

We Make Moving Easier

Whether you’re moving in or moving out, our basement cleaning services eliminate a time-consuming chore. We make sure the downstairs is in top condition. We also handle basement cleaning for multi-family residential properties.

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Don’t let all that space in the basement go to waste. Reclaim your downstairs with our professional basement cleaning services. We make it new again with industry-certified basement cleaning and disinfecting techniques.

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Why is a dirty basement a health hazard?

Dirt in a basement creates a breeding ground for dust mites. Their droppings generate airborne contamination. The moist, dark environment is also ideal for toxic black mold growth which can cause respiratory problems.

Are there things I shouldn’t store in the basement?

Yes. Items that are easily damaged by humidity should never be stored in the basement. Important papers and photographs are good examples as well as electronics, older wood furniture and delicate fabrics.

Is it safe to store gas cans in the basement?

No. Even empty gas cans can leak flammable fumes. All it takes is a spark from an outlet or a faulty appliance to ignite a house fire. Always store gas cans in a well-ventilated area away from your home.

What should I do to prepare my basement for a cleaning?

Please make sure to move all items out of the way. Ideally, we should have access to the floor drain.