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We extract water from your property and prevent further damage.
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Do You Have Standing Water in Your Home? We Can Quickly Extract it!

Are you dealing with any of these situations that require professional water removal services?

  • Failed sump pump during a torrential downpour causing a flooded basement
  • Frozen pipe that has burst
  • Leaky plumbing
  • Sewage backup

No matter what the case may be, even a few inches of water can wreak havoc. Fortunately, you’re not alone in dealing with it.

When you need help and are overwhelmed by water damage, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, the city’s leader for 24/7 emergency water removal services in downtown Chicago, Illinois and surrounding areas.

Call now for emergency water removal.

How Does Our Chicago Water Removal Process Work?

1. Emergency Dispatch

We respond to your call by dispatching our highly trained restoration technicians in fully stocked fleet vans. We’re on the scene within 45 minutes, ready to handle all types of water removal jobs.

removing water in chicago home

2. Water Damage Assessment

We then assess the source of the water damage and perform an initial inspection.

We identify the source of the leak and determine a solution to stop it. After an initial water damage assessment, we get to work immediately.

3. Water Extraction

We extract all standing water, including floodwater in the basement, using the industry’s most advanced equipment and extraction technologies.

Our industrial-strength vacuums pull water from building materials and reduce surface moisture throughout the home.

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your property, during which we identify possible safety hazards.

Things like loose furnishings, damaged electric sockets, and other threats can hide in plain sight. Our team will pinpoint and repair them, so your property is safe.

We dry soaked carpets and floors, wet baseboards, soggy sheetrock, and damp ceilings.

Our infrared detection techniques identify hidden moisture in subflooring, walls, crawl spaces, and ceilings.

4. Disinfection & Sanitization

Once we’ve thoroughly removed all water, we use EPA-approved disinfection and sanitization solutions to clean and sanitize affected areas. We also inspect for any signs of mold and remove the fungus if we find it.

5. Drying

We finish up using axial fans, air scrubbers, and specialized dehumidifiers that quicken the drying process and remove any remaining humidity in the building.

We make sure you understand our water removal procedures, and we do all we can to minimize disrupting your schedule at home or your business.

You enjoy complete property restoration and personalized customer care from a team that puts your needs first.

Don’t let water sit. Contact us now for help.

What is Water Removal?

Water removal, or water extraction, is the process of removing as much water as possible from your flooring, subflooring, and other building surfaces.

water removal equipment in chicago

To provide water extraction services, we use specialized, high-powered water extraction vacuums that are powerful enough to pull moisture and contaminated water from porous materials.

In fact, water extraction vacuums remove 2-3x as much water as carpet-cleaning equipment or even shop wet vacs.

Our water extraction equipment includes a large wastewater holding tank capable of handling gray or black water safely until it can be appropriately disposed of.

Water extraction services are critical after water damage because they reduce surface dampness. This, in turn, reduces indoor humidity and speeds the dry-out process, reducing the likelihood of mold formation and other damage.

Our expert water damage restoration team in Chicago will provide continuous assessments of your home and property during the water extraction process, identifying underlying damage, looking for opportunities to save your personal items, and promptly addressing hazards.

While it may be tempting to think you can DIY the water removal process, you should ALWAYS hire a team of experts to do it for you.

Here’s why:

Speedy, complete water extraction can spell the difference between a fully restored home and one full of mold, mildew, and other toxins.

Water damage can destroy porous building materials in just hours, damage the foundation of your home or business, and create health hazards that linger for years. To occupy your building safely, you need to know that the water damage was resolved entirely and that there is no lingering moisture or mold left behind.

When you work with our Chicago based expert water removal team, you get water extraction, drying, and sanitization services you can count on and a property that feels as good as new – no matter how severe the damage was.

The ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba Difference:

  • 85 years of combined restoration experience
  • Guaranteed response time of under 90 minutes
  • We manage your insurance claims
  • Licensed, bonded, insured, IICRC certified
  • We answer your call the first time
  • Friendly customer service

What to do Before Help Arrives

At ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, we respond quickly to all water removal calls. Thanks to our convenient, centrally-located headquarters, we’ll arrive at your home as soon as possible after your call.

Here are some things you can do to streamline the restoration process before we arrive.

  • Turn off the water supply at the source. If you know where the water is coming from, shut off the supply line. If you don’t know where the leak originated, shut off your home’s water main.
  • Cut off the power in the affected area. Water and electricity do not mix. If you can safely reach your home’s electrical panel, turn off all circuit breakers related to the affected rooms. This allows our teams to enter the area safely.
  • Save any items you can. Remove sensitive, delicate, or breakable items from the affected area if you can reach them. It’s usually possible to save these items – especially if they were above the water line.
  • Document the damage. Take detailed photos of the affected space, including the source of the leak (if you can find it), items damaged, and the area affected by flooding. You’ll need these photos when you file an insurance claim for the water damage.

What NOT to Do

Stay safe and prevent further damage – AVOID doing these things before the water removal team arrives:

  • Do NOT suck up standing water with a vacuum cleaner. Using any kind of vacuum, even a wet/dry vacuum, to remove water can cause electrical shock.
  • Do NOT clean up water damage on your own. Water damage removal is a complex process, and it should be left to the experts. In addition to being dangerous, DIY water removal can cause more damage to your home.


DIY carpet water removal starts with soaking up standing water and running a wet vac. However, we strongly recommend letting our teams handle the heavy work. Our technicians address problems like soaked subflooring and potential mold growth.


Every job is different, so we can’t give you an average project cost. Once we’ve inspected your property, we offer an initial water damage assessment. We make sure you know exactly what to expect from repairs and water extraction to cleanup and any necessary restoration work.

It depends on the extent of flooding. Our crews work quickly and efficiently to reduce any secondary damages and address potential problems with mold or microbial growth. On average, we complete most projects within three days.

Yes. Our teams pump out flooded basements, dry out soaked kitchens and even handle hazardous Category 3 waste water removal. We take care of residential, commercial and institutional properties. Our water extraction services include plumbing repairs, drywall replacement and mold remediation.

We help you with the water damage claims process. Insurance companies trust working with us because we maintain Quality Restoration Vendor status. Our emergency water removal services include detailed documentation necessary for filing your claim. We can handle the paperwork and bill your insurance company directly.

Our water extraction service includes our guarantee that you’ll be 100 percent satisfied with our work. We don’t consider the job done until we have your final approval. This policy is just one of the reasons we’re rated as the best water removal service provider in Chicago.