The Complete Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 20, 2024

When patients walk through the doors of your medical building, they want to be taken care of in a professional setting. They immediately judge the appearance of your offices, waiting areas and examination rooms.

As facility manager, are you meeting their expectations with the best possible medical office cleaning procedures?

Specialized commercial and office cleaning is your assurance that patients feel comfortable and safe at your health care facility. Covering the details from floor to ceiling requires industry-specific capabilities.

How do you decide on the right cleaning service for your medical facility?

A 7 Step Medical Practice Cleaning Checklist

As you consider different companies, look for a contractor who handles the basics, offers additional services and has proven experience with this type of commercial cleaning. Our medical office cleaning checklist template outlines seven areas that should always be covered by a professional service.

medical office cleaning checklist

1. Clean, Inviting Entrances

As patients approach your building, they quickly form first impressions. Polished doors, clean entryway floors and sparkling signage send the right message. Floor mats are important too. They must be in top shape so that they add to the welcoming atmosphere without becoming tripping hazards.

2. Well-Kept Furnishings

Even a small number of patients on a daily basis takes a toll on furnishings. Waiting room chairs and couches look their best with regular upholstery cleaning, and they hold up to stains better with professional fabric treatments.

3. Shining, Sanitized Surfaces

medical table cleaning

From table tops to service counters, all surfaces need to be cleaned and dusted as well as sanitized. This extra precaution protects both patients and staff. Professional medical office cleaning procedures address issues like surface cross-contamination and infection control.

4. Fresh Carpets, Safe Floors

Steam cleaning carpets eliminates dirt and debris in fibers that can turn into unhealthy buildup. Vinyl, tile and wood floors need special cleaning and polishing so that they don’t become slipping hazards. Professional care extends the life and ensures the safety of all flooring throughout your building.

5. Sparkling, Sterilized Bathrooms

Every medical office cleaning checklist must include these important areas. Medical facility bathrooms are a primary source of environmental pathogens that pose health threats to patients and staff. Floors, fixtures and surfaces must be sterilized with appropriate cleaning products.

6. Contaminant-Free Air Ducts

As a medical facility’s HVAC system circulates air throughout the building, it carries dust, contaminants and allergens that impact patient and staff health. Regular air duct cleaning removes the buildup of mold and contaminants that can compromise indoor air quality.

7. Overall Attention to Detail

An unnoticed tear in a vinyl floor turns into a stumbling hazard. Overflowing trash cans make a bad impression on patients. Dirty touch points on door knobs and light switches spread germs. These types of important details are always addressed by a medical office cleaning service.

What to Look For in a Commercial Cleaning Company

Whether you manage a small clinic or oversee a 24/7 urgent care center, keeping the property in top shape is a big job. You can make it easier by working with a cleaning company that specializes in medical facilities. There are many benefits to choosing a commercial cleaning service over a DIY approach. But this is a very industry-specific type of commercial cleaning, so look for:

  • Proven experience working with facilities similar to yours.
  • A willingness to develop custom plans and schedules.
  • Highly trained technicians with documented industry certification.
  • Positive references and reviews from other area medical facility managers.
  • Additional services available for addressing one-time projects like mold remediation.
  • Full capabilities to handle storm, water and fire damage emergencies.

You want a commercial cleaning company that meets the above criteria and provides top-notch customer service. The best commercial cleaning contractors are happy to discuss your needs in detail before you make a final decision.

Exceeding Your Highest Standards

We understand that you want to choose the best medical office cleaning services available. We hope our checklist helps you better understand what to look for in a commercial cleaning company. If you have ideas or input on this topic, just let us know through our Comments Section.

Our specialized services cover all types of health care facility and medical office cleaning in Chicago and the suburbs. We’re happy to provide detailed information about our capabilities, so contact our teams here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba soon. We’re always ready to meet and exceed your highest standards.