Plumbing Leaks Repair for Chicago & Suburbs

As part of our water damage restoration services, we provide 24/7 emergency water cleanup due to burst pipes, basement water leaks, and sprinkler systems. We serve commercial/residential properties and businesses throughout Chicago, IL and Suburbs, including homes, high rises, hospitals, businesses, warehouses, and more.

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Our Plumbing Repair Services Include:

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Frozen & Burst Pipe Repair

A conventional plumber does not have the equipment or expertise you need when frozen pipes burst. Locally-owned ServiceMaster by Zaba does. Our technicians are quick to take these steps upon arrival:

  • Assessment. The situation is assessed for safety. Utilities should be shut off. Residents are relocated if water damage is extensive.
  • Extraction. Water extraction begins on upper floors. ServiceMaster by Zaba uses state-of-the art extraction methods to make this a fast process. Furnishings and personal items such as electronics, documents, and clothing are evaluated for salvaging purposes.
  • Drying. Dehumidification equipment is used to completely remove moisture from behind walls, below floors, and in ceilings. If these areas aren’t thoroughly dried, mold and bacteria will breed.
  • Sanitization. Cleaners are employed to eliminate bacteria left behind by flood waters.  Rebuilding cannot start until all affected areas are disinfected.
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Sprinkler System Repair

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When a malfunctioning sprinkler system causes widespread damage to your property or business, call ServiceMaster by Zaba.  We are available 24 hours a day – even on holidays.

Broken sprinklers can flood several rooms, or multiple floors in the case of a high rise building or warehouses. Sprinkler water is problematic because it often contains sediment and rust from aging pipes. This dirty water can be particularly damaging to furnishings, electronics, records and documents.

We are ServiceMaster Restoration professionals who have the expertise and the equipment to handle big, complex jobs. Our crews consist of a variety of tradespeople – plumbers, electricians, carpenters, drywall installers and others – working together to quickly get your building up and running after a flood.


Water Heater Leaking Cleanup

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A water heater leak is a home plumbing emergency that every homeowner hopes to never experience. If your water heater leaks, it is not a simple matter of plugging the leak or replacing the water heater. With a water heater leak comes a huge mess. You are likely to have water everywhere, and the spread of water can result in damage to your floors, walls, and furniture. If the water sits for very long, you can even end up with mold damage. The best thing that you can do is to avoid a water heater leak by regularly maintaining your water heater. However, when it comes to home maintenance, sometimes even the best of intentions are forgotten, and a water heater leak might happen.

If your hot water heater has caused water damage, we’ll clean up the mess.

If you have experienced a water heater leak and are now left to deal with water damage or mold damage, you need the help of the professional experts at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. Our pros are water damage specialists, and they can get your home or business cleaned up in no time. Cleaning up the aftermath of a water heater leak is a big job; this is the time to call in a professional.


Our Process

ServiceMaster by Zaba’s water damage repair services for frozen pipes typically entail these steps:

  • A quick assessment of the source and extent of flooding. Our first priority is to locate and fix the ruptured or cracked pipe, and also eliminate gas or electrical dangers.
  • Water extraction. We use industrial extracting equipment to completely remove standing water and keep mold and bacteria from proliferating.
  • Determine if other pipes are at risk for leakage.
  • Drying and de-humidifying the damaged areas. Service Master uses sublimation techniques to eliminate moisture and dry both hard surfaces such as walls and soft surfaces such as carpets and couches.
  • Remediation and restoration. As licensed contractors, we handle all aspects of the reconstruction of your damaged basement. On every project, schedules are coordinated so that our tradespeople are always on hand as they are needed and work delays are minimized.

Common Causes of Plumbing Leaks

Failing Water Heaters
A sudden burst inside the tank or slow leaks are sure signs of a failing water heater. The problems affect the supply line, so homeowners should be aware of a water heater’s life expectancy through its warranty information and replace the unit when necessary.

Incorrect Toilet Flow
More than 30 percent of toilet leaks occur due to clogs or overflow. After flushing, allow the bowl and tank to refill completely, and watch the progress. If refill is very slow or it appears that there may be an overflow, turn the water off at the supply valve.

Bad Washing Machine Hoses
Hose failures on washing machines are responsible for many insurance claims. A ruptured inlet hose can flood a laundry room very quickly. Hoses should be replaced every three years. When possible, they should be upgraded to hoses made with sturdy, braided steel.

Sewer Line Backups
Sewer line backups cause more than half of residential plumbing problems. Backups are especially common in older homes connected to aging segments of the city’s sewer system. Homeowners with property located on a downhill lot or below street drainage level should talk with a plumber about installing backflow prevention.

Hidden Plumbing Problems
Damp or stained floors and walls are often evidence of hidden plumbing problems. Wet, eroded soil around foundations also indicates plumbing system failures. Homeowners might notice noise in pipes, rust stains around fixtures and a spike in monthly water bills. Repairing a compromised plumbing system averages more than $5,000.

Our Full Line of Water Damage Restoration Services

Aside from plumbing-related water damage cleanup, we offer the following services:

ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba is ready to respond with professional crews when your residence or business is flooded due to cracked or ruptured pipes and other emergency plumbing issues. For 24/7 emergency water damage repair, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba today at 773-647-1985

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