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Do You Want to Renew the Beauty of Your Area Rugs? We Can Help!

We know how much you treasure the area rugs in your home. Every day, our teams work with residents here in Glenview who need rug cleaning. They rely on us to take the best possible care of their area rugs. You can too.

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ServiceMaster by Zaba offers professional area rug cleaning across Glenview zip codes 60025 and 60026. Our unique process protects your finest rugs, preserves their value and ensures their special beauty for years to come.

We clean and repair small, large and oversized area rugs. Whether it’s everyday dirt, tough stains or stubborn pet odors, we take care of it with industry-certified expertise. You can trust us with these area rugs and so many more.

  • Elegant Karastan rugs
  • Handwoven Indian dhurrie rugs
  • Silk, wool and cotton Oriental rugs
  • Kerman and Sarouk Persian rugs
  • Traditional and modern flokati rugs
  • Oversized Aubusson tapestry rugs
  • Priceless family heirloom rugs
  • Handcrafted needlepoint rugs
  • All types of designer area rugs
  • High-end fine leather rugs
  • Exotic fur and animal skin rugs

Our free pickup includes a personal consultation to answer any questions you might have about our area rug cleaning. Delivery services are also free to Glenview homes, businesses, private and public organizations.

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Our Area Rug Cleaning Services for Glenview

The lovely area rugs in your home add a special grace to each room. They’re an important part of your interior’s decor. Rugs also trap dust and air-borne contaminants that eventually dull rug fibers.

Add foot traffic through a busy household, and rugs begin to show overall wear and tear. Our technicians renew area rugs to their original luster and softness with these professional services and more.

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Certified Area Rug Cleaning

We carefully clean your area rugs using the latest techniques and gentlest products. Our industry-certified process eliminates stains, removes odors and revitalizes rugs from fiber to backing.

Damaged Area Rug Repair

Worn fringe, backing tears and unraveled edges are just a few of the problems we solve with expert attention to detail. We smooth area rug warps and wrinkles with a specialized blocking technique.

Reliable Area Rug Storage

It’s important to store area rugs in a climate- and temperature-controlled environment. Our state-of-the-art facilities are the perfect location for area rug storage, and our rug pickup and delivery services are always free.

Expert Area Rug Restoration

Using our restoration expertise, we can often salvage water- or fire-damaged area rugs. Our teams bring years of experience to rug restoration, addressing problems such as smoke, soot and mold damage.

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Why Choose ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba?

Area Rugs Are Our Specialty

Over the years, we’ve taken care of all types of area rugs in Glenview homes and businesses. You can trust us to clean your rugs regardless of their material, age or condition.

Our Rug Cleaning Process is Safe & Gentle

We only use industry-proven safe products during the cleaning process. Even our stain, odor and mold removal techniques are specially designed to clean area rugs without harsh chemicals.

We Offer a 100% Guarantee on Our Rug Cleaning Services

We never make promises we can’t keep. That’s why you can depend on us to remove unpleasant odors from your area rugs. You have our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that rugs come home smelling as fresh as new.

Our 7-Step Area Rug Cleaning Process for Glenview Residents

1. Convenient Rug Pickup

When you call and schedule area rug cleaning, our teams arrange a pickup time at your convenience. The service is free, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about our process.

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2. Detailed Condition Check

Once the rug arrives at our facility, we closely inspect it to identify its material and construction. If we note any problems, we contact you immediately with a detailed description of our concerns.

3. Pre-Cleaning Treatments

Depending on rug type, we may apply a pre-cleaning treatment. For example, we use a stabilizing soak to protect multicolored rugs. All rugs are soaked in an overnight enzyme bath that eliminates odors and bacteria.

4. Gentle Area Rug Cleaning

Before cleaning your area rug, our technicians double-check and confirm its material. This ensures that we use the most effective methods to gently shampoo or dry-clean the rug. We also take care of set stains and stubborn odors.

5. Climate-Controlled Drying

Next, we move your area rug to our climate-controlled drying room. We closely monitor humidity and temperature to create the correct environment for drying your rug. We can safely dry every type of area rug, regardless of material.

6. Expert Hand-Grooming

Once the rug is thoroughly dry, we hand-groom its fiber and fringe. Using specialized hand tools, our technicians brush, fluff and raise the pile and carefully trim the fringe as needed.

7. Delivery to Your Door

Finally, we deliver your treasured area rugs to your door. Again, this part of the service is free. We don’t consider the job finished until we have your final approval and know you’re happy with your freshly cleaned area rugs.

How often should I have my Glenview rugs cleaned?

Your area rugs will hold up longer if you have them professionally cleaned at least once a year. If someone in the house suffers allergies or respiratory problems or you have pets, the rugs should be cleaned every six months.

What is the best way to store a freshly cleaned area rug?

First, have your area rug moth-proofed. Keep it in a climate-controlled unit at a storage facility, or put it away in an area of your home that doesn’t get humid. Use protective Tyvek paper to wrap the rug before storage.

How much does professional area rug cleaning in Glenview, IL cost?

Cleaning costs depend on the size of the rug, its materials and overall condition. Also, consider the number of rugs that need to be cleaned in your home or business. Please give us a call for a quote.

Can you clean area rugs contaminated by pet urine or other sources of bacteria?

Yes. Our decontamination techniques clean and sanitize area rugs damaged by pet accidents, sewage backup, storm flooding and even mold growth. Many cleaning companies cover up these problems by using deodorizers. Our enzyme treatments clean, disinfect and deodorize contaminated area rugs.