Church Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Guidelines

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 18, 2024

Whether it occupies a large campus or houses a small congregation, a church is made up of many different areas, each with its own unique function. How do you clean a church efficiently?

Our church cleaning checklist can help you organize everything from daily housekeeping duties to bi-annual and yearly projects.

A Complete Church Cleaning Checklist

Churches serve their surrounding communities every day. Cleaning your church requires an organized approach that doesn’t interfere with regular church functions.

This general church cleaning checklist can help you design a custom cleaning template based on your building’s specific needs.

church cleaning checklist

Daily Church Cleaning Guidelines

Our cleaning team hard at work at a church in Chicago, IL

Daily cleaning focuses on simple tasks. These jobs are small, but each one is important for keeping all areas of the church clean and welcoming.

• Entrances and Lobby

Sweep exterior entrance areas. Check interior floors, and sweep or vacuum as needed. Dust all lobby surfaces.

• Nave and Sanctuary

Vacuum and sweep carpets and floors as needed. Wipe down pews and railings. 

• Fellowship Hall and Kitchen

Sweep or mop floors as needed. Wipe down all surfaces, empty trash, and keep kitchen clear of dirty dishes.

• Staff and Administrative Offices

Sweep and vacuum floors as needed, and empty trash. Sanitize touchpoints including keyboards and light switches.

• Classrooms and Nurseries

Sweep or vacuum floors, and empty trash. Change crib sheets, and disinfect all surfaces. Keep non-toxic, green cleaning products on the church cleaning supply list for classrooms and nurseries.

• Bathrooms

Sweep and mop floors as needed, and empty trash. Wipe down and sanitize countertops, toilets, grab bars and stall doors. Check towel and soap dispensers.

Weekly Church Cleaning Routines

Weekly cleaning focuses on polishing windows, vacuuming and dusting. Antique or stained glass window cleaning should be taken care of by professionals.

• Entrances and Lobby

Clean and check condition of entrance floor mats. Vacuum carpets, and polish door and window glass. Dust all furnishings and shelving. 

• Nave and Sanctuary

Vacuum carpets, dust furnishings, and polish windows. Check and straighten up pews as well as choir and alter areas.

• Fellowship Hall and Kitchen

Wipe down backsplashes, and sanitize sinks. Inspect areas under sinks and inside lower cabinets for signs of mold.

• Staff and Administrative Offices

Dust and polish furnishings, and clean windows. Straighten up desktops, file cabinets and shelves. Wipe down equipment such as printers and fax machines.

• Classrooms and Nurseries

Dust and polish all surfaces and windows. Give toys and general children’s supplies detailed inspections for signs of wear and potential choking hazards.

• Bathrooms

Polish mirrors, chrome fixtures and stall walls, doors and hardware. Clean hard-to-reach areas behind toilets and under sinks. Straighten up storage cabinets and drawers.

Monthly Church Cleaning Checklist

Monthly cleaning duties should include cleaning light fixtures, ceiling fans and air vents as well as changing out HVAC filters throughout the building.

• Entrances and Lobby

Wipe down walls and baseboards. Polish wood doors, hand railings and wall trim. Polish entry door and window hardware, and check for proper operation.

• Nave and Sanctuary

Polish wooden pews, hand railings and wall trim. Wipe down walls and baseboards. Clean hard-to-reach areas under pews and other furnishings.

• Fellowship Hall and Kitchen

Wipe down walls and baseboards. Clean kitchen appliances, and check contents of refrigerators and cabinets. Restock as needed. Straighten up cabinets, drawers and shelves.

• Staff and Administrative Offices

Clean furnishings, and check upholstery for stains or tears. Wipe down walls and baseboards. Examine electric cords and outlets for signs of wear.

• Classrooms and Nurseries

Using non-toxic cleaners, wipe down walls and baseboards. Clean crib frames, children’s tables and chairs and general furnishings. Change out mattress covers.

• Bathrooms

Deep-clean tile walls, counters and floors. Check plumbing behind toilets and under sinks for signs of leaks. Make sure sink and floor drains are clog-free.

• Basement Storage Areas

Closely inspect basements for cracks or dampness in walls or floors. Look for signs of mold on basement walls.

Bi-Annual and Annual Church Cleaning Guidelines

It’s often easier on your staff to let cleaning professionals handle large projects. A cleaning contractor can advise you on different options specific to your church property. These are examples of cleaning jobs that should be taken care of at least once or twice a year.

• Deep-steam carpet cleaning
• Furniture upholstery cleaning
• Hardwood waxing, buffing and sealing
• Property-wide air duct cleaning
Exterior pressure washing

How Professional Cleaning Services Help

Big cleaning projects require special equipment and products. Outsourcing these jobs to a commercial cleaning service can be a cost-effective strategy. It also gives you access to these additional services and more.

• Industry-certified mold remediation
• Building-wide air duct cleaning
• All types of floor care and cleaning
• Storm board-up and cleaning services
• Water and fire damage cleanup and restoration

Trust Chicago’s Preferred Church Cleaning Specialists

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