Flooded Basement Cleanup for Chicago & Suburbs

flooded basement in chicago

All it takes is a bad sump pump and a couple of hours. A sudden downpour overflows storm drains, or the washing machine hose ruptures. Whatever the cause, you’re facing basement water damage. You have to deal with water in the basement as soon as possible, but you’re not sure where to start.

You ask yourself, “What should I do now?”

The answer is simple. Call a local emergency water removal company for professional flood damage cleanup services. For years, property owners in Chicago and the suburbs have relied on our teams 24/7 for expert flooded basement cleanup. They know that we always deliver.

What’s Involved in Flooded Basement Cleanup?

basement-cleanup-truckWe tackle basement flooding by immediately responding to your first call. Our teams arrive at your property in fully stocked fleet vans ready to get to work.

We quickly identify the source of water in your basement, take care of any necessary repairs and then begin the cleanup and restoration process.

Our certified technicians use industry-proven emergency water removal equipment and sublimation drying techniques to restore your basement to its original condition.

When We Take Care of Your Flooded Basement, You:

Receive our immediate emergency response

Since we’re headquartered in both Chicago and Skokie, we’re just around the corner ready to answer your call. We’re on the scene within 90 minutes or less and begin the cleanup process right away.

Know you have expert help

Our highly trained technicians are all certified and have years of experience working with the very latest equipment and basement water damage cleanup techniques. We also offer a warranty on all our work.

Don’t worry about the claims process

Because of our status as a preferred Quality Restoration Vendor, we work directly with your insurance company. That allows us to start flooded basement repair without waiting for an adjuster to inspect your property.

Yes, Repair My Flooded Basement!


Q: Can you give me more detailed information how you restore my wet basement?
A: We’re happy to share with you how we approach a flooded basement, just click here for a step-by-step overview.

Q: How do you restore belongings impacted by basement flooding?
A. We use a wide range of high-tech flood cleanup techniques to take special care of personal belongings. For more details, please refer to our water damage cleanup page.

Q: What does this kind of flood cleanup cost?
A. Because every situation is different, we can’t give you an exact figure. However, you can get a good idea of what to expect from our water damage restoration costs page.

Q: Do you use special tools or equipment?
A. Our teams bring state-of-the-art tools and technology to every project. For more information about our flood cleanup arsenal, visit our water damage restoration equipment page.

Q: Can I take a look at some of your previous projects?
A. Of course! We’re always glad to share examples of our work. We invite you to take a look at our frozen burst pipe case study to get an idea of what we do.

We’re Ready to Serve You 24/7

chicago flooded basement cleanup crewWhen water floods your basement, contact us immediately. You can depend on our teams for an emergency response, full-service water removal and complete cleanup of your flooded basement.

We’re just a phone call away and here for you 24/7. When you want the very best in flood restoration services, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba first.

Yes! Repair My Flooded Basement