A Complete Library Cleaning Checklist with Daily, Weekly & Monthly Guidelines

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: December 5, 2019

Keeping a library clean and inviting requires attention to large spaces and a focus on details. You want visitors to always feel comfortable in a welcoming environment. A well-organized library cleaning checklist can simplify general housekeeping and help you manage big projects too.

Your Complete Library Cleaning Checklist

From stacks and reading rooms to circulation desks, library spaces stay busy with visitors and staff. Most facilities also keep extended hours. The trick to managing it all is figuring out how to keep the library clean while it’s open to the public. Use these guidelines to work up a cleaning template that fits your library’s timetable.

library cleaning checklist

Daily Library Cleaning Schedules

Keeping books and collections clean is an ongoing job. Focus on dusting and straightening stacks every day. Library cleaning supplies should include an assortment of specialty brushes for cleaning books.

• Entrances and Lobby

Make sure entrances are clear of trash and debris. Sweep floors, and polish entryway glass doors and partitions.

• Reading Areas

Wipe down all tables and chairs. Straighten up materials and displays. Empty trash cans and recyclable bins.

• Circulation Desks

Sanitize keyboard and phone touchpoints. Wipe down all surfaces, and empty trash.

• Work Rooms and Offices

Sanitize all shared touchpoints such as phones, keyboards and light switches. Wipe down desktops, check recyclable bins, and empty trash.

• Staff Lounge and Kitchen

Wipe down tables, chairs and countertops. Keep dishes washed and put away, and empty recyclables and trash.

• Bathrooms

Clean and sanitize sinks, fixtures, countertops, toilets and all touchpoints. Sweep floors, refill towel and soap dispensers, and empty trash.

Weekly Library Cleaning Jobs

Vacuum carpets at least once a week. Dust surfaces throughout the library, and polish windows. Give these areas extra attention on a weekly basis.

• Entrances and Lobby

Clean outside and inside entrance floor mats, and inspect for tripping hazards. Polish door hardware, dust window sills, and wipe down baseboards.

• Reading Areas

Polish wood surfaces. Check furnishings for damage or wear. Make sure flooring and carpets are in good condition.

• Stacks and Book Collections

Closely inspect shelves for signs of insect or rodent droppings, and report suspected pest activity. Check adjacent walls and ceilings for dampness and mold.

• Work Rooms and Offices

Clean office furniture, and inspect fabrics for tears and stains. Wipe down window sills, door frames and baseboards.

• Bathrooms

Clean areas under sinks, and scrub walls and floors behind toilets. Polish stall walls, doors, fixtures and mirrors.

Monthly Library Cleaning Routines

Dust light bulbs, light fixtures and ceiling fans throughout the library. Polish windows inside and out, and change AC vent filters. Give the following areas additional attention.

• Audio Visual Collections

Carefully examine AV materials for appropriate storage in containers and on shelving. Clean AV equipment, and confirm proper operating condition.

• Staff Lounge and Kitchen

Clean inside microwaves, stoves and refrigerators. Empty and wipe down cabinet and drawer interiors. Check expiration dates on food and condition of kitchen supplies before restocking.

• Bathrooms

Deep-clean tile and grout on counters, walls and floors. Inspect floor and sink drains for clogs. Look under sinks and behind toilets for dampness or mold growth.

• Storage Areas

Straighten up supplies, wipe down shelves, and look for signs of insects or rodents. Check supply inventory lists, and update as needed.

Bi-Annual Library Cleaning Projects

Take care of building-wide duct cleaning twice a year. This important project minimizes the impact of dust on books, and it helps protect library visitors and staff from unhealthy airborne mold spores.

Treat hardwood floors to deep-cleaning, buffing and waxing. Steam-clean carpets with special attention to high-traffic areas. Consider stain-resistant treatments for carpets.

cleaning library window
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Pressure wash exteriors including parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, steps and landings. Clean up loading docks and dumpster areas behind the building.

When to Outsource Library Cleaning Services

Developing a library cleaning template around staff schedules can be a challenge. Your in-house janitorial team knows how to clean a library, but working out efficient timetables can pose problems.

Outsourcing commercial cleaning expands scheduling options with crews available before and after regular library hours. It also gives you access to these valuable services.

• Specialized green cleaning services
• Air duct cleaning and sanitizing
• Deep-cleaning floor and carpet care
• Tile and grout cleaning and sanitizing
• Certified mold remediation services
• Emergency response to fire and water damages

Count on Chicago’s Leading Library Cleaning Professionals

Library cleaning services should always deliver the highest levels of detailed care and professionalism. We’re proud of our solid standing with Chicago libraries and our full line of specialized cleaning services.

From gently cleaning rare books to steam-cleaning carpets, you can trust ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. For more information about our Chicago library cleaning services, give us a call at 773-647-1985.