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Dealing with a biohazard situation in Chicago, IL? We can help.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba provides 24/7 biohazard cleanup services for Chicago and the suburbs. We clean up these situations and more:

Our technicians are certified in all aspects of hazardous waste cleanup and disposal. Each team member is highly experienced in dealing with biohazardous scenes. Their expertise includes sterilizing, disinfecting and deodorizing processes in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Whether it’s your home or business, our teams are always ready to take care of you with genuine compassion. When the worst happens, you aren’t alone.

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We Provide The Following Services & More

homicide cleanup chicago

Crime scene cleanup

Our crime scene and murder cleanup services address the removal of every item that can pose a biohazard. We dispose of furniture, clothing, bedding and any other affected belongings. Our technicians clean up leftover investigative materials such as fingerprint powder and hazardous pepper spray and tear gas residues.

Suicide Cleanup

This can be one of the most difficult cleanup jobs. It’s visually and emotionally disturbing for survivors, and it’s a source of dangerous organic contaminants. Our crime scene cleaning services take care of the property, and our compassionate teams provide emotional support to all involved.

trauma cleanup services

Accident and Trauma Cleanup

Both interiors and exteriors need quick, professional trauma cleanup services after an accident. Inside and out, we handle the work with industry expertise in bodily fluid and blood cleanup as well as biohazard removal. Our accident cleanup teams address incidents ranging from vehicular crashes to gun shot incidents and more.

Decomposition Cleanup

When a body goes undiscovered for as little as 24 hours, decomposition sets in and begins a process that contaminates the surroundings. It creates an environment that quickly endangers everyone in the area. The scene requires intensive forensic cleaning to make sure the property is completely sanitized and deodorized.

Our Biohazard Cleanup Process

We respond to your call immediately and arrive fully equipped to handle any type of biohazard cleanup in Chicago. Our industry trained technicians assess the situation and follow rigorous protocols that control contamination as we begin the cleaning process.

We identify all hazardous materials that must be removed and quickly develop a cleanup plan. Our initial work includes a detailed explanation of everything that needs to be done.

We set up industrial air scrubbers that eliminate odors and air-borne pathogens. Our teams dispose of hazardous waste and disinfect and sterilize all affected areas including air ducts, and we finish up with powerful deodorizing treatments.

We do more than disinfect and sanitize your property. Our services include complete reconstruction. From damaged floors and drywall to stained upholstery and contaminated ductwork, we handle everything.

Throughout the decontamination and cleanup process, our technicians strictly adhere to OSHA and EPA regulations. We also follow local and state regulations for the handling and disposal of hazardous materials.

The ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba Difference:

  • 50+ years of combined cleaning & restoration experience
  • Guaranteed response time of under 90 minutes
  • Highly trained in strict OSHA and EPA protocols
  • Licensed, bonded, insured, IICRC certified
  • We answer your call the first time
  • Friendly customer service


Many property owners assume that police or emergency responders clean up hazardous materials. As difficult as it is to deal with a crime, trauma or accident on your property, cleaning up the aftermath is your responsibility.

We use the latest advanced equipment to clean and sanitize crime and trauma scenes. Our technicians are highly trained handling ultra-sensitive moisture meters, specialty HEPA vacuums, ozone generators and more.

Every situation is different. We can’t give you a timeline for completing our process without first assessing the extent of contamination. We outline a schedule for disposal of all biohazards, complete cleanup and any necessary restoration.

Yes. We specialize in homicide cleanup for Chicago properties, but we take care of all types of trauma cleanup. Our teams clean sites contaminated with blood, bodily fluids and biohazards resulting from any type of crime.

Safely dealing with dangerous materials resulting from a death or accident requires special training and equipment. Hazmat cleanup is extremely dangerous work.

Trauma scenes are often contaminated with bloodborne pathogens that cause serious illnesses such as hepatitis B and HIV. Meth lab environments contain high levels of volatile chemicals. Don’t ever attempt biohazard cleaning on your own.

All our technicians are industry certified in processing hazardous cleanup scenes. Here are more reasons to bring in specialists:


bacteria body tissue

Regardless of the type of crime or trauma scene on your property, most contaminants are the result of body tissue and fluids. The organic debris can carry blood-borne pathogens capable of transmitting disease days and weeks after the initial incident. The material poses a serious health risk to everyone in the affected area.

When tissue and fluids come in contact with interior and exterior surfaces, materials absorb contaminants that quickly decompose and produce overwhelming odors. Professional forensic cleaning crews respond to your emergency and address dangerous biohazards immediately.


A crime scene can also present health risks that you can’t see. Pepper spray and tear gas can permeate walls, carpets and furnishings. During an investigation, police use special powders and various chemicals, and the resulting residue compromises indoor air quality.

Meth labs are especially dangerous sites presenting unique challenges to landlords and hotel managers. Until your property is thoroughly decontaminated, toxic chemicals can invade its plumbing and HVAC systems and remain serious health hazards indefinitely.


biohazard cleanup training

When professional cleanup teams arrive on a crime or trauma scene, all members put their industry certification and rigorous training to work. They follow EPA and OSHA protocols as well as state and local regulations. You’re assured of a safe, efficient cleaning process that adheres to industry standards.

Forensic cleanup technicians maintain certification by mastering the latest advances in crime and trauma scene cleaning. This includes ongoing educational training that keeps them at the top of their field.


Biohazard cleanup can’t be taken care of with mops, buckets and bleach. An established crime scene cleaning contractor uses state-of-the-art equipment to detect hidden problems, sanitize surfaces and purify the air. Ultra-sensitive moisture meters, heavy-duty HEPA vacuums and ozone generators are just a few tools of the trade.

Cleanup technicians wear full-body protective gear and full-face respirators. They decontaminate and deodorize your property with a range of agents that clean, absorb and disinfect. Every piece of equipment and every product is designed or formulated for crime and trauma scene cleanup.


biohazard cleanup chicago

It’s very difficult to deal with the aftermath of an accident, crime or suicide on your property. Home and business owners are often caught off guard by the fact that they’re responsible for cleaning up a crime scene or meth lab site. When you bring in professional help, you know what to expect.

A forensic cleaning contractor immediately responds to your call and explains the process. When the technicians arrive at your door, they quickly inspect the affected areas. You’re given a detailed project assessment that includes firm estimates on both the time and cost involved in cleanup.


By following carefully established protocols, a reputable cleaning company scrubs and sanitizes your property from floor to ceiling. Technicians disinfect surfaces, remove stains, eliminate odors, dispose of hazardous materials and take care of necessary repairs and reconstruction.

Whether the cleanup happens at your home or business, you know you can count on complete property restoration regardless of the situation. By following a few guidelines and trusting your common sense, you can hire a crime scene contractor who guides you through the initial confusion and helps minimizes the trauma.


We offer an extensive array of services including fire and water damage restoration, mold removal and remediation, storm damage recovery and more.