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Do you have water damage due to a leaky or burst pipe? We can help.

Prevent further damage to your home. Call the experts at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba right now: 773-647-1985 We take care of all household plumbing leaks across Chicago and the suburbs including dripping faucets, leaking water heaters, frozen burst pipes, and more.

Don’t delay. Let us repair your damages and restore your peace of mind.

Call us now for 24/7 emergency services: 773-647-1985


frozen burst pipe

Frozen Burst Pipes

It can happen with the first hard freeze, and it can happen when aging pipes fail. Whatever the cause, our experienced technicians know how to fix it. We repair water pipes in basements, behind walls and under sinks. Our teams take care of burst pipes in all types of residential and commercial properties.

water sprinkler

Sprinkler Pipe Repair

A malfunctioning sprinkler system floods rooms and spreads water contaminated with sediment and rust. Immediate repair to broken sprinkler pipes reduces the chance of stains setting in carpets and furnishings. We quickly fix sprinkler pipe leaks and follow through with complete water damage cleanup services.

busted water heater


You know you need emergency plumbing services when you’re facing a hot water heater busted with water everywhere. We’re on the scene right away to repair the leak, clean up the mess and get your hot water running again. Home and business owners count on us for the best water heater repair in Chicago IL.

ac unit wall damage

AC Leak Repair

A leaking AC unit soaks ceilings, seeps into walls and ruins carpets. We clean up water damage due to dripping AC water pipes in attics, leaking pipes on outside units and faulty lines in window units. Our technicians handle AC pipe repairs at the house and your business. We take care of large-scale commercial properties too.

leaking fridge

Refrigerator Leak Repair

Water leaking from the refrigerator damages kitchen floors and more. A slow leak behind the refrigerator creates an ideal environment for unhealthy mold growth. Our water leak repair services include expert refrigerator leak repair, and we also address mold issues. When you notice any signs of a leaking refrigerator, call us right away.

washer unit is leaking

Washing Machine Leak Repair

A washing machine leak floods the basement or laundry room in just a few minutes. Whether it’s a water valve leak or ruptured hose, you need help as soon as possible. We’re ready for your call. Our washing machine leak repair services fix the problem, and we also clean up the water damage.

toilet leaking in house

Toilet Leak Repair

When a leaking toilet soaks the bathroom floor, water wicks into walls and damages vanity cabinets. Toilet plumbing leaks inside walls cause mold to grow and quickly spread. Our technicians handle all types of toilet repairs from leaky supply lines to plumbing problems. We’re just a quick phone call away from your home or business.

kitchen sink cabinet leaking

Kitchen Sink Leak Repair

You don’t always notice a kitchen sink leak until the damage is done. Moldy smells in the cabinet are a sure sign of kitchen sink leakage. Ruptured kitchen sink pipes turn into a disaster that quickly soaks floors, walls and cabinets. We repair slow leaks under the sink and behind the wall, and we take care of burst kitchen pipe repairs too.



1. Identify and Repair the Source.

locating water leak

There are many different signs and symptoms of a burst pipe, and our first priority is to identify and fix the source of your plumbing problem.

We first shut off the water main and locate the problem with our advanced water damage technology for direct access to repairs.

Our technicians take care of the pipe rupture and seal off leakage. In case of large breaks or complicated pipe replacement, we bring in a certified plumber.

We locate and repair broken sprinkler pipes, stop water heater leaks and fix ruptured basement pipes. Our emergency water leak repair services also address and eliminate gas and electrical hazards.

2. Follow up with water extraction.

drying out burst pipe water damage

We use heavy-duty extracting equipment to access areas where a water pipe has busted so that we can thoroughly remove standing water. This critical part of the process minimizes mold and bacterial growth in affected materials.

3. Check all other pipes.

Often, pipes and plumbing adjacent to the original leak are at risk of failure. We inspect joints, fittings, valves and connections to be sure everything is in good shape.

4. Dry out damaged areas

We use special sublimation techniques to eliminate moisture from all hard and soft surfaces and materials. Our industry-proven process completely dries sheetrock, carpets, subflooring, ceilings and furnishings.

5. Restore & Reconstruct Your Property. 

As licensed contractors, we handle all necessary remediation and reconstruction. We coordinate our project schedule so that our tradespeople are on the scene as needed, and we quickly restore your property to its original condition.



The ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba Difference:

  • 50+ years of combined restoration experience
  • Guaranteed response time of under 90 minutes
  • We manage your insurance claims
  • Licensed, bonded, insured, IICRC certified
  • We answer your call the first time
  • Friendly customer service


We had an emergency flood situation in our basement. They not only responded immediately but were so professional and calm during such a anxious time for my family. When these unexpected events happen you need not only expertise but prompt results so I definitely would say their name matches what they provide you with. Their water restoration specialists were very informative, took care of our concerns and I’m happy to say got our basement back to be pre flood! I’m thankful and will definitely continue to recommend them to our family and friends.
Liseet Guzman
Liseet G.
01:13 12 Sep 19
The crew was very responsive and did a great job. We strongly recommend this company.
19:35 11 Sep 19
I highly recommend Service Master By Zaba, they made my old house and I mean old because I hardly recolonized it after they were done with the remodel due to mold and water damage in the house. They provide me a step by step detail plan of how everything was done before and after. I hope to get pictures up soon. Their staff was very careful with everything and all the project Managers were on it all the way. Thank you so much Zab Team!
Lazarus Bonilla
Lazarus B.
19:33 11 Sep 19
Last week I had a fire in my home, it was about 4:00 am in the morning, in less than 20 minutes I had several board-up companies outside. Getting my kids and dogs out of the house was my priority, but looked like these companies could care less, they wanted my business. The fire department put out the fire, it was a big fire, my home is not livable at the moment, we lost everything. I picked a board up company and they boarded the windows and doors. They tried to get my business for the rest of the work inside the home but the Fire Department advised me not to sign anything until I spoke with my insurance company. There were so many public adjusters outside fighting for me to sign on, it was overwhelming and a bit scary. I went to my parents house, called my insurance company and they recommended ServiceMaster by Zaba, within 5 minutes I received a call from Brittney at the office, she had a crew arrive onsite in less than 30 minutes. When i showed up to the my house i could not get out of the car, there were a lot of public adjusters waiting for me, they were aggressive and yelling at each other, I had to call the police. I called the Service Master manager which I was able to identify based on their yellow trucks. He walked over to my car and we walked to the house, i could not believe how unprofessional the public adjusters were, they were yelling ignorant comments. I dont know what makes them think anyone would want to do business with them.One of the Public Adjusters walked into my home and bluntly told me, he can rebuild my home to be my dream home and put money in my pocket! I was so mad, I kicked him out. I was impressed at how professional ServiceMaster by Zaba was. They kept their cool throughout the process and were never disrespectful to any of those jerks, they focused on me and my home and asked how my family was. I had smoke, soot and water damage everywhere, of course at this point nothing was salvageable. The adjuster arrived while we were there, we spent about 3 hours going over the work that needed to take place and the expectations. I am very happy and blessed to have been recommended ServiceMaster by Zaba, the process so far has been easy and they are handling all the communication with my insurance company. Neil, Joseph, Britnney and the rest of the team and office staff have been amazing.I hope no one experiences a fire, they are devastating and sometimes fatal, but they are not avoidable. Please make a wise decision, be aware of signing with a public adjuster, speak with your insurance company first. I highly recommend ServiceMaster by Zaba, they are a great company with great staff.
Sandra Sims
Sandra S.
19:19 27 Aug 19
Neil and the crew really know there job. They are professional, fast, reliable, courteous, and very sympathetic. They work well with the insurance company which helps immensely when dealing with an emergency. Highly recommended!!!
Juan Carlos Michel
Juan Carlos M.
17:48 06 Jul 19
I highly recommend this company, they provided me with great service and were professional the entire time. I also did not feel pressured to sign any paperwork. The entire process was painless. Would recommend their services, for reference I had a burst pipe.
Magdalena Rodriguez
Magdalena R.
18:43 10 Mar 19
Leaky water heaterI live in a large family home in Chicago with my wife and two sons. About three nights ago our entire house flooded because of a leaky water heater. We had so much water, My neighbor recommended ServiceMaster, so I called them and spoke to Diana the owner. She walked me through the process and got all of the info needed to start the cleanup process. In less than an hour her team arrived with equipment and got to work. They removed all of the water and restored everything. Fantastic service, ServiceMaster
Nestor Ramirez
Nestor R.
23:56 31 Jan 19
I had water pipes burst in my condo right before the holidays. I did not expect December to be so cold considering the mild winter we had last year. I was out of the country when the neighbor who was feeding my cats called to tell me it was flooded inside my condo. It was frustrating, I did not want to fly back since I had 4 more days to go on my trip. The property management company recommended ServiceMaster by Zaba. I reached out to them by email because calls were difficult at the time, they responded back quickly and sent me a bunch of information as far as what steps to take and what will take place. They went immediately to inspect my property and started working right away. They helped me get a plumber, they spoke with the insurance company on my behalf and coordinated with the building for access. I received update emails and pictures daily. I felt totally comfortable with them in my condo, of course the neighbor stopped in regularly to check the work but everything seemed to be running smoothly. I had to be confident that everything would be ok and that I could trust this company.All my carpet and padding had to be pulled out, most of the hardwood floors, my hallway bathroom and kitchen both had burst pipes, there was a lot of damage so I knew what to expect.ServiceMaster technicians left my place very clean, there wasn’t any dust and all my furniture and personal belongings had been protected. Of course, I went through all my stuff to make sure everything was there and it sure was. This company is trustworthy, professional and skilled, I wish I could give them 10 stars.
Claudia Ramirez
Claudia R.
23:41 31 Jan 19
ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba is my go to company for any water damage in my home, they have been to home already on 3 separate occasions. I had a lot of water damage due to an ice dam this winter. Over the summer i had a sewage back up in my finished basement and last year the I had water damage from a sink over flow. I think its time I sell the house. Very grateful for them, every experience has been an easy process for paperwork, they are a vendor with my insurance company and they are trustworthy. All their staff are great to work with.
Libby Joyce
Libby J.
19:43 23 Jan 19
I was out of town for the long holiday weekend, unfortunately I turned the heat down and my pipes burst. I didnt think that would happen because the heat was not off, but some of my exterior plumbing just froze. needless to say I came home a thick layer of ice throughout my floors, walls, ceilings, you name it...it all froze. Fortunately ServiceMaster does the maintenance in our building and were on site that day, I have a duplex condo so no one else was affected but me. Jonathan was onsite from Service Master, he called the project manager and they came over, I had a mess. I called the insurance company and property management company. I let ServiceMaster by Zaba take care of the all the insurance paper work, I see them in my building all the time so I trust them 100% and they have always been very honest to work with. I had to move out. ServiceMaster packed up my stuff and put it in storage, the cleaners came and took my laundry and emergency items. I will be out of my condo for several months, lesson learned, dont turn the heat down. Service Master has been great to work with.
Ashley Trinidad
Ashley T.
19:41 23 Jan 19
After Hurricane Florence our home was in shambles. We called some local companies for remediation services and were quickly disappointed by them. We called ServiceMaster Restoration By Zaba at the suggestion of our insurance carrier. ServiceMaster contacted us and set an appointment to survey the damage. Neil and Lewis came to our home (which was in a state of destruction from Florence) and actually took the time to put on shoe covers (even though I told them they didn't have to) because they respected our home. They surveyed the damage and quickly submitted the repair estimate to our insurance carrier. During the remediation process Neil, Lewis and their Entire crew acted in a professional and respectful manner. I had no problem in leaving them in my home unattended because they were extremely trustworthy. I could go on and on but I'll simply say that I Highly Recommend ServiceMaster By Zaba. The office and field staff are among the best crew that I have ever dealt with.
Frank Grzandziel
Frank G.
15:48 14 Nov 18
The team did a thorough job in removing damaged floors, ceilings, and partial walls after Hurricane Florence. They came in and worked diligently until the job was complete. I'm thankful for their fast work and help. Neil Omar was especially helpful as he assisted me with getting insurance approval expedited. I was fortunate to have found Service Master after the storm. Once they began working I felt like recovery was underway.
Bentley Suggs
Bentley S.
19:16 26 Oct 18
With a few days of rain in Chicago my basement had lots of water.. not only did they do an amazing job but it was done quickly and efficiently. Thanks guys for all of your help and saving my sanity!
Devanie Howard
Devanie H.
01:15 18 Oct 18
Came home from work and it was raining in my living room, and dining room, there was water gushing through all the light fixtures and can lighting, some of the ceiling was already starting to cave in. I ran upstairs because I thought for sure the water had been left on but everything was fine. I had to turn the water main off because the waiter would not stop. We called our plumber, insurance company and Service Master. We did not know where to begin. Such a bazaar situation. They had to remove the entire living room ceiling and found a burst water pipe from the bathroom above. We still do not how that happened. The water ruined my entire first floor and most of my basement. This was such an inconvenience, I cant even begin to explain. ServiceMaster did an excellent job, they had to gutt the entire first floor and basement, their work was immaculate and left everything very clean, they did not leave any garbage behind, it was clean and ready to go for my contractor to start the reconstruction process. We are still not in the house, however my experience with service master was excellent, as well as my plumber and insurance adjuster.
Kenya Lloyd
Kenya L.
21:40 26 Sep 18
Woke up to a flooded kitchen! Apparently the plumbing lines in your dishwasher can burst for whatever reason. I always run the dishwasher at night before going to be bed, but this time while the dishwasher was running at some point it had a burst water line. This happened some time while we are all sleeping. I woke up at 6am with a loud knock on my door. My downstairs neighbor said it was raining in their unit, what a nightmare! My condo was flooded, floors and carpets and drywall soaked. Water everywhere and the units below me are beyond upset. The building sent in the engineer who could not fix anything. In a desperate search I found ServiceMaster Zaba on-line, they were able to come out right away. They told me to call insurance and also talk to the condo association. So this review is tell ServiceMaster how awesome they are, and also to bring awareness to those who own a dishwasher...do not run a load overnight and get it checked regularly, this was a big mess for my unit, and two units below me. Thankfully ServiceMaster was able to service all of us at once but I cannot begin to tell you what an awful feeling it is to wake up to this mess.
Carmen Caraballo
Carmen C.
21:38 22 Sep 18


Yes. Our services cover ruptured, leaking and busted water pipes in residential and commercial properties across Chicago, IL and the suburbs. We take care of multi-family buildings, high-rise condos, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and more. Our technicians handle every type of job regardless of location.

While we don’t work on water mains or install plumbing systems, we take care of most of the problems plumbers address, and we do more.

After burst pipe or frozen pipe repair, a plumber’s job is done. We follow up water leak damage repair with expert cleaning and restoration services that plumbers simply can’t offer.

We handle it all: repairs, cleanup, sanitation and reconstruction. Our teams specialize in restoring property after a flood, and we restore your peace of mind too.

Yes. We handle emergency plumbing repairs 24/7. If you wake up to a burst frozen pipe in the middle of winter or come home from summer vacation to leaking pipes in the basement, we’re just a phone call away.

It’s our policy to only give on-site estimates. Once we inspect the problem, we explain the repair work involved and our cost estimate. Be careful of contractors who quote a price over the phone.