Emergency Water Leak Repair for Chicago and Suburbs

hot water heater busted water everywhere

Not all plumbing problems are disasters, but a burst pipe in the basement quickly causes serious damage. When sprinkler pipes leak or water heater pipes rupture, you’re facing a situation that needs immediate attention.

How do you find someone who takes care of emergency water leak repair and restores water-damaged property?

You contact a reputable water damage restoration company that specializes in 24/7 plumbing repair for Chicago homes and businesses, as well as the suburbs. We’re ready for your call here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba with certified water damage leak repair services.

We Offer the Following Emergency Pipe Leak Repair Services:

When We Repair Plumbing Leaks in Your Home, You Can Depend On:

Our response in 45 minutes or less

You don’t have to wait on emergency pipe leak repair when you call us. With headquarters in Chicago and Skokie, we’re always ready to quickly dispatch teams to your doorstep.

Industry certified expertise

Our highly trained crews use the latest equipment and advanced techniques. We repair broken sprinkler lines, pipe bursts in basements and leaking water heaters with industry certified expertise.

Help with insurance paperwork

Because of our Preferred Vendor Status, we’re the restoration company of choice for insurance carriers. We help you navigate the paperwork for all kinds of claims from water leak cleanup to property restoration.

Let our highly trained ServiceMaster technicians provide you with the best emergency pipe leak repair services in Chicagoland.


Burst Pipe Repair

water pipe bustedIt can happen with the first hard freeze, and it can happen when aging pipes fail. Whatever the cause, our experienced technicians know how to fix it. We repair water pipes in basements, behind walls and under sinks. Our teams take care of burst pipes in all types of residential and commercial properties.

Learn more about our burst pipe repair services.

Sprinkler Pipe Repair

sprinkler pipe repairA malfunctioning sprinkler system floods rooms and spreads water contaminated with sediment and rust. Immediate repair to broken sprinkler pipes reduces the chance of stains setting in carpets and furnishings.

We quickly fix sprinkler pipe leaks and follow through with complete water damage cleanup services.

Water Heater Pipe Repair

water heater pipe repairYou know you need emergency plumbing services when you’re facing a hot water heater busted with water everywhere. We’re on the scene right away to repair the leak, clean up the mess and get your hot water running again. Home and business owners count on us for the best water heater repair in Chicago IL.


What Happy Customers Say About Us

Jessica Bautista
Jessica Bautista
15:25 21 Nov 17
Our house suffered an electrical fire causing damage throughout the entire home. My husband and I didn't know where to begin to get our home back in order. We called our insurance agent, and he said to call ServiceMaster by Zaba, which is one of their insurance vendors. When i called the office the staff made me feel very comfortable, they were very friendly and walked me through the claims process. Within the hour the project manager and technicians arrived. They were very professional and answered all of our questions, we had plenty of questions and the staff never got annoyed with with us. The entire job took about a week to complete because of all the adjusters that had to come and look at different areas if the home, the adjusters said ServiceMaster was on point with their scope which made me feel even better. I could not be more grateful for ServiceMaster by Zaba and their fantastic team! This review is for their emergency services, I will follow up soon with a review for their Reconstruction services, as we will be starting that next week, but I am sure they will do a wonderful job.read more
Bari Cohn
Bari Cohn
01:12 14 Sep 17
I called ServiceMaster by Zaba while my basement was in the middle of flooding. In a panic, I asked for a crew to be sent out asap. (It was a horrible storm that day with lots of power outages) Brittany explained that they were all booked up and would have someone out in 24 hours, but would call me if anyone cancelled. I wasn't hopeful. Well, sure enough...two hours later, Brittany called to say that someone had cancelled and they could make it to my house within two hours. A crew of 4 people came over and looked at the damages. A full verbal and written estimate and explanation was provided on the spot. We agreed to the work and these amazing men went to work. This crew was TOP NOTCH. They worked non stop to remove the water soaked carpeting, remove the baseboards around my basement and cut holes in the walls for air circulation to prevent molding. Then several fans were placed around the rooms. They explained what would take place over the next few days and when they would be back to pick up the equipment. All of the guys were friendly, professional, neat, hardworking and did everything as promised without any surprises or hidden fees. This was not an easy job at all ! The equipment was picked up, as promised, and followup calls were made by the office to see if were were satisfied with our services. I hope that I don't ever need restoration services again, but I can assure you that I wouldn't call anyone else except ServiceMaster by ZABA. I learned that the ServiceMasters are independently owned. I cannot speak for the other locations.....but based on my experience, there is no need to look elsewhere. I usually do not write on-line reviews, but I felt that this was something worth taking the time to share. A huge thanks to Brittany, Diana and the rest of the crew from Zaba. You made a really lousy situation in our basement so much easier!!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING !!!!!read more
Wendy Monroy
Wendy Monroy
19:04 07 Jun 17
Our basement flooded recently. My husband and i were out of town when a neighbor called to say there was a pool of water in our basement. Both of our sump pumps went out. We called Service Master and they came out within the hour. Considering that we were out of the country the process was not as bad as we thought it would be. I won't go into too much detail but I will say I felt completely comfortable with them, they navigated the insurance process with my insurance company and the agent. My son in law was at the property on our behalf and said they were doing a phenomenal job. We had a lot water damage, and Service Master did an outstanding job cleaning up everything. They took care of our belongings and did not leave debris everywhere. We were a bit worried that we would be walking into a big mess and were surprised at how clean everything was despited removing all the drywall and carpet. Really appreciate the work Service Master did and appreciate how much effort they put into our claim and giving us the opportunity to enjoy our vacation in the middle of such chaos! Thank you!read more
John Kennedy
John Kennedy
15:18 26 Apr 17
I am opening shop in a few weeks, my business has a lot of construction dust, unfortunately the contractors did a horrible job in protecting some of the areas of my store. ServiceMaster gave me a quote. I took three bids and although they did come in at the lowest price, I went with their bid. They were very thorough during their inspection and really knew what they were talking about. The staff did a phenomenal job, I am glad I hired ServiceMaster.read more
Claudia Ramirez
Claudia Ramirez
20:50 10 Jan 17
I had water pipes burst in my condo right before the holidays. I did not expect December to be so cold considering the mild winter we had last year. I was out of the country when the neighbor who was feeding my cats called to tell me it was flooded inside my condo. It was frustrating, I did not want to fly back since I had 4 more days to go on my trip. The property management company recommended ServiceMaster by Zaba. I reached out to them by email because calls were difficult at the time, they responded back quickly and sent me a bunch of information as far as what steps to take and what will take place. They went immediately to inspect my property and started working right away. They helped me get a plumber, they spoke with the insurance company on my behalf and coordinated with the building for access. I received update emails and pictures daily. I felt totally comfortable with them in my condo, of course the neighbor stopped in regularly to check the work but everything seemed to be running smoothly. I had to be confident that everything would be ok and that I could trust this company. All my carpet and padding had to be pulled out, most of the hardwood floors, my hallway bathroom and kitchen both had burst pipes, there was a lot of damage so I knew what to expect. ServiceMaster technicians left my place very clean, there wasn’t any dust and all my furniture and personal belongings had been protected. Of course, I went through all my stuff to make sure everything was there and it sure was. This company is trustworthy, professional and skilled, I wish I could give them 10 stars.read more
Vanessa Torres
Vanessa Torres
21:40 29 Sep 16
Phenomenal, professional and precise. Their name says it all -- SERVICE MASTER! The service we received at our organization was impeccable. From the customer service to their on site associates, we had the best experience hiring them to give our theatre a deep cleaning. The moment we had patrons walk in, you could tell the freshness of the air from cleaning out the air ducts and the immaculate floors. We totally appreciate the team that serviced our organization, they arrived at our facility with smiles and made sure we were pleased with their work. I highly recommend their service from small to large businesses.read more
Jenny Fitzgerald
Jenny Fitzgerald
18:44 11 Apr 16
i called these guys again for a deep spring cleaning in our office. They came out a couple of months ago for a fire. Now that the construction has been done we needed a deep cleaning. They sent a different team which i was bummed about but it was their cleaning team. I cant complain, they did an excellent job cleaning all of the construction dust, hvac, carpet, floor mats, etc... This company is great, Alecia was a fantastic team lead and very thorough.read more
James Williamson
James Williamson
19:58 22 Feb 16
I experienced a sewer backup in my finished basement. My insurance company said to call ServiceMaster. They came out quick, assessed the situation and went straight to work. I had a lot water damage that affected my carpets, walls and furniture. Although I was in a hectic and unpleasant situation I had a great experience with this company.read more
Jill Nelson
Jill Nelson
18:18 25 Aug 15
Remember that time when it rained 2 ½ inches in 30 minutes? Yeah. That night, within moments, my tenants’ garden apartment was literally under water: 9:30 at night, the three of us were running around, screaming, throwing towels everywhere, but it was like using a cotton ball to soak up a river. The next morning, I went on Yelp and randomly chose Servicemaster by Zaba to clean up the mess. Here’s how it went down: I called the Zaba office and the phone was answered immediately by a real person; my insurance information was recorded and I was told crews could be out within 30 minutes (!wow!); within that time, at least two trucks showed up, workers spilled out, and the mitigation began. Every bit of wet material - from carpet to drywall to cabinets -- was removed immediately to prevent mold and further damage, and what remained was sanitized. Drying equipment was placed throughout and the big dry out began. But then came a SNAFU. A big one. One that made me cry. My insurance (ALLSTATE) said they would deny the claim. Why? After first approving my claim, the adjuster came back and quoted my uneducated description, deciding against coverage. Mind you, the adjuster did NOT bother to visit the apartment. Moreover, I do not know an overhead injector pump from a sump pump, seepage from back up, sewer this or sewer that, or other specialized insurance lingo. All I knew is that water was ankle deep in my apartment and it was an unlivable mess. Now, Allstate was making it a catastrophe!!!!! So much for those “good hands!” However, I didn’t have to worry: Neil Omar, owner of Servicemaster by Zaba, personally came to my home to help me. We did a walk through of my whole place, looked at the pumps, drains, and sewer locations. Then, we got on the phone with Allstate and talked to the adjuster’s manager. Within a few minutes, my claim was approved. I am not naive that Neil had a vested interest in the deal. But if not for him, I would have gotten screwed. He would have gotten paid either way but, instead, he worked ON MY BEHALF. That’s customer service - for ZABA, the CUSTOMER comes first!read more
Jeff Riemer
Jeff Riemer
02:00 14 May 14
They came to my house in Niles, IL after a long night of rain and flooding after my sump pump went out. They showed up in a timely manner and took out all of my carpet, disinfected the flooring, and cleaned the whole basement quickly and professionally. The crew that came out was very friendly and introduced themselves individually which made me feel more comfortable about the whole situation. They explained step by step what they were doing and also what they recommended. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone who has to deal with flooding or any problems and they have earned a lifelong customer from me. read more
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How Do We Repair Water Plumbing Leaks?

water leakage repair equipment chicago

1) Identify and Repair the Source

Our first priority is to identify and fix the source of your plumbing problem. We locate and repair broken sprinkler pipes, stop water heater leaks and fix ruptured basement pipes. Our emergency water leak repair services also address and eliminate gas and electrical hazards.

2)  Follow Up With Water Extraction

We use heavy-duty extracting equipment to access areas where a water pipe has busted so that we can thoroughly remove standing water. This critical part of the process minimizes mold and bacterial growth in affected materials.

3)  Check All Other Pipes

Often, pipes and plumbing adjacent to the original leak are at risk of failure. We inspect joints, fittings, valves and connections to be sure everything is in good shape.

4) Dry Out Damaged Areas and Materials

We use special sublimation techniques to eliminate moisture from all hard and soft surfaces and materials. Our industry-proven process completely dries sheetrock, carpets, subflooring, ceilings and furnishings.

5) Restore Your Property

As licensed contractors, we handle all necessary remediation and reconstruction. We coordinate our project schedule so that our tradespeople are on the scene as needed, and we quickly restore your property to its original condition.


Q: Do you repair plumbing leaks in any kind of setting?
A: Yes. Our services cover ruptured, leaking and busted water pipes in residential and commercial properties. We take care of multi-family buildings, high-rise condos, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and more. Our technicians handle every type of job regardless of location.

Q: Is your broken water pipe repair different from a regular plumber’s services?
A: While we don’t work on water mains or install plumbing systems, we take care of most of the problems plumbers address, and we do more. We follow up water leak damage repair with expert cleaning and restoration services that plumbers simply can’t offer.

Q: Are you always available for emergency water line repair?
A: Yes. We handle emergency plumbing repairs 24/7. If you wake up to a burst frozen pipe in the middle of winter or come home from summer vacation to leaking pipes in the basement, we’re just a phone call away.

Q: What do you charge to repair broken pipes?
It’s our policy to only give on-site estimates. Once we inspect the problem, we explain the repair work involved and our cost estimate. Be careful of contractors who quote a price over the phone.

Our Extensive Line of Water Damage Restoration Services

Aside from emergency plumbing leak repairs, we offer the following services:

Plumbing Leak Repair 24/7

chicago water leak damage repair specialist with customerWhen you need water leak damage repair, you want the best emergency plumbers in Chicago and the suburbs.

We’re proud to be the city’s leading water damage restoration company offering a full line of plumbing and pipe repairs. Our teams here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba are ready for your call 24/7.


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