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The lovely carpets in your home add warmth and beauty to every room. They represent a big investment in decor, but time and wear take a toll on their good looks. That’s why professional carpet cleaning services are so important.
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When you need carpet cleaning, you want the best. ServiceMaster by Zaba offers expert carpet cleaning in Winnetka, IL zip codes 60043 and 60093. Our teams clean and restore carpets in homes and businesses all across the village.

These are just a few of the professional carpet cleaning services we provide for Winnetka residents:

  • Carpet cleaning plans tailored to your home or business
  • Specialized deep steam cleaning that removes allergens and bacteria
  • Optional post-cleaning treatments such as stain protection
  • Flexible scheduling for residential and commercial customers
  • Green carpet cleaning with certified eco-friendly products on request
  • Water- and fire-damaged carpet cleaning and restoration

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Our 6-Step Professional Carpet Cleaning Process for Winnetka, IL

We want you to be completely comfortable with our professional carpet cleaning process. That’s why we outline each step here so that you’ll know exactly what to expect. We do ask that you secure pets and remove valuable or fragile items from the rooms where we’ll be working.

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1. Personal Consultation

Our industry-certified technicians arrive in fully equipped service vans ready to clean and rejuvenate your carpets with truck-mounted equipment. We address any concerns you might have and answer all your questions.

2. Carpet Assessment

Next, we carefully inspect all carpets that need cleaning. This allows our team to determine the safest methods and products for the specific types of carpets in your home or business.

3. Pre-Clean Treatments

Our pre-clean treatments start with heavy-duty vacuuming that removes dirt and accumulated debris. We also pre-treat spots, heavy-traffic areas and pet stains as needed.

4. Deep Steam Cleaning

Using professional truck-mounted equipment, we steam clean your carpets with advanced cleaning products. This critical step eliminates deep-seated dirt, bacteria and allergens from carpet materials.

5. Thorough Rinse

Our powerful extraction process thoroughly rinses carpet fibers. We only use clear water during this step so that all cleaning products and treatment residues are completely removed.

6. Restorative Grooming

Finally, we groom, fluff and carefully return carpets to their original appearance and softness. Your walk-through inspection and final approval are our assurance that you’re satisfied with our carpet cleaning service.

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Why Choose ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba?

Specialized Custom Carpet Care

Our technicians know how to identify the materials that make your carpets unique. This allows us to give them the custom care that ensures durability, softness and extended carpet life.

Water- and Fire-Damaged Carpet Restoration

We can often salvage and restore carpets damaged by water or fire. Our restoration services cover everything from floors to furnishings and personal items.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Customers consistently rate ServiceMaster by Zaba as one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Winnetka. We’re proud of our reviews, and we’re happy to share them with you.

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Our Best Tips for Home Carpet Care

  • Always blot up spills right away, and gently clean the affected area with a carpet stain remover.
  • Carpets look their best with weekly vacuuming, but take care of high-traffic areas twice a week.
  • If you use a bagless vacuum, be sure to change out the filters at least every three months.
  • Avoid overuse of carpet powders meant to control pet hair and odors which can damage carpet fibers.
  • Use heavy, textured mats outside doors to minimize tracking in dirt and moisture.
  • Maintain carpet softness and durability with professional cleaning at least twice a year.
What does it cost to have a carpet professionally cleaned in Winnetka?

The average cost of professional carpet cleaning ranges between $25 and $75 per room. You may pay extra for services such as stubborn stain or pet odor removal.

Is dry cleaning or steam cleaning better for my carpets?

In most cases, we recommend steam cleaning your carpets. This method deep cleans fibers more effectively than dry cleaning. Dry cleaning does work for temporary cleanup jobs.

Can I walk on my carpets after they’ve been steam cleaned?

It’s OK to walk on your freshly cleaned carpets in socks or bare feet, but try to avoid heavy foot traffic while carpets are still damp. The drying process usually takes from four to six hours.

How often does my home or office need carpet cleaning?

Carpets in busy homes and commercial settings should be steam cleaned twice a year. Routine professional carpet care keeps fibers fresh and prevents problems like fraying and matting.