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Looking for Carpet Cleaning in Lincoln Park? Turn to ServiceMaster by Zaba

The carpets in your Lincoln Park home add a beautiful warmth to interiors and familiar comfort underfoot. Those lovely carpets also trap dirt, pet hair, odors and air-borne pollutants that regular vacuuming doesn’t reach. We can help.

truck mounted carpet cleaningOur teams stay busy throughout the area with specialized residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. We refresh wool carpets in living rooms and renew olefin carpets in office buildings. From removing stains to eliminating odors, you can depend on us.

When Lincoln Park residents need carpet cleaning in zip codes 60610, 60614 and 60642, they trust ServiceMaster by Zaba. We solve carpet problems by providing these certified carpet cleaning services and more.

  • Customized carpet care plans developed for your home or business
  • Carpet treatments that protect natural, synthetic and blended fibers
  • Advanced truck-mounted cleaning systems for deep carpet cleaning
  • Industry-certified restoration services for damaged carpets
  • Eco-friendly, green cleaning carpet options by request
  • Carpet cleaning scheduled around your timetable at home or work

As Lincoln Park’s leading cleaning professionals, we also offer upholstery and area rug care. Contact us for details today, and be sure to ask about our latest carpet cleaning specials. Discounts are available for home and business owners as well as public and private organizations.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Process for Lincoln Park

Carpet fibers accumulate dirt, dander, allergens and bacteria. Spills and pet accidents leave behind moisture and odor-causing compounds. We handle it all with certified carpet care. Our unique 6-step carpet cleaning process for Lincoln Park residents ensures the deep-down cleanliness you want in every room.

carpet cleaning lincoln park

1. On-Site Consultation

Upon our arrival at your Lincoln Park home or business, we perform a walk-through inspection. Our technicians answer your questions, address your concerns about problem areas and outline a cleaning plan for your carpets.

2. Detailed Carpet Assessment

Next, we closely examine all carpets and identify overall construction, fiber types, backings and pads. Based on this assessment, we choose the best carpet cleaning methods for each room.

3. Stain and Odor Pre-Treatments

Carpet stains and set odors are treated by applying industry-proven products. This step loosens and breaks down contaminants. It also conditions fibers before we begin cleaning.

4. Gentle Deep Steam Cleaning

Our deep steam cleaning method is highly effective at eliminating dirt, odor and stains from carpets. We use an advanced truck-mounted system that gently agitates fibers without soaking pad or backing.

5. Thorough Rinse and Extraction

This important step involves hot water only. Our technicians don’t use rinsing agents that dull fibers. Instead, we thoroughly rinse the carpet with an extraction process that removes all traces of cleaning products.

6. Hand-Groomed Finish

After cleaning and rinsing, we fluff carpet fibers with special hand tools. This last step returns carpets to their original pristine condition. When we’re done, we conduct a final inspection with you and make sure you’re completely satisfied with your freshly cleaned carpets.

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Why Choose Us for Carpet Cleaning in Lincoln Park?

Carpet Care Expertise

ServiceMaster by Zaba stays at the top of reviews for the best carpet cleaning services in Lincoln Park. We’re proud of that standing, and we thank our customers for their consistently positive ratings.

Great Customer Reviews

ServiceMaster by Zaba stays at the top of reviews for the best carpet cleaning services in Lincoln Park. We’re proud of that standing, and we thank our customers for their consistently positive ratings.

Carpet Damage Restoration

We can often salvage and restore carpets after water or fire damage. Whether it’s one room or property-wide damage, we have the skills, equipment and techniques it takes. We’re on call for emergencies 24/7.

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The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professionally cleaned carpets brighten up your home. They make positive impressions on customers at your workplace. Add these great benefits to your list of reasons to have carpets cleaned by our pros.

  • Extended Carpet Life – Professional cleaning retains durability and maintains manufacturers warranties.
  • Easier DIY Maintenance – Optional protective treatments make DIY stain and pet accident cleanup easier.
  • Fresh, Fluffy Fibers – Fibers stay fresher and softer when they’re free of deep-seated dirt and contaminants.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality – Clean carpets don’t pollute indoor air with allergens, bacteria and lingering odors.
  • Reduced Mold Risks – Professional cleaning eliminates organic materials that feed mold growth in fibers.

Pro Tips for Home Carpet Care

  • Vacuum carpets at least once a week, but give high-traffic areas a good vacuuming twice a week.
  • Always blot up spills right away, and clean the area with a gentle carpet stain remover as needed.
  • Keep bagless vacuums in top shape by changing out filters at least every three months.
  • Too much odor-control powder product is hard on vacuum equipment, and it can cause fiber damage.
  • Leave dirt and moisture outside by placing water-absorbent, textured door mats at all entrances.
  • Extend residential and commercial carpet life with certified, professional carpet cleaning twice a year.
What is the average cost of carpet cleaning in Lincoln Park?

Most carpet cleaning jobs average between $25 and $75 per room. Factors that impact costs include heavy stains, pet odors, carpet mold or water and fire damage.

How soon can I walk on my professionally cleaned carpets?

If you need to walk through the room right away, make sure you’re barefoot or wearing socks. We recommend letting carpets dry for three to six hours.

Why is carpet cleaning twice a year important?

The process keeps carpets in top shape by reducing damage caused by accumulated dirt and contaminants. It extends carpet life and protects your warranty.

Can I DIY clean my carpets with rental equipment?

There a number of things that can go wrong with DIY carpet cleaning. For example, the bulky equipment can damage fibers. It often leaves behind detergent and moisture residue.