Mold in the Workplace? 7 Critical Things to Do

When something in the break room refrigerator sprouts a fuzzy growth, it gets tossed in the trash so that it doesn’t make anyone sick ill. However, mold growing under bathroom sinks, inside walls and inside air ducts can have a very negative impact on everyone’s health in the workplace. If you’re a building manager, are […]

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facts about mold

Facts About Mold: 10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know

You don’t give mold much thought. When you do, it’s probably because the stuff suddenly shows up under a sink or on the basement walls. You grab some cleaning supplies, address the problem, and hope it doesn’t come back. Would you be surprised to learn that mold facts could make up their own entertaining category […]

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dampness in basement

Dampness in Basement: How To Check for Mold & Wet Walls

Dampness in the basement sets up a perfect stage for mold growth. It can turn the downstairs into a breeding ground for fungal colonies that permeate sheetrock and ruin wood framing. Airborne mold spores invade ductwork and compromise your home’s healthy air quality. Do you know how to check for mold and wet walls in […]

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centerblocks mold basement

Mold in Basement: Your Actionable Guide to Recovery

It only needs a little bit of moisture and darkness. In just 24 to 48 hours, mold in your basement grows from microscopic airborne spores into an unhealthy mess that threatens to spread through the entire house. It has to be cleaned up right away. Should you try to tackle this type of mold remediation […]

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mold inside walls

How to Deal with Mold In Walls: The Definitive Guide

When you spot it taking hold behind the toilet or under the sink, you have a clear line of attack. You solve the problem with bleach, water and a good scrubbing. Still, you worry about the stuff invading sheetrock and crawl spaces. This isn’t something that you can ignore. How do you deal with a […]

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musty smell in house

Musty Smell in House: What to Do (& How to Get Rid of It)

It usually gets better after a good cleaning spree, but it never quite goes away. You really notice it when you’ve been gone for little while. That musty smell in the house shouldn’t be the first thing that greets you when you walk through your home’s front door. You don’t have to accept musty odors […]

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mold removal

Black Mold Removal: How to Get Rid of It in 10 Steps

It can start with a slow leak inside the wall or an area in the bathroom that always stays damp. You might not notice it until it turns into unsightly splotches, but black mold can begin growing on surfaces in as little as 24 hours. While you want to clean it up right away, you […]

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