Applied Structural Drying: How It Works and Why It’s Important

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 25, 2024

When you’re dealing with water damage at your home or business, you trust professionals to help you get back on your feet. From your insurance agent to restoration technicians, highly trained specialists go to work and focus on your property’s cleanup and recovery.

Did you know that a restoration contractor’s in-place drying process is one of the most critical components of water damage mitigation?

Most home and business owners understand rapid drying is part of recovery after any kind of flooding event. However, you might not be aware of the science behind this type of service, why controlled structural drying is so important or how it benefits both you and your property.

4 Things You Need to Know About Applied Structural Drying

A bad sump pump floods the basement. Leaky pipes soak the kitchen. Faulty fire sprinklers drench every floor of your commercial property. Water damages affect more than 30 percent of our homes and businesses every year.

As Chicago’s leading restoration company, our services can recover almost every water-damaged property through applied structural drying. Here are four things you need to know about this critical mitigation process and how it can help you deal with a water disaster.

1. In-Place Drying Is Science-Based

Over the years, water damage recovery has evolved into a highly technical field. Through ongoing research, the restoration industry continually develops better methods and equipment for removing excess moisture from structural materials. Much of that advancement is based on the engineering science of psychrometry.

Psychrometry plots the relation between air in any given environment and corresponding levels of associated water vapor. Specialized monitoring equipment allows for precise measurement of moisture in all types of materials and spaces. The process greatly improves our ability to identify specific remediation targets as we gauge progress over the course of a water damage restoration project.

2. On-Site Decisions Are Data-Driven

Because we deal with real-time data taken on the job site, we make decisions based on accurate measurements instead of assumptions. We don’t have to guess at how far secondary damage may have spread through walls or under floors. Our teams gauge moisture in structural voids, behind vapor barriers and inside wood framing.

By pinpointing the locations and extent of water damage, we can adjust our structural drying techniques and increase overall efficiency. We quickly determine what needs to be done, and we constantly monitor and document progress with precise measurements and recorded data.

3. Advanced Equipment Streamlines the Work

Efficient structural drying requires equipment specifically designed for the job. Our industry-certified technicians know exactly what to set up according to each project. We take care of all types of building materials with an arsenal of commercial dryer equipment.

  • Thermal-Imaging infrared cameras
  • Truck-Mounted water extraction equipment
  • Paneled hardwood floor drying systems
  • Heavy-Duty aerodynamic axial fans
  • High-Volume centrifugal air movers
  • Specialized dehumidifiers with hygroscopic desiccants

4. Applied Structural Drying Ensures Benefits

When water damage affects your property, the goal of cleanup and mitigation is to restore the building to its original condition. Applied structural drying accomplishes this, does it much more quickly than traditional techniques and ensures these valuable benefits.

  • From start to finish, restoration work is fast and efficient.
  • The process is usually non-destructive with minimum disruption.
  • Structural drying techniques preserve the integrity of critical building materials.
  • Thorough moisture removal minimizes mold and mildew risks.
  • Verifiable documentation helps streamline the insurance claims process.

Most home and business owners don’t focus on the finer points of cleanup and restoration. We understand. If you’ve ever dealt with water damage to your property, you know there are countless other details that have to be addressed.

Rest assured that we do everything we can to make the experience a little more bearable. That’s why we consider our applied structural drying services so important to your complete recovery.

We Restore Your Peace of Mind

water damage restoration team

In our experience, property owners are more comfortable with our services when they understand what we do and why we do it. It’s our hope that this overview explains the importance of addressing water damage as quickly as possible.

When you’re facing the aftermath of a water disaster at your home or business, you can count on us to explain our processes from start to finish. We continually develop and fine-tune our services to restore both your property and your peace of mind. You can always depend on ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba for expert water damage cleanup across Chicago and the suburbs.