7 Sure Signs of Water Damage in Rosemont, IL Homes

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 18, 2024

When we help Rosemont, IL homeowners with water damage restoration, we’re often asked about how to identify hidden leaks. This type of plumbing failure is hard to spot, and that’s why it causes so many problems.

The best handyperson skills don’t let you see through walls or under the floor. A moisture meter can fine-tune the detection work, but only if you’re familiar with how it operates. We do have good news.

You don’t need X-ray vision or a professional tool box. You do need to know where to look and what to look for. As Rosemont’s leading water damage pros, we can help.

How Do Hidden Leaks Damage My Rosemont Home?

It’s hard to miss puddles under the kitchen sink. You take care of it by fixing the leak right away. Slow drips behind walls and inside ceilings aren’t as obvious. By the time you realize something’s wrong, water damage has already set in.

These are just a few of the ways hidden plumbing problems damage Rosemont homes.

  • Unhealthy mold spreads through damp materials within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Water-damaged drywall requires tear-out and replacement.
  • Prolonged damp compromises the structural integrity of beams and joists.
  • Cleanup and repair costs increase as unnoticed water damage spreads.
  • Hidden leaks can impact a home’s electrical system and create a fire hazard.

What Are 7 Common Signs of Water Damage?

If you can’t see it happening, it’s hard to know you have a hidden leak. Make things a little easier by routinely checking the house for plumbing problems. Stay on the lookout for these seven signs of water damage in your home.

1. Clues on the Walls

When moisture seeps into drywall, it causes the material to flake and crack. Blistered paint and peeling wallpaper are also clues to water damage behind walls.

Power Tip: When you inspect walls for signs of hidden leaks, be sure to check corners where they meet, as well as seams where walls meet floors and ceilings.

2. Overhead Signs

Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to ceilings until it’s time to change a light bulb. Put ceiling surveys on your list of ways to scout for water damage. Stay on the lookout for dark spots or water rings.

Power Tip: Never ignore buckled or bulging ceiling tiles. They’re sure indicators of a potential ceiling cave-in, so call a water damage professional right away.

3. Problems Underfoot

Take a monthly tour barefoot through each room of the house. Don’t miss areas where there isn’t much foot traffic. Signs of water-damaged flooring include warped boards, loose tiles and damp carpets. If you run across any of these clues, you’re probably also dealing with water-damaged subflooring.

4. Signs in the Attic

That network of supply pipes in the attic needs to be checked on a regular basis. Use a powerful flashlight to illuminate dark corners as you scan for signs of water damage. Stains on support beams and joists are cause for concern, as well as damp or moldy insulation.

5. Tip-Offs in the Basement

Hairline cracking, flaking and efflorescence on concrete walls are all indications of water damage down in the basement. If your basement is finished, look for stained or streaked drywall and damp floors.

6. Suspicious Sounds

It’s not a ghost running the water when all the faucets are off. That rushing, dripping or thumping sound behind the wall is usually evidence of a plumbing problem.

Power Tip: Take care of this inspection routine late in the evening when traffic outside slows down. Turn off TV sets and electronics that might interfere with your sound check.

7. Unpleasant Odors

Lingering musty smells can be clues of mold growing inside the walls of your home. The source of this unhealthy fungal invasion is often hidden water damage spreading through drywall and wood framing.

When Do I Need a Rosemont, IL Water Damage Professional?

drying floor water damage

The water damage signs we’ve covered can point to plumbing problems with DIY solutions. However, there are situations that need the attention of restoration pros as soon as possible.

  • The water damage has gone unnoticed for more than 48 hours.
  • A stained ceiling suddenly begins to bulge, buckle or partially collapse.
  • You’re concerned about the structural integrity of drywall, floors or wood framing.
  • You suspect hidden water damage has compromised your home’s electrical system.
  • You or family members begin to suffer symptoms of extended mold exposure.

Do You See Signs of Water Damage in Your Rosemont Home? Call Us Now.

It’s hard to know what might be behind a stained wall or under a mushy floor. If you have concerns about the signs of water damage in your home, don’t take any chances. Call us.

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