Carpet Water Extraction Services in Chicago

As part of our water damage restoration services, we provide 24/7 emergency carpet water extraction and cleaning for homes and businesses in Chicago, IL and surrounding suburbs.

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If your home or business has experienced water damage from a leak or a flood, it is important to properly and effectively remove water in order to minimize the amount of damage that is done and to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Calling a professional water extraction company right away is key to immediate and safe results. People will often try to rent their own equipment to remove the water themselves, but oftentimes rental equipment is incapable of producing professional results. It leaves behind water and detergent residue which attracts dirt.

The professionals at ServiceMaster by Zaba utilize the following steps to perform water extraction in your home or business in order to properly and effectively remove water after any flood or leak. Executing this process properly can mean the difference between easily resolving the situation with little to no after-effect versus having serious structural damage, reoccurring leaks, and even health issues.

Steps to Proper Water Extraction

Step 1- Water Extraction

The first step is to properly inspect your carpet and determine the best cleaning method. We then use special carpet cleaning extraction units to pump out any standing water. It is important to begin this step as soon as possible after flooding occurs, preferable in the first 24 hours in order to prevent serious water damage from occurring.

Step 2- Dehumidifying and drying

After the standing water has been removed and the source has been identified and repaired, the next step in the water extraction process is the drying process. We use powerful air movers to begin the drying process and special industrial dehumidifiers to remove and control any added moisture that may remain in the air. Drying the flooring and other areas quickly will help prevent warping, swelling and cracking of floors and walls and shrinkage of carpet. Drying equipment can stay in your home or business for 3-5 days, it is important that you do not turn off equipment to ensure proper drying.

Step 3- Sanitizing and Odor Removal

During and immediately after the drying process, our technicians will sanitize and disinfect any necessary areas. Depending on the source of the flooding and levels of contamination in the water, more or less sanitation may be necessary during this stage in the water extraction process. Our expert technicians will also treat odors that may have resulted from sustained water damage.

Step 4- Mold Removal

The final step in the water extraction and water damage restoration process is to perform mold removal services as needed to contain, kill and remove mold from any surface on which it has started to grow. The amount of mold removal that is necessary will vary from each project, however if water extraction is performed immediately following water damage or a flood, chances of developing mold are reduced.


  1. Identify the source of leak or flood and get it repaired or turn off water main and electrical
  2. Once it is safe to enter the room remove as much content as possible
  3. There is a chance that your carpet and pad with will have to be lifted to ensure proper drying and cleaning as well as drying the floors underneath so be prepared.

For immediate and professional results call the experts at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. We have the knowledge and experience to bring your carpet back to life after water damage. We use an exclusive process that includes advanced cleaning products and powerful equipment to get your carpets clean after water damage.

Many business owners turn to us during an emergency because we understand that a business must keep their doors open and serve their clients, we also understand that homeowners want to enjoy time with their families and not deal with the headache of cleaning up the mess after water damage.

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