frozen pipes burst in house

Help! A Frozen Pipe Burst in My Home – What Do I Do?

It was only a couple of years ago that winter weather hit us hard and put Chicagoland into a deep freeze. That sub-zero temperature blast caused extensive residential and commercial damage. Frozen pipes ruptured and flooded homes and businesses all across the city. You don’t want to be caught off guard by this kind of […]

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restaurant fire sprinkler system

How to Prevent Your Fire Sprinkler System from Freezing

This winter has been a little warmer than we’re used to, but February means that we’re only halfway through the chilly season. You never know when temperatures are going to plummet, so it’s important to make sure that the pipes in your home’s fire sprinkler system are ready for freezing weather. Getting caught off guard […]

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thawing frozen pipe

Prevent Frozen Pipes: 4 Steps to Insulate Pipes Like a Pro

Turning off the alarm clock as you climb out of a warm bed on a winter morning isn’t always easy. Realizing that a frozen pipe burst while you were sleeping turns waking up into a miserable day soaked with problems. Can you find a plumber who’s available for emergency pipe repair service? Will your insurance […]

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Avoid Freezing Pipes: Check these Areas of Your Home

Nothing prepares you for the shock of waking up to water all over the floors. If a frozen pipe burst while you were sleeping, you have to deal with the flood, contact a pipe repair service and start thinking about water damage repair. This all happens before you put on the coffee, and even that […]

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