The Ultimate Warehouse Cleaning Checklist to Keep Your Facility in Top Shape

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: September 8, 2023

It’s always a challenge to stay on top of cleaning commercial properties. When you’re dealing with a warehouse facility, the job can be enormous. As the building manager or owner, it’s your responsibility to keep the property in top shape. A warehouse cleaning checklist helps you stay organized on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Your Complete Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

Efficient warehouse and factory cleaning procedures are vital to employee safety. The best cleaning and maintenance practices also keep operations running smoothly, and that maximizes production. It’s important to update your guidelines on a regular basis. Use this checklist to create a warehouse cleaning template specific to your facility.

warehouse cleaning checklist

Daily Industrial Housekeeping Duties

As you streamline existing cleaning schedules, ask your employees for their input. Work with them to develop a daily cleaning audit system that covers these important areas.

Warehouse Interiors

Sweep floors, and empty trash. Make sure workspaces stay free of debris or spills that can pose tripping and slipping hazards and necessitate industrial accident cleanup. Confirm safe condition of shelves and pallets. Check all equipment for proper operation.

Sweep floors daily to prevent slips and other accidents.

Offices and Break Rooms

Vacuum, sweep and mop floors. Empty trash cans. Sanitize touchpoints such as computer keyboards, desktop equipment and light switches. Keep break room counters wiped down.


A daily cleaning inspection checklist for bathrooms should cover sanitizing sinks, fixtures, counter tops, toilets, urinals and grab bars. Refill toilet paper, towel and soap dispensers.


Sweep walkways, steps and landings. Make sure areas around exterior doors are clean and free of obstacles that might interfere with emergency exits. Keep loading docks clear of trash and debris.

Weekly Schedule for Warehouse Cleaning

Weekly commercial property cleaning routines include dusting throughout the building, washing windows and cleaning HVAC system vents and grills. Give specific areas additional attention once a week.

Warehouse Interiors

Reorganize pallets as needed, and clear out empties. Confirm operating condition of infrequently used equipment. Straighten up storage rooms making sure any hazardous materials are properly labeled and securely stored.

Offices and Break Rooms

Dust light fixtures, overhead lights and ceiling fans. Polish window and door frames and hardware. Wipe down window blinds, wall partitions and baseboards.

Keep windows and blinds clean.


Clean and sanitize hard-to-reach areas behind toilets and under sinks. Polish and sanitize stall doors and partitions. Restock supplies in cabinets.


Check for burned-out lights, and polish light fixtures. Confirm proper operation of exterior security lighting systems. Polish entryway door and window hardware and glass.

Monthly Warehouse Cleaning Procedures

Make sure your warehouse and factory cleaning checklist includes monthly routines for different areas of the property. While most of these jobs can be taken care of by in-house teams, you may want to outsource bigger projects.

Warehouse Interiors

Deep-clean and inspect floor coatings throughout warehouse workspaces. Pull pallets and stored materials from racks and shelving, and clean under and behind all units.

Offices and Break Rooms

Steam-clean carpets, clean furniture upholstery, and examine fabrics for signs of wear or stains. Clean out break room refrigerators and cabinets. Test fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems building-wide for proper operation. 


Check bathroom sink and floor drains for signs of clogs. Use flashlights to look for leaks, mold and mildew behind toilets, under sinks and inside floor-level cabinets.


Power-wash walks, steps, landings and loading dock areas. Check entryway mats for signs of wear. Inspect weather stripping around entryways and loading dock doors.

Power wash floors and loading dock areas.

Special Cleaning Projects

Several times a year, take care of facility-wide air duct cleaning. This project is especially important in a warehouse setting. Bringing in a commercial cleaning contractor ensures healthy indoor air quality.

If necessary, have warehouse floors resealed or resurfaced. Talk to a flooring installer about options that address cracking and peeling so that you can keep the workplace safe.

Empty all storage areas, and inventory contents. Clean floors and shelving, and safely dispose of damaged or compromised materials. Re-evaluate storage labeling and tracking systems.

Should I Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

If you’re relying on in-house staff to take care of routine warehouse cleaning, consider the advantages of hiring a professional cleaning service. The best commercial cleaning contractors offer a broad range of options and pricing plans.

There are many benefits to hiring a professional warehouse cleaners.

You can save money on big projects by working with an experienced cleaning company that provides these additional services and more.

• Deep-cleaning for all types of interior settings
• Post-construction and remodel cleanup
• Certified mold removal and remediation
• Biohazard and sewage spill cleanup
• Eco-friendly green cleaning services
• Emergency water and fire damage restoration

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