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flooded bathroom

Flooded Bathroom? Here Are 12 Essential Steps to Recovery

If your bathroom has flooded, you need to act quickly to prevent further damage.  With more than 85 years of combined restoration experience, we know how to tackle this kind of work.  In this blog, we’ve compiled our expertise to help you learn how to clean up your flooded bathroom and avoid future damage. What […]

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kitchen of hoarder

“I Am a Hoarder and I Need Help” – 10 Steps to Self-Help

It can feel as though you’re completely isolated and on your own. Even with the help of friends and family, dealing with hoarding can become overwhelming. It consumes the space in your home while it drains your ability to cope. As you look in the mirror, you say, “I am a hoarder. How do I […]

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frozen water pipe burst chicago

A Pipe Burst and Flooded My House in Chicago – What Do I Do?

Some years, it seems like Chicago winters are the coldest in the nation. We break records, shovel snow and shiver through historic polar vortexes. Residents across the city take it all in stride, but we never get used to the freezing effect it has on our plumbing. Are you ready to deal with frozen pipes […]

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chimney fires

How to Put Out a Chimney Fire in 6 Steps

Nothing chases away the cold like a warm, inviting glow from your fireplace. You pull a favorite chair closer to the hearth and settle in. Suddenly, you realize something is very wrong. Flames begin shooting up into the flue. Debris sparks and rains down on the grate. You’re dealing with a chimney fire. How do […]

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fix water damage behind shower tile

How to Fix Water Damage Behind Shower Tiles Like a Pro

It’s easy to take the shower for granted. You use it every day, keep it clean and maintain fixtures with quick repairs. Over time, the walls of that inviting personal space can develop unsightly cracks and surround you with musty odors. Water damage behind the shower tiles doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow process that […]

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mold in garage

Mold in the Garage? Here’s What to Do Right Now

Most homeowners don’t think of the garage as dark and humid. It often serves as a main entrance into the house, but it doesn’t get much sunlight when the doors are down. Dampness builds up and musty odors fill the air. Sooner or later, you’re dealing with mold in the garage. We’ve work in hundreds […]

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pipe burst in apartment

Water Pipe Burst in Apartment? Here’s What To Do Right Now

It’s been a long day. You’re headed home to the apartment. Evening plans include relaxing and enjoying well-earned downtime. Wet furniture and soaked floors aren’t on your list of expectations. When you walk through the door, you’re greeted by water damage in the apartment. How did this mess happen? Who’s responsible for cleanup and repairs? […]

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mold in laundry room

Mold in the Laundry Room? 5 Steps to Get Rid of It Now

You’re washing a load of clothes, but something’s not right. The laundry room smells musty. A quick check behind the washing machine reveals mold growing on the wall. You find more dark stains in corners. It doesn’t take long for mold spores to spread through the entire area. You need to figure out how to […]

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sagging ceiling water damage

How to Fix a Sagging Ceiling Due to Water Damage

Water damage: It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. When it affects the ceiling, gravity isn’t on your side. You have to act fast to fix a sagging ceiling due to water damage. As the leading restoration provider in Chicago, IL, ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba helps hundreds of homeowners recover from water damage each week. With more than […]

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commercial glued down carpet cleaning service chicago il

How to Clean Commercial Glued Down Carpet

Commercial carpets work hard. All day long, they welcome your customers into your building. Over time, that heavy foot traffic creates stains, wear spots, and discoloration. To keep your carpet looking fresh, you need to clean it regularly.  The question is how to do that.  At ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, we specialize in cleaning commercial, […]

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toilet overflow chicago

Help! My Toilet is Overflowing! What Do I Do?

You jiggle the handle, but it doesn’t help. The toilet won’t flush. Water rises up, fills the bowl and spills out onto the bathroom floor. You’re dealing with an overflowing toilet. How do you handle this mess before it floods the bathroom?  With over 85 years of combined experience, we’ve helped residents in Chicago with […]

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Leak in the Attic? Here’s What to Do Right Now

By the time you realize there’s a slow leak in the attic, it’s already affected stored belongings, insulation, ductwork and joists. A broken pipe up in the attic can quickly result in dangerous ceiling damage as leaking water soaks walls, floors and furnishings in the rooms below. Regardless of the cause, it’s never easy to […]

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how to put out a grease fire

How to Quickly Put Out a Grease Fire

It only takes a few seconds for hot oil or grease to flame up.  Do you know how to safely put out a grease fire? As Chicago’s largest fire restoration company, we have 15+ years of experience helping homeowners deal with the aftermath of kitchen fires.  We want you to know what to do before […]

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