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Do You Need Expert Carpet Cleaning in Evanston? Turn to ServiceMaster by Zaba.

The beautiful carpets in your Evanston home deserve the very best carpet cleaning services. Professional care keeps carpets soft underfoot and refreshes the air in every room. It also protects one of your home’s most valuable interior assets.

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When residents in Evanston need professional carpet cleaning services, they call ServiceMaster by Zaba. You’ve probably seen our vans here in the North Shore area. We stay busy providing these professional, truck-mounted carpet cleaning services in Evanston zip codes 60201, 60202, 60203, 60204, 60208 and 60209.

  • Deep carpet cleaning that eliminates allergens, bacteria and mold
  • Custom carpet cleaning plans that fit your home and business
  • Restoration care for fire- and water-damaged carpets
  • Eco-friendly, certified green carpet cleaning on request
  • Commercial carpet cleaning scheduled around your timetable

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Our 6 Step Carpet Cleaning Process for Evanston, IL

When you call and schedule a carpet cleaning visit, we arrange a time that’s convenient for you. We ask that you move fragile or valuable items out of areas that need cleaning and secure pets before our technicians begin our six-step professional carpet cleaning process.

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1. Customer Consultation – We start by discussing your expectations and note any carpet issues that might concern you. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

2. Carpet Inspection – Our industry-certified technicians closely inspect your carpets. Depending on fiber type and backing materials, we determine the safest method for cleaning the carpets in your home.

3. Pre-Clean Prep – Next, we use heavy-duty vacuuming equipment to remove accumulated dirt and debris. Problem areas, such as spots and pet stains, are pre-treated with special products.

4. Deep Steam Cleaning – Our deep steam cleaning equipment gently agitates fibers as it removes dirt, contaminants and unpleasant odors. We always work with products formulated for your specific carpet type.

5. Deep Rinse – Cleaning is followed by an extraction process that thoroughly rinses fibers and padding. Our process doesn’t include cleaning products during this step, so your carpets are never dulled by leftover residue.

6. Grooming and Inspection – This last step fluffs carpet fibers and restores their original softness. After your walk-through inspection, we consider the job done with your final approval.

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Why Choose ServiceMaster by Zaba for Carpet Cleaning in Evanston?

Carpet Cleaning Is Our Specialty

We bring years of proven experience to cleaning carpets in Evanston. All our team members are IICRC-certified in the very latest carpet cleaning techniques.

Our Customer Ratings Are Among the Best

ServiceMaster by Zaba consistently rates as one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Evanston. We work hard every day earning great reviews from our residential and commercial customers.

We Restore Damaged Carpets

As an industry-certified restoration company, we can often salvage and restore carpets damaged by fire or water. You can’t get this specialized service from most other carpet cleaners.

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Our Insider Carpet Care Tips

  • Vacuum carpets at least once a week. High-traffic areas should be vacuumed twice a week.
  • Change the filters on bagless vacuum cleaners every three months or more often in busy households.
  • Quickly blot up spills as soon as they happen, and then clean with a gentle spot remover.
  • Stop carpet problems at the door with textured mats outside and water-absorbent mats inside.
  • Extend the life and softness of your home’s carpets with regular care from professional carpet cleaners.
Why do I need professional carpet cleaning?

Professionally cleaned carpets last longer, smell better and help maintain healthy indoor air quality. Most carpet warranties require regular cleaning by industry-certified professionals.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning once or twice a year. Busy homes with large families and pets need carpet cleaning more often.

How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

It depends on square footage as well as extra services such as eliminating stubborn pet odors or adding extra protective treatments. In most cases, you can expect to pay an average of $25 to $70 per room.

Can I clean my carpets with rental equipment?

We don’t recommend DIY carpet cleaning. Rental equipment can’t remove stains. It doesn’t rinse efficiently, and that leaves behind detergent residue that can cause mold growth in carpets.