Gym Cleaning Checklist: 10 Things That Keep Membership Strong

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 25, 2024

Your gym members stay loyal because you earn their business with great customer service, inviting facilities and modern equipment. You work hard on every detail that makes your fitness center a success.

When was the last time you assigned your gym cleaning schedule a new workout regimen?

If you’re taking care of the heavy lifting with in-house staff, keeping everything fresh and sanitary can be a real challenge. You need to regularly review your  gym cleaning checklist and update employees on specific duties. We offer these guidelines based on our years of experience as one of Chicago’s leading gym cleaning services.

Your Gym Cleaning Checklist

Just like a traditional business, your fitness facility can bank on the benefits of beautiful, clean interiors. Make sure every member has the best possible workout experience by putting these 10 key areas on your gym cleaning checklist.

gym cleaning checklist

1. Welcoming Entrances

Make positive first impressions and keep current members coming back with sparkling entrances that welcome everyone to your gym. Dust furnishings and fixtures, and keep floor mats free from debris and tripping hazards. Clean windows, shine doors, and polish fixtures at least once a week.

2. Inviting Workout Areas

Attend to basic cleaning routines in these critical spaces multiple times a day. Pay special attention to wall mirrors, and maintain dust-free light fixtures and streak-free windows for optimum interior brightness. Inviting workout areas reflect the pride you take in your facility.

3. Clean, Safe Equipment

The touch-points on every piece of equipment in your gym should be cleaned throughout the day. Use sanitizing towelettes to stay on top of this ongoing job. Keep a separate fitness facility maintenance checklist to make sure equipment is regularly inspected for safety.

4. Fresh Gym Mats

Their specific placement helps prevent injuries, but gym mats constantly pick up dirt. Sweep exercise areas often, trade out mats after each use, and clean them with a neutral pH product and disinfectant.

5. Well-Kept Floors

At the end of each day, allow plenty of time on your gym cleaning schedule for floor and carpet care. Sweep, mop and vacuum all areas facility-wide. Watch out for flooring problems that can turn into workout or tripping hazards.

6. Sanitary Locker Rooms

Locker rooms stay busy, so they need constant attention. Keep trash emptied, floors cleared of debris and windows and mirrors polished. Sanitize benches, locker doors and all touchpoints as often as possible, and schedule complete locker room cleaning at least once a day.

7. Sparkling Showers

Clean shower walls, floors, curtains, doors and fixtures daily. These damp spaces are prone to mold outbreaks, so frequently check potential problem areas like grout channels between tiles. Consider having the grout sealed to discourage unhealthy fungal growth.

8. Disinfected Bathrooms

Make bathroom inspections a regular part of daily staff duties. Empty trash cans, fill dispensers, and polish and disinfect all fixtures. Routinely check under sinks and behind toilets for small leaks or signs of mold growth.

9. Clean Office Spaces

Maintaining clean offices demonstrates your commitment to the highest levels of professionalism. Members sometimes drop by, and employees spend hours in these administrative spaces. Always keep office carpets vacuumed, floors swept, surfaces dusted, fixtures polished and windows cleaned.

10. Germ-Free Touchpoints

Sanitize all touch points throughout your fitness facility. Equipment controls and screens, drinking fountains, customer swipe pads and shared keyboards are just a few examples of commonly overlooked touchpoints.

The Extras You Expect From a Cleaning Contractor

gym cleaning contractor

Our fitness center cleaning list covers facility maintenance that you can handle in-house, but some cleanup projects need professional expertise. When you bring in a certified cleaning contractor, you enjoy extra services from highly trained technicians who take care of these projects and more:

• Carpet and hardwood floor cleaning
• Furniture upholstery and fabric care
• Tile and grout cleaning and sealing
• Facility-wide deep cleaning

These extras come with an important bonus when you hire a cleaning and restoration company. You have access to specialized services like post-construction and remodel cleanup, mold remediation, power washing and graffiti removal. You also have a dependable emergency contact for fast response to water and fire damages.

Count on Us for Backup

As a fitness center manager, you juggle countless responsibilities. Let our gym cleaning checklist help you streamline your gym maintenance schedule. Use it as a template for upgrading cleaning routines, and let us know how you tailor it to fit your facility. Join our conversation by sharing your ideas through our Comments Section.

When you need backup for the big jobs, you can depend on ServiceMaster Restoration for expert gym cleaning services. Our full line of commercial cleaning includes everything from air duct expertise to gym floor cleaning services. Give us a call, and let us help you cover the details that keep your gym members happy and loyal.