burst pipe kitchen

Burst Pipe in the Kitchen? Here’s What to Do Right Now

When a kitchen sink pipe bursts, it always catches you off guard. It’s a mess that demands immediate attention. What can you do right now to get things under control and minimize the damage? Start by being prepared for this soggy home disaster before it drenches kitchen cabinets and floors. We can help. ServiceMaster by […]

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how to unfreeze pipes

Help! How Do I Unfreeze My Pipes? [Solved]

If you have a frozen pipe in your home, you’re probably wondering what to do.  Here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, we’ve been cleaning up burst pipe water damage in homes in the Chicago area for the past 15 years, so we know what you’re dealing with. In this blog, we discuss how to thaw […]

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toilet wont flush frozen pipes

Toilet Won’t Flush Due to Frozen Pipes? 5 DIY Solutions

After a cold winter’s night, you climb out of bed, shake off the chill, and brave the morning. It’s not going very well because the toilet won’t flush. Frozen pipes are a bad way to start the day, and you haven’t even had your coffee yet. How do you locate the problem and get those […]

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are frozen pipes covered by homeowners insurance

Are Frozen Pipes Covered by Homeowners Insurance? 5 Facts

With another Chicago winter settling in all around us, you’ve done your best to get the house ready for freezing temperatures. If something should happen, you rely on your home insurance policy to cover property damage. Those premiums pay for your peace of mind too. As well as you know your policy, do you wonder, […]

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