How to Get Rid of Mold Under Your Sink Quickly and Effectively

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 20, 2024

You don’t stick your head under the sink very often. The cabinet under this essential fixture doesn’t light up when you reach inside for supplies. The first sign of trouble usually greets you as an unpleasant musty smell.

That’s when you know there’s a problem. You’re dealing with black mold under the kitchen sink. How can you get rid of it and make sure it doesn’t come back?

Mold removal and cleanup projects come in all sizes. We know because we help homeowners with mold remediation in Chicago and the suburbs, and we’ve seen it all. If you’re looking at an outbreak under the sink that seems manageable, we offer this DIY guide.

Mold Under the Sink: How to Get Rid of It

mold under sink cabinet
Black mold thrives in moist areas, such as beneath sinks.

Mold can grow anywhere in your home, but it thrives in the damp and dark underneath sinks. Get rid of it and keep it from coming back with these three mold-fighting strategies.

1. Start at the Source

Your house is always spotless. Why is mold growing under the sink cabinet? You have to figure it out. Otherwise, all your cleanup work becomes a temporary fix. Smart mold problem-solving starts with identifying the moisture source that feeds the fungus. These are the most common reasons spores take hold in sink cabinets.

Pinhole leaks in sink drain pipes
• Old washers on shut-off valves
• Leaky plumbing behind sink cabinet walls
• Faulty garbage disposal housing or lines
• Worn dishwasher water connections

Once you know what’s causing dampness under the sink, you need to decide if the fix is a DIY job. If not, call in a licensed plumber to make the repairs. Now, you’re ready to tackle that mold.

2. Choose Your Weapons

As you decide on how to get rid of black mold under the sink, consider all your cleaning options. Some homeowners prefer commercial products while others feel confident using these natural solutions.

• Hydrogen Peroxide – Your best choice is a 3 percent solution. It makes a cheap and easy-to-use spray.
Power Tip: Be careful not to spill on fabrics or carpet.

• White Vinegar – You can use this natural household cleaner full strength or diluted with equal parts warm water.
Power Tip: Use after cleaning as a preventative treatment by spraying on affected areas.

• Baking Soda – Dissolve 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 cup of water for a safe, effective mold cleaner.
Power Tip: You can also combine baking soda with white vinegar.

Most homeowners reach for the bleach when they want to tackle mold, but this tactic only works on hard surfaces. The chlorine in bleach can’t penetrate porous materials, so it’s not a good choice for mold on wallboard under sinks.

3. Suit Up and Attack

Cleaning up mold under the kitchen sink doesn’t sound like a dangerous job. Still, the airborne microorganism deserves its bad reputation, so proceed with caution.

• Wear rubber gloves, goggles and respiratory protection.
• Spray moldy areas with your cleaning solution.
• Wait 10 minutes before scrubbing mold with a bristle brush.
• Rinse with a clean cloth, and repeat the process.
• After a final rinse, leave sink cabinet doors open to fresh air.
• Speed up the drying process with fans directed into the cabinet.

Power Tip: If mold reappears after a few days, it’s probably growing deep inside your cabinet’s wallboard. Call in a mold remediation company for an inspection.

Know Your Limits

While you can handle most mold cleanup jobs around the house, don’t take on a project that can endanger your health. It’s not worth the risk. Leave mold removal to certified professionals if:

• The affected area is larger than 3 square feet.
• Interior cabinet surfaces are hard to reach and clean.
• The mold appears to be black and slimy.
• You or family members deal with health issues.

Don’t Take Chances

mold removal

It’s our goal to give you the information you need for problem-solving around the house. If our guide helps you eliminate mold growing under the sink, let us know through our Comments Section. We enjoy hearing your DIY tips too, so share your best with our online community.

When you need the help of a certified black mold removal company, give us a call here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. Don’t ever take chances with suspicious mold growth anywhere in the house. Let us do the dangerous work and keep your home healthy with the best mold remediation in Chicago and the suburbs.