The Ultimate Dental Office Cleaning Checklist

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 25, 2024

Patients trust you for the best possible dental care. They appreciate your helpful staff, and they’re reassured by your knowledgeable technicians. Their confidence also depends on first impressions when they visit your practice.

Your patients expect clean waiting areas, spotless treatment rooms and sparkling restrooms. Are your facilities passing the grade on their dental office cleaning checklists?

They don’t have a sheet of paper in hand, but they judge your practice by the appearance of your offices. If you aren’t making the most of professional medical office cleaning services, you risk losing business.

Your Complete Dental Office Cleaning Checklist

As Chicago’s leading dental office cleaning company, we serve both small and large practices. The logistics differ from one location to another, but we take care of each facility with a detailed dental office cleaning checklist that results in benefits for patients, staff and your bottom line. Here’s an overview of how the process works.

dental office cleaning checklist

1. Entrances and Reception Areas

These areas stay inviting with regular care that includes:

  • Glass entryways polished inside and out, and tracks on sliding doors cleared of debris.
  • Outside and indoor floor mats swept and checked for tripping hazards.
  • Windows polished, blinds and sills cleaned, and drapes checked for freshness.
  • Floors swept and buffed, carpets vacuumed and steam cleaned.
  • Furniture dusted, wood trim polished and upholstery freshened.
  • Picture frames, shelves, overhead light fixtures and ceiling fans dusted.

Benefits: Sparkling entrances and reception areas top our dental office cleaning checklist because they put patients at ease by conveying your commitment to a healthy, caring atmosphere.

2. Patient Treatment Areas

These important areas serve both patients and staff who expect:

  • Equipment and exam chairs wiped clean, polished and checked for signs of wear.
  • Floors swept and mopped including areas under mats.
  • Cabinets, counters, sinks and general equipment cleaned.
  • Windows polished, sills and blinds dusted.
  • All touch points cleaned and disinfected.

Benefits: Your staff doesn’t have to worry about general housekeeping duties in these sensitive areas, and that saves time and money.

3. Offices and Break Rooms

Your staff and technicians stay comfortable when their areas stay fresh with:

  • Windows polished, blinds and sills cleaned, and drapes freshened.
  • Desks, counters, shelves, cabinets and light fixtures dusted.
  • Carpets and area rugs vacuumed, floors swept, mats cleaned.
  • Break room counters, tables and chairs cleaned and disinfected.
  • Break room sinks scrubbed and sanitized.

Benefits: A clean office environment reduces the number of employee sick days while a spotless break room minimizes the risk of insect and rodent infestations.

4. Hallways and Restrooms

Staff and patients expect clean hallways and sanitary restrooms that always include:

  • Hallway floors and carpets swept, mopped and vacuumed.
  • Door knobs and light switches cleaned and disinfected.
  • Bathroom mirrors and windows polished.
  • Sinks, toilets and urinals scrubbed and sanitized.
  • Areas under sinks and behind toilets cleaned and checked for leaks.
  • Bathroom floors swept, mopped and disinfected.

Benefits: You’re assured of spotless restrooms cleaned and sanitized by industry certified technicians who work in accordance with OSHA and CDC guidelines.

5. General Upkeep and Maintenance

In addition to weekly cleaning, your offices stay in top shape with focused, scheduled upkeep that includes:

Benefits: Following a dental office maintenance checklist keeps small problems from becoming expensive repairs and replacements by extending fixture and equipment life.

An Investment With Solid Returns

The benefits of professional cleaning pay off in so many ways. The returns on your investment include peace of mind and a long-term partnership with your cleaning contractor.

You know each day greets patients and staff with beautiful interiors and a fresh, healthy atmosphere that always lives up to your highest standards.

You also know who to contact for water and fire damage restoration. If your property is ever defaced by graffiti or overrun with a mold outbreak, you have emergency backup at your service. Your cleaning contractor is a solid partner who always answers your first call.

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You do all you can to put patients at ease and give them every reason to smile. Our medical office cleaning services in Chicago, IL are designed to put you at ease about the impression your facility makes on your patients.

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