water bubbles wall

Water Bubbles in the Wall? Here’s How to Fix the Damage

Bubbles can ruin the looks of a wall that was freshly painted a few days earlier. They can suddenly appear on a wall that hasn’t been painted in years. What’s going on? How does such an odd collection of beads and blobs grow on a wall surface? It’s a problem that shows up more often […]

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ejector pump overflow

Ejector Pump Overflowing? Here’s What to Do Right Now

Is your basement filling up with foul-smelling water that should be draining through the sewage line? That nasty backup is probably the result of an overflowing ejector pump. With more than 85 years of combined experience, ServiceMaster by Zaba knows how to clean up contaminated gray water and Category 3 water. We’re sharing that expertise […]

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toilet pipe leaking

Help! My Toilet Pipe is Leaking: What Should I Do?

When you’re dealing with a leaking toilet pipe, how do you take care of a mess that needs cleanup and a plumbing breakdown that needs an immediate fix? ServiceMaster by Zaba has restored water-damaged bathrooms for more than 85 years, so we know several ways to solve the problem. Read on for insider information explaining […]

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leaking outdoor faucet

What to Do If Your Outdoor Faucet Is Leaking

It’s easy to miss, but when the outdoor faucet is leaking, it’s quietly causing problems. Whether you call it a spigot, hose bib or faucet, you need to stop the drip. With more than 85 years of combined experience cleaning up water damage, we know how a simple leak can complicate things. Let’s take a look […]

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how to find a frozen pipe

How to Find a Frozen Pipe: 7 Effective Steps

Frigid weather can put a chill on your routine, but a frozen pipe inside your home puts everything on hold. Locating the blockage isn’t easy. If you’re trying to locate a frozen pipe to thaw it, you need to know where to start. We can help. With more than 85 years of combined experience, ServiceMaster by […]

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ceiling water damage

Ceiling Water Damage? Here’s What to Do to Fix It

Do you notice stains on the ceiling when you glance up? Is water suddenly dripping through the light fixtures overhead? In either case, you’re looking at ceiling water damage. For more than 85 years, ServiceMaster by Zaba has taken care of homeowners in your situation. Learn how to solve this overhead headache before it spreads […]

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fireplace leaking water

Help! My Fireplace is Leaking Water: What Should I Do?

If your fireplace is leaking water, you have to act fast: a leaking chimney can quickly cause structural damage and mold, and lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of expensive repairs. Don’t worry, though – you’re not in it alone. Here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, we’ve been helping repair water damage in Chicago-area homes […]

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bathtub drain leaking

Bathtub Drain Leaking? Here’s What to Do Right Now

A leaking bathtub drain can warp floors, soak surrounding drywall and set the stage for unhealthy mold growth. We know how fast damage spreads from a leaky tub drain. ServiceMaster by Zaba has been restoring water-damaged bathrooms for more than 15 years. Read on for easy-to-follow guidelines covering everything you need to know about fixing […]

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water damage from upstairs condo

Water Damage from the Upstairs Condo? Here’s What to Do

Are you noticing water leaking through your ceiling?  If so, you might be dealing with water damage from the upstairs neighbor. Here at ServiceMaster by Zaba, we have been restoring condos in Chicago, Illinois for the past 15 years, and we’ve seen it all.  In this blog we outline exactly what to do in this […]

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how to fix dishwasher leaking from bottom

Help! My Dishwasher is Leaking From the Bottom: What Do I Do?

No one wants to walk into the kitchen and see leaks around the bottom of the dishwasher. You’re looking at an appliance that has to be fixed and water damage that has to be cleaned up. It’s a situation we know well. It’s usually a situation you can manage too, if you know where to […]

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