Office Chair Cleaning: 6 Ways to Take Care of Your Furniture Investment

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 26, 2024

They’re leather, mesh, vinyl and fabric, and they work hard keeping everyone comfortable. Chairs in cubicles, break-rooms and conference areas don’t ask for much, but they represent a sizable business investment.

Do you know how to take good care of your dependable seating with the best office chair cleaning practices?

We handle commercial furniture cleaning here in Chicago and the suburbs, so we know what it takes to keep office chairs looking their best. If you plan on adding chair care to your list of in-house cleaning duties, we can help.

Office Chair Cleaning 101

It’s not easy being a chair in a business environment. Well-maintained furniture supports operations, keeps employees comfortable and makes a good impression on customers. All office chairs deserve the following care.

  • Vacuum regularly using a low setting and soft brush attachment.
  • Check furniture tags for details on how to clean office chair cushions and fabrics.
  • Always spot test cleaning solutions on small, hidden areas.
  • Treat spills and stains as quickly as possible.
  • Remove odors by sprinkling chairs with baking soda before vacuuming.

6 Ways to Simplify Office Chair Cleaning Chores

office chair cleaning chores

It’s always best to weigh the cost of in-house efforts against professional office chair cleaning prices. Time spent by employees on cleanup duty oftentimes doesn’t offset DIY savings. Still, your commercial furniture investment deserves regular attention. Simplify taking care of different chairs around the office with these six tips.

1. How to Keep Leather Chairs Luxurious

Whether they perform in executive suites or customer lobbies, leather chairs need a weekly wipe-down. Use a soft, clean cloth to gently dust. Change the cloth often so that abrasive debris doesn’t scratch upholstery.

Clean leather with a mild liquid detergent and distilled water. Work with a gentle motion, and rinse with a fresh, damp rag to remove all soap residue. Dry thoroughly while inspecting the upholstery for problem spots. Pamper chairs with a quality leather conditioner several times a year.

2. How to Clean Mesh Office Chairs

These ergonomic support stations are always popular, but their open-weave construction can turn them into dust magnets. Use a hand vacuum at least once a week to keep mesh chairs breathing easy.

Most of these chair types can be washed with warm water and a mild detergent. Use a soft brush – but be careful not to scrub and break down mesh fibers. Attack stubborn dirt by applying a cleaning solution and covering the area with a wet cloth for 30 minutes.

3. How to Revitalize Vinyl Chairs

Vinyl chair coverings can have a sticky reputation, so redeem their comfort with regular maintenance. These are some of the easiest office chairs to clean because they don’t soak up spills like traditional upholstery fabrics.

Wash vinyl chairs with liquid soap and warm water. Rinse well, and dry with careful attention to folds and seams. If you manage or own a health care facility, use appropriate techniques when cleaning Permablock vinyl upholstery.

4. How to Perk Up Plastic Chairs

Plastic chairs in office settings keep break rooms comfortable and outdoor areas inviting. These environments can be hard on plastic seats, but resist the urge to hose them down.

Most plastic chairs are made of polypropylene, so they clean up easily with warm water and mild detergent. Use a brush while being careful not to scratch the material. Avoid scouring pads and alkaline-based products.

5. How to Clean Office Chair Wheels

While cushions and arm rests get most of the attention, office chair wheels need cleaning too. Get things rolling by flipping the chair upside down for easy wheel access. Use a dull scraper to remove debris from casters, slots and areas under wheel covers.

If your chair wheels don’t pull off for cleaning, detach them with a screwdriver. Remove dirt and debris with a spray cleaner, but be sure to dry all components thoroughly. Finish up with a greaseless lubricant to keep wheels operating smoothly without attracting dirt.

6. How to Read Fabric Chair Cleaning Codes

Furniture manufacturers often attach small tags to their products that serve as guides to choosing the right fabric cleaning methods. The information makes sense when you know how to read office chair fabric codes.

  • W – Fabric can be safely cleaned with water-based products.
  • S – Only use water-free products or dry-cleaning solvents.
  • SW/WS – Both water-based and water-free products are safe for use.
  • C – This code indicates the upholstery is Crypton and should be cleaned with an enzyme detergent.
  • X – The manufacturer strongly recommends professional cleaning only.

Making Office Cleanup Easier

commercial office cleaning

We’re always happy to share information that makes office cleanup a little easier. If you have any furniture cleaning tips you’d like to add, join our online community with a post to our Comments Section.

Not all businesses have the time or in-house resources for chair cleaning. Our commercial upholstery cleaning services include regular schedules designed around your timetable. When you want the best commercial furniture cleaning available in Chicago and the suburbs, you can depend on ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba.