Crawl Space Cleaning Services Chicago IL & Suburbs

We restore your crawl space to a clean, healthy, and safe condition.
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Looking for Professional Crawl Space Cleaning in Chicago IL? We’re Here to Help.

Plumbing leaks in the crawl space create a humid environment that can cause structural damage to your home. Heavy rains can result in a damp or wet crawl space that sets the scene for all kinds of problems.

crawl space mold removal chicago il

We offer a full line of crawl space cleaning services for Chicago residents, and we cover the suburbs too. These are just a few of the crawl space services we provide for home and business owners.

  • Flooded crawl space water extraction
  • Wet crawl space cleanup and restoration
  • Crawl space sanitizing and deodorizing
  • Crawl space mold removal and remediation
  • Crawl space sewage removal and decontamination

Our crawl space cleaning services are available all across Chicago in more than 40 neighborhoods. We serve homeowners in West Loop, South Shore, Skokie and Evanston to name a few. Our teams cover the suburbs too, including Winnetka, Niles, Des Plaines, Evanston and more.

Restore your crawl space with one quick call to ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba.

Our Crawl Space Cleaning Solutions for Your Chicago Home

A crawl space protects important networks. From electrical conduits to plumbing connections, the area contains components that keep your home running smoothly. These are just a few of the crawl space problems we solve.

Crawl Space Flooding

Burst pipes, rainstorms and even downspout runoff can fill the crawl space with water. We take care of flooded crawl spaces with truck-mounted equipment that efficiently removes standing water. Our crews clean and dry the area using advanced techniques that prevent structural damage.

Mold-Damaged Crawl Spaces

A damp or wet crawlspace quickly breeds unhealthy mold. Our industry-certified mold removal and remediation process eliminates all fungal growth. We address structural damages, and we solve crawl space odor problems that compromise indoor air quality throughout the house, and we follow all guidelines set forth by the CDC, and Illinois Department of Public Health.

Crawl Space Deep Cleaning

Regardless of your home’s age, you can depend on us to clean out years of built-up crawl space debris. We handle post-construction crawl space cleanup in new houses and post-remodel cleaning in older homes. Our crawl space cleanup crews even remediate damage caused by sewage backups.

Keep the space under your home safe and healthy with our deep cleaning services for residential crawl spaces.

Why Choose ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba?

We’re Industry-Certified

All our technicians are IICRC-certified and highly trained in crawl space cleaning and restoration. You can depend on us for professional cleanup services, expert disinfecting processes, mold removal and much more.

We Do It All

In addition to expert crawl space cleaning, we offer a full line of professional cleaning and restoration services. From hardwood floor care and air duct disinfecting to fire damage restoration and biohazard cleanup, we do it all.

Why do I need to have my home’s crawl space cleaned?

Animal waste from rodents and pests builds up into a noxious debris. A wet crawl space breeds mold that creates an unhealthy environment. Crawl space cleaning eliminates these problems and improves indoor air quality.

Why is mold in the crawl space bad for my home’s air quality?

Air flow from the crawl space spreads mold spores into the house. Breathing these spores can lead to respiratory illnesses, eye irritation and skin rashes. Mold also causes structural damage to crawl space piers and beams.

How often should I have my home’s crawl space cleaned?

Take care of crawl space cleaning twice a year. Regular inspections and cleaning help you stay ahead of serious maintenance problems. It also minimizes health risks associated with dirty crawl spaces.