dampness in basement

Dampness in Basement: How To Check for Mold & Wet Walls

Dampness in the basement sets up a perfect stage for mold growth. It can turn the downstairs into a breeding ground for fungal colonies that permeate sheetrock and ruin wood framing. Airborne mold spores invade ductwork and compromise your home’s healthy air quality. Do you know how to check for mold and wet walls in […]

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halloween cleaning

Halloween Cleaning: 5 Tricks To Get Your Home Back To Normal

They only ring the doorbell once a year. Ghosts, goblins and witches on the front porch always bring Halloween fun. You’re ready with sweet rewards for their make-believe magic journey around the neighborhood, but sometimes, treats aren’t enough to discourage tricks. If you wake up to toilet paper in the trees or eggs on the […]

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unfinished basement ideas

Unfinished Basement Ideas: 5 Ways to Lower Flooded Basement Costs

Of all the rooms in the house, the attic and basement probably earn the title of Most Likely to Be Cluttered. The basement might be the go-to space for laundry, a catch-all storage spot or a make-shift workshop. If you’re like most homeowners, your downstairs is a little bit of everything and crowded with stuff. […]

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preventing fire damage

Prevent Home Fires: 7 Super Simple Things You Can Do Today

As you mark this year’s Fire Prevention Week on the calendar, think about Mrs. O’Leary and her cow. Their actual role in the Great Chicago Fire will always be open to debate, but the tragedy remains a formative part of our history. You might not have a barn or a cow here in the city, but how […]

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commercial wall cleaning

New Bottom-Line Hack: Cleaning Walls of Your Business

You like to take care of things yourself, and you always keep your business looking its best. The last time you gave the place a good cleaning, you did a great job. Everything shined from floor to ceiling. Did your hard work include cleaning the walls? Most commercial cleaning services cover this often-overlooked chore, but […]

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sump pump maintenance

Sump Pump Maintenance: How to Avoid a Wet Basement

Just like every other mechanical device in your life, it needs regular attention. Unlike other appliances around your home, the little unit stays tucked away in a dark corner downstairs. Overlooking sump pump maintenance is easy. Dealing with a flooded basement is a nightmare. Did you know that your sump pump’s upkeep is actually pretty […]

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smoke damage cleanup

How to Clean Smoke Damage in Your Home: 5 Actionable Steps

The first responders finally give you the OK to go back in. You’re still in a state of shock. It’s never easy to recover from a home fire, but you have to start putting things back together as quickly as possible. Looking around, you realize that you’re facing extensive smoke damage cleanup. Is this something that you […]

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commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Are you looking for professional advice on how to clean your commercial carpets? As Chicago’s leading commercial carpet cleaning company, we’ve got a few tricks and tips to share with you.   Read on.  Muscle Up Your Carpet Cleaning Routines Commercial carpets need three basic types of care: Weekly vacuuming, regular steam cleaning and occasional spot […]

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centerblocks mold basement

Mold in Basement: Your Actionable Guide to Recovery

It only needs a little bit of moisture and darkness. In just 24 to 48 hours, mold in your basement grows from microscopic airborne spores into an unhealthy mess that threatens to spread through the entire house. It has to be cleaned up right away. Should you try to tackle this type of mold remediation […]

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leaking roof

Help! My Roof is Leaking – What Do I Do?

Water leaking from the roof might be the result of one heavy rain and a few missing shingles, or it could be caused by ongoing leaks around flashing on a vent or chimney. Here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, we have more than 15 years of experience helping people repair water damage in their homes […]

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