church in chicago il

Church Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Guidelines

Whether it occupies a large campus or houses a small congregation, a church is made up of many different areas, each with its own unique function. How do you clean a church efficiently? Our church cleaning checklist can help you organize everything from daily housekeeping duties to bi-annual and yearly projects. A Complete Church Cleaning […]

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cleaning checklist for banks

The Ultimate Bank Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly and Monthly Guidelines

When customers walk through your doors, they immediately form first impressions. Immaculate interiors create a welcoming atmosphere of security. Business depends on conveying that sense of trust and integrity to every client. Sparkling entryways, lobbies and teller stations reflect the pride you take in your institution. Your janitorial staff works hard keeping it all in […]

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restaurant health inspector

Your Restaurant Health Inspection Checklist: 12 Critical Points

As a restaurant owner or manager, you know the city’s health inspector does an important job. Still, those unannounced visits make everyone on shift a little nervous. From front to back of house, you count on everything being up to code. If you haven’t updated your restaurant health inspection checklist, are you sure your operations […]

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assisted living facility cleaning

Nursing Home Cleaning Checklist (Daily, Weekly and Monthly Guidelines)

Whether you manage the property or head up housekeeping, you know how important it is to keep your assisted living facility sparkling clean. Bright, fresh rooms are critical for the health of residents as well as visitors and staff. It’s always a good idea to review your general cleaning guidelines and reset schedules as needed. […]

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cooking oil spilled on concrete

How Should I Remove Cooking Oil From Concrete?

You accidentally drop a bag of groceries in the driveway. Bottles break, and olive oil quickly soaks into the pavement. Cooking in the backyard is always fun, but it turns into a chore when you spill a gallon of peanut oil on the patio. These mishaps leave sticky messes that attract dirt and create stains. […]

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medical facility office cleaner

The Complete Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

When patients walk through the doors of your medical building, they want to be taken care of in a professional setting. They immediately judge the appearance of your offices, waiting areas and examination rooms. As facility manager, are you meeting their expectations with the best possible medical office cleaning procedures? Specialized commercial and office cleaning is […]

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Daycare Cleaning Services

5 Key Strategies for the Ultimate Daycare Cleaning Checklist

While the children enjoy the time they spend at your daycare facility, their parents expect the very best from you and your staff. You do everything you can to make the environment a safe, caring place. That includes keeping it sparkling clean from cubby storage to bathrooms. When was the last time you reviewed your […]

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Your Quick Office Spring Cleaning Checklist: 5 Big Must-Dos

Spring cleaning isn’t just for homeowners. If you run a business or manage a company, it’s essential for your brand to think about spring cleaning, as well. Not only does a good spring cleaning keep your employees engaged and happy with their working conditions – but it also makes your workspace look and feel as […]

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Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service? [27 Incredible Benefits]

As a business owner or building manager, you’re responsible for making sure that your property always looks its best. You also have to consider different strategies that can hold down operating costs. Are you tempted to save money by assigning cleanup chores to in-house personnel? Delegating the work to employees doesn’t crunch smart budget numbers. […]

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