Hotel Deep Clean Checklist: 10 Must-Do Jobs

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 20, 2024

Clean rooms and spotless baths do more than satisfy expectations. They earn loyalty from returning guests and rack up great online reviews. Your standards as a hotel manager are very high because the condition of guest rooms can make or break your property’s business.

Do you stay in front of this ongoing challenge with a hotel housekeeping deep cleaning schedule?

Your staff works hard and exceeds your high standards every day, but it’s still important to back their efforts with detailed attention to every room. We offer our experience as Chicago’s leading hotel cleaning service to help you fine-tune housekeeping duties.

Developing a Hotel Deep Clean Checklist: 10 Essential Tasks

Guests are quick to judge the cleanliness of a hotel room, and they’re even quicker to share opinions across social media. While housekeeping staff makes sure reviews stay positive, you need to make sure each room gets extra attention on a regular basis.

The jobs on hotel housekeeping deep cleaning schedules should be taken care of every two to three months. You can modify the timetable depending on seasonal occupancy, but we recommend always including these 10 must-do jobs.

hotel deep cleaning checklist

1. Overhead Dusting

Dust the tops of entertainment cabinets, standing wardrobes and door jams. Most areas can be accessed with long-handled dusters, but a ladder is the safest way to reach ceiling fans, fire sprinklers and smoke detectors.

2. Light Bulbs and Fixtures

Turn off overhead lights, unplug lamps, and remove shades before cleaning. Dust light bulbs with a dry rag, polish glass globes and sconces, and be sure to include bathroom lighting.

3. Blinds and Drapes

Take down blinds and drapes before cleaning windows. Polish rods, hooks and pulls. Wash blinds with mild detergent to remove built-up film, and use a hand vacuum to clean drapes. Send out curtains that need dry cleaning.

4. Windows, Sills and Frames

Vacuum window tracks to remove dust and debris. Polish exterior and interior glass, clean sills, and wipe down frames and hardware. Check locks and opening mechanisms to make sure everything is in good working condition.

5. Furniture, Upholstery and Trim

Vacuum and clean furnishings with special attention to deep spaces between cushions. Check for stains, and treat with spot remover. Clean wood trim with furniture polish, and shine metal and laminates with all-purpose cleaners.

6. Mattresses and Bedding

Remove spreads, blankets and sheets, and lift mattresses off box springs. Inspect box springs, and vacuum inside frames, slats and bed platforms. Rotate box springs, and flip mattresses. Deep cleaning programs for hotels should also include regular bed bug inspections.

7. Walls, Baseboards and Doors

Dust and clean baseboards. Wipe down walls with an all-purpose cleaner sprayed on sponges. Avoid streaks by working upward from floor level. Clean switch plates, wall outlets and charging stations. Wipe down doors on both sides including frames, knobs, locks and hinges.

8. Bathroom Shower Curtains

Dispose of plastic shower curtains. Check fabric curtains for signs of mold and damage, and machine wash. Soak hooks in hot, soapy water or white vinegar while cleaning curtain rods. Scrub hooks clean, and hang fresh shower curtains.

9. Tile and Grout

Use a bleach and water mixture to clean grout with a stiff toothbrush. Scrub counter, wall and floor tile with a tile cleaner and nylon brush. Apply baking soda and water paste to problem areas, let sit, and scrub. Rinse with clear water, and dry.

10. Carpets and Rugs

While steam cleaning carpets and rugs belongs on every hotel deep clean checklist, consider bringing in a commercial cleaning company to take care of the job. Otherwise, rent equipment specifically designed for deep cleaning carpets, and carefully follow instructions.

The Advantages of Professional Backup

hotel deep clean services

Some projects are just too big for housekeeping staff, and that’s when you need to call in a professional cleaning service. When you partner with a full-service cleaning contractor, the advantages include:

  • Upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning and more.
  • Certified technicians on call 24/7.
  • Emergency restoration services.
  • Discreet scheduling for sensitive projects.

An experienced cleaning and restoration company makes your job as hotel manager easier. It’s a time- and money-saving strategy that frees up staff to do their regular work while it streamlines operations property-wide.

Supporting Your Hard Work

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Chicago’s legendary hospitality industry keeps our economy strong, and your hotel plays a big role in that success. We hope our checklist helps keep your property running smoothly while you continue to make so many visitors feel at home. You’re always invited to join our community here through our Comments Section.

We’re proud to support your hard work with a full line of commercial restoration and hospitality cleaning services. As you keep the shine on your welcome sign for guests from all across the country, you can count on us. We’re here for you 24/7 with the best hotel cleaning service in Chicago and the suburbs.