How Much Does Water Damage Cost?


When you’re dealing with the headache of a water damaged home or business, you want everything cleaned up as quickly as possible. It’s hard to know where to start, and you can’t help but wonder:

“What is the cost of water damage restoration?”

This is an emergency that doesn’t give you much time to think. Still, you don’t want any more surprises.

We want to provide you with honest answers and help you understand the process, so we’ve pulled together the questions we hear most often from concerned property owners just like you.

Cost of Water Damage: FAQs

1. What is the typical cost for a water damage restoration job?
Most projects average between $3,000 and $8,000. We usually calculate a water damage restoration cost per square foot, so the final figures for large properties can be higher. Severe damage and extensive reconstruction also add to restoration expenses.

2. Are there other factors that affect the water damage cost?
Yes. Contamination from sewage backup or toxic black mold growth are just a few examples of issues that may complicate a restoration project. Time is a factor too. Without immediate cleanup, water damage quickly spreads and increases the square footage that must be restored.

3. Can I get a free estimate over the phone?
It’s not possible to assess the extent of your property’s water damage over the phone. We know that you want a fair and accurate estimate, so we dispatch our teams immediately. They perform a thorough on-site inspection and give you an honest breakdown of all costs.

4. How much will my insurance cover?
Typically, most policies cover 100 percent of water damages excluding your deductible. However, be sure to check coverage details with your agent. We need as much information as possible so that we can help you file your water damage restoration claim.

5. Do you tear things down, and if so, how long do repairs take?
Water damage restoration can involve removing soaked materials including floors, walls, and carpets. We will do our best to salvage your belongings. The drying process averages between three and five days. If you’re insured, we set a timeline that includes reconstruction. If insurance isn’t a factor, we schedule as early as a week out. Finish time depends on job size.

6. Do I save money when I hire a certified restoration contractor?
As a certified Quality Restoration Vendor, we work closely with your insurance company, and that speeds up the process. We immediately address cleanup and eliminate the chance of future issues like structural rot and mold growth. We do the job right the first time, using only the most advanced restoration equipment available.

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water damage repair expertsIt’s easy to feel overwhelmed when frozen pipes burst or leaks from the ceiling soak your property.

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