Post Construction Cleaning Checklist: A List with 10 Best Cleaning Tips

Last Updated on August 19, 2019 by Diana Rodriguez-Zaba

Whether you’re remodeling retail space or building new commercial property from the ground up, there’s nothing like that last day. Construction crews are finished, they’re clearing things out, and you’re ready to open the doors. One good look around tells you that you’ll have to wait.

How do you handle scuffed-up interiors, dirty carpets and layers of dust? Are you going to tackle everything yourself or hire post construction cleaning services?

Before you decide, consider the size of the project. Even with the best post construction cleaning tips, it’s a big job that can potentially slow down your schedule for getting back to business.

Post Construction Cleaning Tips: Your 10-Point Checklist

Most contractors clean up a finished job site, but their services don’t include scrubbing, dusting and polishing. As you size up your capabilities to tackle final detailing, let our post construction cleaning checklist be your guide. First, make sure you’re equipped with the right supplies for the job.

post construction cleaning checklist

1. Deal With Contractors’ Leftovers

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Address the aftermath of your construction project with a thorough trash patrol. Walk property exteriors and interiors keeping an eye out for discarded plastic sheeting, drop cloths and tape strips. Look for small things like dropped nails, bolts and screws. Construction crews don’t mean to leave a mess, but be prepared for extensive pick-up work.

2. Make Hard Floors Presentable Again

construction floor cleaning

Every post construction cleaning checklist should include a floor inspection. Construction jobs take a toll on hard floors, so check them for any signs of damage before mopping, waxing and buffing. You can take care of most vinyl flooring tears with DIY techniques, but wood flooring problems need professional attention.

3. Rescue Carpets From Heavy Traffic

Carpet fibers trap everything from fine dust and tiny wood splinters to lingering construction odors. Use a heavy shop vac to remove ground-in dirt and foreign objects. Follow up with a shampoo and deep-steam cleaning. Let treated areas completely dry before opening them back up to foot traffic.

4. Spruce Up Walls and Baseboards

construction baseboards

Heavy equipment puts dings in wallboard while work boot traffic scuffs and smudges baseboards. Check interiors for minor damage that needs patching and repainting. Once you address repairs, give walls a thorough cleaning. Spruce up scuffed baseboards with dishwashing detergent and water or Magic Eraser products.

5. Restore the View to Windows and Mirrors

Customers don’t want to look through dirty display windows. Opaque door glass and dingy bathroom mirrors aren’t good for employee morale. Restore transparency and shine with products formulated for heavy-duty glass cleaning. Work from top to bottom, and be prepared to rinse and repeat. Finish off like a pro with a dry cloth polish.

6. Put a Shine Back in the Lights

dusty lightbulb

Construction work leaves a powdery residue on everything, so cleaning the lights becomes a must-do task. Otherwise, the film on bulbs reduces their efficiency by as much as 30 percent and produces an unpleasant odor. Make sure the electricity is turned off before dusting bulbs and fixtures with a soft, dry cloth.

7. Check Closets, Cabinets and Drawers

This is one of the most overlooked post construction cleaning tips. Closed doors and drawers don’t protect storage areas from fine dust generated by building projects. Give all closets, cabinets and drawers a visual inspection with a good flashlight. Choose a cleaning method that best matches wood, metal or synthetic materials.

8. Refresh Interior Air Networks

dirty airduct

Your HVAC system picks up airborne dirt and dust from construction activity and distributes it throughout your property. You need to change out dirty filters, but ductwork cleaning is a job that belongs in the hands of a professional service. By hiring specialists, you know the entire system is refreshed from registers and vents to air diffusers.

9. Clean Up Exterior Walkways

Spotless driveways, sidewalks and entries give customers their first positive impressions of your business. Make sure these areas are freshly swept and free of any leftover construction debris. Power washing puts the welcome factor back into exterior walkways, but you might want to leave the heavy work to a professional cleaning contractor.

10. Finesse Final Detailing

clean door knobs

Put the final touches on your post construction work with detail cleaning. Polish door knobs, window frames and light switches with microfiber cloths. Use soft-bristled paint brushes to dislodge dust from sliding cabinet door tracks. Arm yourself with an assortment of sponges, wipes and towels designed for fine-tuned cleaning and detailing.

Post Construction Cleaning at Your Service

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We hope our overview of after-construction cleaning helps you decide on the best approach for your property. If you’d like to share your experiences with cleanup after building or remodeling jobs, we invite you to join our online community here through our Comments Section.

Regardless of project size, final cleanup is always a challenge. We offer a full line of post construction cleaning across Chicago and the suburbs. When you need help with heavy lifting and fine detailing, give us a call here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. It’s a job best left to the pros.