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Outdoor guest seating has always played a key role in Chicago’s hospitality industry. Today, it’s more important than ever. Your customers are very aware of their surroundings. You want them to feel welcome, safe and comfortable.

Our outdoor furniture cleaning service gives you that peace of mind. Entertainment venues, restaurants, bars and hotels in downtown Chicago count on us for industry-specific cleaning. We serve the suburbs too, including Evanston, Glenview, Northbrook and more.

Your in-house staff works hard keeping your property customer-ready every day. Let ServiceMaster by Zaba take care of the heavy furniture cleaning outside.

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Our Outdoor Furniture Cleaning Service

Windy days dust patio furniture with pollen and mold spores. The city’s average 70% humidity puts a damper on outdoor furniture freshness. Customers leave behind food and drink spills that don’t always get cleaned up right away.

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We earn our standing as Chicago’s best outdoor furniture cleaners with a full array of services tailored to the hospitality industry. Our teams take care of these outdoor furnishings and so much more.

  • Outdoor Cushions – These guest-seating essentials need regular professional cleaning and odor removal.
  • Patio Chairs – We eliminate patio chair stains and odors caused by spilled food and drinks.
  • Poolside Lounges – Our certified technicians eliminate mold and mildew from poolside furniture upholstery.
  • Outdoor Pillows – Professional cleaning helps outdoor pillows stay fresher for your property’s guests.
  • Outdoor Couches – We deep clean outdoor couch backs, cushions and decorative trim.
  • Outdoor Sectionals – Our specialized equipment efficiently cleans all types of oversized outdoor furnishings.
  • Outdoor Poufs – We clean outside seating poufs, fabric footstools and upholstered side tables.
  • Fabric Umbrellas – Let us do the dirty work it takes to scrub bird droppings from umbrellas.
  • Outdoor Mats – Our commercial mat cleaning services make sure guests step outside on clean, safe footing.
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Our 5-Step Outdoor Furniture Cleaning Process

1. Walk-Through Assessment

We start our outdoor furniture cleaning process with a walk-through assessment. This allows us to identify specific types of fabric and upholstery so that we can tailor our cleaning methods to your furnishings.

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2. Thorough, Careful Vacuuming

Next, our technicians vacuum seat and back cushions to remove surface dirt and contaminants. As we clean deep down in crevices and seams, we carefully work around decorative buttons, tassels and trim.

3. Fabric and Upholstery Cleaning

Outdoor cushions and backs are removed from frames for professional upholstery cleaning. Our technicians use products proven safe for each type of covering. We do everything possible to minimize any disruption to the area while we’re working.

4. Expedited Furniture Drying

We know you want to open up the patio or poolside as soon as possible. We speed up the drying process with powerful air movers. When we’re done, all upholstered pieces are repositioned in their original locations.

5. Your Final Approval

Our last step is your assurance that we meet and exceed your expectations. We accompany you on an inspection to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our outdoor furniture cleaning. When we have your final approval, we consider the job done and look forward to working with you again.

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7 Patio Furniture Maintenance Tips

  • Cover When Possible – Extend the life of outdoor furniture fabric by covering it when the patio or pool is closed. This is especially important during our Chicago winters.
  • Minimize Sun Exposure – Try to position outdoor furniture to reduce exposure to direct sunlight. Eastern exposures usually provide the most shade.
  • Consider Protective Treatments – We recommend upholstery treatments that add extra protection from the weather as well as general spills and stains.
  • Never Power Wash Furniture – Don’t try to clean outdoor furnishings by power washing. The pressure can tear fabric and crack furniture frames.
  • Reposition Cushions Before Storms – Before stormy weather moves in, stack outdoor seat cushions vertically in place with zipper sides down. This keeps heavy rain from soaking deep inside cushion materials.
  • Dust and Clean Under Trees – Outdoor furniture located under trees quickly accumulates pollen, leaves and bird droppings. Check and dust these pieces several times a day.
  • Rely on Professional Cleaning – Outdoor furniture needs certified cleaning on a regular basis, preferably at the beginning of each season. Busy restaurants, bars and hotels should have outdoor furniture cleaned more often.