7 Ways to Quickly Fix a Burst Water Pipe in the Garage

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: November 27, 2023

When most homeowners think about burst pipes, they picture a flooded bathroom or soaked kitchen floors. However, plumbing problems can leave you dealing with water in unexpected places.

Can you imagine the mess caused by a broken pipe leaking in the garage overnight?

During the winter, frozen pipes in exterior walls cause serious water damage, but burst water pipes in the garage happen in the middle of summer too. We can help you stay prepared for this soggy disaster year-round.

How to Fix a Burst Water Pipe in the Garage

a burst water pipe in a garage

DIY pipe repair starts with turning off your home’s water supply at the main water shutoff valve. If there’s any flooding in the garage, turn off the electricity too, and unplug potential electrical hazards like the washer and dryer.

Drain the plumbing system by opening indoor faucets and flushing toilets. Locate the problem pipe, assess the damage, and use one of these seven DIY repairs for fixing a burst pipe in the garage.

1. Temporarily Tape Pinholes

As water in a pipe freezes and expands, it can cause pinhole leaks. Copper pipes also develop this problem due to age and corrosion. Seal pinholes with tight wraps of electrical tape or duct tape. It’s a temporary fix that works until you can make a run to the hardware store.

2. Patch With a C-Clamp

Start short-term repairs by cutting a length of old rubber hose or tubing to fit over and around the break. Position a wood block over the rubber piece, and secure it with a C-clamp. If the broken pipe surface measures more than an inch, use two clamps to tighten the patch.

3. Stop Drips With Hose Clamps

Use this stopgap fix to cover breaks too large for the C-clamp method. Tightly wrap the burst pipe with a rubber patch several inches longer and wider than the damaged area. Hold it in place with a hose clamp at each end. The pressure should stop the leak.

4. Fix With Fiberglass Tape

Fiberglass tape is a durable plumbing fix that holds up to fluctuating water pressure better than clamps. The tape is permeated with fiberglass resin that activates when wet and quickly cures into a permanent seal. Be sure to follow product instructions, and wear protective gloves when working with the material.

5. Seal It With Epoxy Putty

This is one of the easiest ways to permanently repair a burst pipe in the garage. Sand the pipe surface, and make sure it’s clean and dry. Knead enough epoxy putty to fill and cover the damage, apply it into and around the break, and let it cure for an hour before turning the water back on.

6. Use a Pipe Repair Clamp

If garage pipes are in good shape, a pipe repair clamp can be a permanent fix too. It securely seals the leak with a durable rubber sheath and round metal plates. Simply prep the break, apply the clamp and screw it into place.

7. Cut and Replace Damaged Pipe

You can take some of the work out of a permanent DIY pipe fix with a burst pipe repair kit. Be sure to cut several inches past the damage on either end. File down exposed pipe, replace the bad length with the kit’s connector, and secure with included push-fit couplings.

Head Off Burst Pipe Problems in the Garage

water damage in a garage

Water damage in the garage can get expensive, so check your homeowners insurance policy. Talk with your agent about the details, and make sure you’re covered for this type of plumbing mishap.

With a little handyman work and a few maintenance routines, you can minimize most plumbing problems. Consider these tips for heading off burst pipe disasters in your garage.

• Add insulation to exterior garage walls.
• Install a shut-off valve for garage pipes.
• Inspect your home’s plumbing several times a year.
• Replace rusted pipes and fittings as soon as possible.

You Always Have Backup

A burst pipe in the garage can soak stored belongings, equipment and appliances, and it can damage wood framing and drywall. You’re also facing potential mold and mildew problems.

Our teams here in Chicago, IL handle all types of burst pipe water damage cleanup. We restore your property and belongings, address mold remediation and even take care of pipe leaks. We know you can handle most DIY pipe repairs, but you always have solid backup. Just give us a call here at ServiceMaster by Zaba.