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Do you have water damage at your Skokie IL home or business? We can help.

When residents in Skokie, Illinois face water damage due to severe storms, frozen pipes, ruptured plumbing, or a water main break, they call ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba first. 

We help commercial and residential properties all across the 60077 and 60076 zip code areas with expert water damage cleanup services that solve these problems and more:

• Storm flood damage
• Leaking roof water damage
• Water-damaged ceilings
• Water-damaged drywall
• Soaked carpets, vinyl and hardwood floors
• Water-damaged subflooring
• Basement water removal
• Toilet overflows and sewage backups
• Frozen burst pipes
• All types of plumbing failures
• Water-damaged furniture and belongings

Call us now for 24 hour emergency help: 847-730-7301

Why Choose ServiceMaster by Zaba for Water Damage Cleanup in Skokie IL?

We’re At Your Doorstep in 30 Minutes

When you call us, our highly trained crews arrive at your doorstep within 45 minutes – often much sooner.

We quickly respond to any water and flood damage emergency from our headquarters here in the community.

Your first call dispatches our teams right away. We always deliver the water damage cleanup services Skokie residents expect and deserve and we communicate with you every step of the way.

We Use the Best, State of the Art Equipment

All our bonded and insured IICRC-certified technicians are trained with years of experience using advanced equipment necessary to mitigate water damage and restore your property to a clean state.

We extract and remove water from carpeting. We repair and restore soaked floors, ceilings and walls.

Our industry expertise covers everything from repairing burst pipes to cleaning ductwork, to removing moisture and addressing mold growth.

You can rely on us to take care of your Skokie home or business with high-tech equipment and the latest cleaning methods.

We Bill Your Insurance Directly

With so much to take care of, you need help navigating the water damage insurance claims process. Insurance companies prefer working with us because we’re established Quality Restoration Vendors.

You can trust ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba in to streamline the insurance process for all types of Skokie water damage restoration.

Don’t wait until the next morning – call ServiceMaster Skokie right now to prevent further damages to your property.


How Do You Restore My Water Damaged Property?

Our restoration technicians are always ready to take care of your water damage emergency. When you call our Skokie IL headquarters, you speak with highly trained professionals who quickly dispatch our teams to your home or business.

In order to serve you better, we ask several questions. The information you provide allows us to make an initial assessment and plan the best course of action for cleaning and restoring your water-damaged property. Please be prepared to share the following details with our staff.

• Your name and contact information

• Address of the affected property

• The probable cause of your water damage

• When you believe it occurred

• Availability of electricity on the property

• Any applicable insurance information

We then present you with a scope of work and started right away.

• We remove any standing water with state-of-the-art equipment.

• We clean, disinfect and deodorize materials and surfaces.

• Our technicians set up heavy-duty drying equipment in affected areas.

• We finish up with complete property restoration services.

Dealing with Category 3 Water Damage? We can help

Most property owners in Skokie understand the dangers involved in exposure to sewage backups. However, heavy rains and snow melts can also fill your home or business with highly contaminated water. Whether it’s sewage water or flood water, don’t ever attempt cleanup on your own.

Our technicians are highly trained in dealing with Category 3 water damage and specialize in sewage and storm flood damage restoration. We use industry-proven equipment, products and techniques to remove contaminated water, dry your property and disinfect all affected areas. We help you navigate the insurance claims process too.

We Take Care of Mold, Too

Soaked carpets, damp drywall and soggy ceilings are breeding grounds for mold. Most fungi take hold in water-damaged materials in as little as 24 hours. Without immediate treatment, air-borne spores can spread the problem to every room in your Skokie IL home or business.

Our water restoration services in Skokie cover industry-certified mold removal and remediation, and we take care of toxic black mold too. We use state-of-the-art technology to locate and remove mold growth from affected areas and surfaces. Our unique remediation process keeps unhealthy mold from returning.



Late Post: This company did an amazing job for me, I had frozen pipes that burst in my basement due to the polar vortex and it flooded my entire basement. Neil from ServiceMaster came in with a full crew.and did the entire cleanup, carefully saved and boxed all items that were still salvageable and took them to my storage.Neil also worked closely with my insurance company every step of the way. After the cleanup Neil brought in a construction team to do the renovation work. The team showed up every day on time, they did electrical,copper pipes,tile work,carpet installation,insulation,drywall and painting.I am extremely pleased not only with the work but with the total experience.I highly recommend ServiceMaster for their tremendous work and the kindness and consideration that I was shown by Neil and his crew.Thank you!
Robert Jenkins
Robert J.
19:39 27 Aug 19
The recent snow caused an ice dam to form outside of my kitchen so I called ServiceMaster to come out and look at the damages. I could see the water from the ice dam had traveled to half of my kitchen ceiling and down the cabinets. As it turns out, there were other areas in my house affected by different ice dams, we had some severe water damage. While ServiceMaster was removing the affected areas, a pipe on the exterior wall for my water main busted, this was in my basement, I had water spraying everywhere. Fortunately I did not have a lot of furniture or boxes but all the paneling and drywall got wet. The guys were great, they cleaned everything up and placed equipment they also did the build back. I highly recommend them.
Cristina Vera
Cristina V.
20:02 30 Jan 19
Our toilet overflowed for over three hours into our home it was a disaster we called Servicemaster by Zaba Their project manager Yusuf came out with two crews of guys they immediately went to work they were polite worked fast and made a terrible and stressful situation a lot easier I hope to never have any issues like this again but if I did I would immediately call Yusuf I would recommend them to my friends or family without hesitation
Jeremiah Notter
Jeremiah N.
16:06 20 Dec 17
Neal's ServiceMaster crews did a great job again (we've needed them before) dealing with the water damage we had recently. They sprung into action right away and quickly dried out everything, and then worked to reconstruct and replace what was damaged. The end result looks better than before. They also worked hand-in-hand with our insurance agent so that there were no budget surprises. Their level of communication was top-notch, and we really appreciated it.
Dan Osborn
Dan O.
17:32 14 Dec 17
This ServiceMaster is my go to company for all my cleaning needs. I have a regular cleaning service that cleans surfaces, but quarterly ServiceMaster comes to my office to do a deep cleaning. I have also used them for a recent flood in our basement and they do not disappoint! They get all the hard to reach areas and leave my office smelling great! The staff are great,very thorough and trustworthy.
Monica L Monroy
Monica L M.
00:32 08 Sep 17
Got Mold? Well I did! We had a slow leak from one of our appliances and condensation in the basement. We don’t utilize the basement except for storage. We started to get a strong musty smell last month, we did not know where it was coming from so we call ServiceMaster. Luis came with a device to check my walls and found what was causing the smell. I had a huge problem in my utility room. Mold had surfaced to the walls and my walls were wet, you could poke your finger through them.They removed the mold which was not an easy task, The water tank has to be removed to access the drywall so now plumbing was involved, all my baseboards had to be removed, the insulation was no longer pink, it was black. The whole process took about week bur definitely worth it.
Jordynn Micheals
Jordynn M.
23:18 11 Jul 16
I operate my business out of a store front in a commercial building that has 3 apartment units above my office. I came into the office one morning, and our ceilings, walls, and floors were all damaged. The second floor apartment had experienced severe water damage that traveled down to my office. I searched through the Skokie Chamber of Commerce directory and found Service Master Restoration by Zaba. We were in need of a clean up from the damage caused by water. ServiceMaster arrived fast. The techs were helpful and professional and got straight to work.After they stabilized the damage we were able to open for business immediately. After a few days of drying the job was complete and we only needed minor repairs,The techs and crew were fast, efficient, and experienced. I felt completely comfortable and confident that they would get the job done with no problem. I will definitely keep ServiceMaster by Zaba in my call list for future references.Thank you so much ServiceMaster by Zaba, you guys really did an amazing job.
Sarah Conners
Sarah C.
19:52 18 May 16
My water supply line to the dishwasher somehow got disconnected while I was running the dishwasher! I loaded the dishwasher before going to bed so I did not notice it until the next morning. I knew immediately it was the dishwasher because it was the only thing running water overnight. I called a plumber he came and fixed the supply line to the dishwasher but he could not do anything about my floors and cabinets. He told me to call ServiceMaster because he works with them all the time. I called and they were booked all day then I received a call back ten minutes later and said someone would be at home in 40 minutes.Joseph arrived on time and immediately placed drying tarps on my floors. This was not going to be a quick fix so I had to call my insurance agent and he helped me make a claim.Joseph had me speak to his office to coordinate with them and the insurance company, which by the way they made it an easy process.They were able to save my floors, but the bottom cabinets had to be removed. The water also traveled to my basement but they were able to dry everything in place without having to remove the walls and ceilings. I am grateful that ServiceMaster was able to see me as quickly as they did and provide services right away.
Fernando Cortez
Fernando C.
15:03 09 Mar 16

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How much does water damage restoration in Skokie cost?

Most water damage restoration services in Skokie average between $3,000 and $8,000. Severe damage and extensive reconstruction also add to restoration expenses.

Are there other factors that affect the water damage cost?

Issues that can lead to additional costs include contamination from sewage backup. In addition, without immediate cleanup, water damage quickly spreads and increases the square footage that must be restored.

What are the most common causes of water damage in Skokie?

Leaky plumbing, basement flooding, and frozen burst pipes in the winter are very common sources of water damage in Skokie.