Commercial Cleaning Quotes Explained: 5 Facts to Know, 5 Ways to Save

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: February 15, 2024

Whether you own the company or manage the building, you take pride in running everything as efficiently as possible. You decide to outsource the services that keep offices and facilities clean for customers and employees. You start by contacting a local cleaning company for an estimate.

Are you familiar with the different factors that go into formulating accurate commercial cleaning quotes?

You want to choose the best commercial cleaning contractor in Chicago, but that doesn’t always mean going with the lowest bid. You need to understand how a cleaning company figures an estimate for taking care of your property.

5 Facts You Need to Know About Commercial Cleaning Quotes

When you know what to expect, it’s easier to understand why some commercial cleaning quotes are higher than others. Whether you need janitorial services for a busy office tower or housekeeping backup in a hospitality setting, these five factors affect commercial cleaning rates.

1. Location Really Counts

It’s hard to quote a national average for commercial cleaning because prices vary depending on location. Businesses outside of metropolitan settings pay more for professional services that aren’t readily available in smaller cities.

2. Size Counts Too

Larger commercial properties take longer to clean and require more manpower. Still, high square footage doesn’t necessarily translate into higher office cleaning rates per hour. You can opt out of cleaning services for storage areas, basements and even individual office areas.

3. Services Are Flexible

Some business owners want every desk in the building cleaned daily while others leave the job to employees. Established cleaning contractors offer flexibility with a full range of services.

• Basic janitorial services provide general cleaning for common areas.
• Comprehensive cleaning covers all areas on the property.
• Deep cleaning services take care of intensive floor to ceiling cleaning property-wide.
• Specialized cleaning on request includes services like power washing and green cleaning.

4. More Visits Can Cost Less

Quotes for cleaning services are usually based on monthly billing cycles. You might expect fewer visits to cost less, but they can average out at a higher rate than more frequent service calls. Most contractors prefer the efficiency of regular visits on a weekly basis.

5. Competition Works for You

Here in Chicago, competition is always healthy, and that generally means lower office cleaning prices. If you need special services for facilities like health care clinics or school campuses, you’ll find plenty of contractors who want to compete for your business.

5 Ways to Save on Commercial Cleaning Services

You can’t hold down office cleaning prices by relocating the business or changing square footage, but you can save on overall cleaning costs. Most contractors are happy to work with you on pricing, and these five strategies can help.

1. Know What You Want

Decide in advance what kind of cleaning you want. An honest commercial cleaning company doesn’t try to oversell services, but you should be clear about expectations. You might find that you can afford more than you anticipated.

2. Know What You Need

If you run a busy retail location, you need showroom floors buffed on a regular basis. If you manage a restaurant, you want to hire a cleaning contractor who can handle a commercial kitchen. Know what kind of special services you need so that you can get an accurate cleaning quote.

3. Always Ask for a Walk-Through

Be very cautious of cleaning companies that offer bids over the phone. A reputable contractor schedules a walk-through that covers all the details. This also gives you both a chance to know each other a little better.

4. Discuss the Numbers

A successful commercial cleaning business works with you. Explain what you believe your property needs, and open up a discussion on how to make their numbers fit your budget. The company might offer discount options that you didn’t think were negotiable.

5. Confirm Before You Hire

Once a contractor’s commercial cleaning rates are explained to your satisfaction, make sure you’re hiring a solid company. Read reviews, check references and confirm certifications. You know you’ve made a smart choice when all the numbers add up and you get it in writing.

You Want the Best

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You have choices in commercial cleaning contractors, and we hope our guide helps you make the best decision for your building and your budget. We value your feedback too, so we invite you to share your experiences with cleaning quotes and rates through our Comments Section.

If you’d like details about our commercial office cleaning services for Chicago and the suburbs, give us a call here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. We work with business owners, building supervisors and facility managers all across the city. We know you want to choose the best, and we’re ready to deliver.