Residential Air Duct Cleaning in Chicago

ServiceMaster by Zaba provides residential air duct cleaning in Chicago & suburbs for homeowners and property managers.

dirty air duct

Professional duct cleaning helps clean the air in your home and reduce pollutants. This is accomplished by cleaning the components of your heating and cooling system, including the supply and return air ducts, heat exchangers, coils, fan motor, drip pans, and housings.

Improve Your Home Air Quality

In the course of normal use, your air ducts and the other components of your HVAC system can collect dust, dirt, and allergens like pollen. This can cause irritation and health problems, particularly for people who suffer from environmental allergies or asthma. Removing these particles through duct cleaning can get rid of these contaminants, but it is important to make sure that all of the components of the system are being cleaned. Otherwise, the air blowing through the system will just spread the contaminants from area to another, re-contaminating the whole system.

ServiceMaster by Zaba uses special tools that dislodge dust, dirt, and other particles from your duct work and other components of the HVAC system. Once they are dislodged, we then vacuum out these contaminants.

When To Get Your Air Ducts And Vents Cleaned

There are several situations in which you should certainly consider having your duct work cleaned. These include:

  • You can see signs of mold in your ducts or on components of your heating and cooling system.
  • There are insects or rodents in your ducts.
  • Your ducts are clogged, or particles are being released from registers into your living spaces.
  • You or a family member has experienced increased symptoms from asthma or environmental allergies.

If you feel that your residential property could benefit from air duct cleaning, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster by Zaba. We have specialized equipment to clean your ducts and rid of them of contaminants so that the air you breathe is as clean as possible.

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Keep Your Furnace Free of Debris

Typically your furnace is kept in the basement or other contained area, out of view and possibly near your water heater or washers and dryers. This also means that the rooms most furnaces occupy contain clutter you would otherwise get rid of. Although most of these items are viewed as indispensable and therefore kept, they are in fact a catastrophe waiting to happen.

A furnace can and will produce enough heat to ignite clothing, furniture and even old toys given the opportunity; so be mindful of the surroundings prior to ignition and regular use.

Cleaning furnace vents, changing filters & cleaning traps

As with any appliance, a furnace requires regular maintenance to function properly and provide the desired result.

Cleaning furnace vents Chicago and Suburbs

Clogged vents will disperse your heat inappropriately and cost you money as well as endanger your home and family. Unchanged filters or unchecked pilot lights can cause gas leaks, carbon monoxide build up and extremely destructive fires. You should hire a professional company like ServiceMaster by Zaba to clean out the inside of your furnace, clear away any dust, mold or other debris which could lead to a fast spreading fire; if by chance your furnace does catch fire; a well-kept area will provide less fuel to feed the flames.

Furnaces can be easily cleaned just like an oven, with regular cleaner and an attentive eye but should regularly be inspected by a professional who knows what faults and dangers to look for.

Furnace safety

Your furnace should always be kept in a safe location, rather than an aesthetic one. Flooring, carpeting or other flammable items should be nowhere near your furnace.  Most professionals install furnaces on a stone platform or other non-flammable foundation which not only insures safety but also provides an easier removal method, should a replacement be needed.

Furnaces typically use some type of fuel for their combustion to create the flames, which then heat the air that circulates throughout your home. If a furnace is improperly maintained or not operating properly, the combustion process creates Carbon Monoxide gas, which is then vented through a flue pipe to the home’s exterior. Heating equipment is a chief cause of fire deaths in the home, dirty or unkempt furnaces and space heaters used during winter months cause many home fires and tragic deaths.

One risk of an unmanaged furnace is Carbon Monoxide gas building up and poisoning the homes residents. Well-maintained and working furnaces will not produce Carbon Monoxide gas.

Remember, all heating equipment should have regular maintenance performed in order to help eliminate the potential problems or potential fire hazards in the home or office and can be easily performed by a short visit from a professional. All it takes for your furnace to become a house fire is a few minutes, the same as it takes to prevent the issue from happening.

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