cooking oil spilled on concrete

How Should I Remove Cooking Oil From Concrete?

You accidentally drop a bag of groceries in the driveway. Bottles break, and olive oil quickly soaks into the pavement. Cooking in the backyard is always fun, but it turns into a chore when you spill a gallon of peanut oil on the patio. These mishaps leave sticky messes that attract dirt and create stains. […]

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mold on concrete floor

How to Remove Mold from Concrete Floors in 5 Easy Steps

Mold is a common problem in most households, but it can also make you sick. That’s why it’s important to remove mold from concrete in your home. Mold, just like mildew, is a growth that pops up in damp or shaded areas. That said, can mold grow on a concrete floor? Yes. Concrete floors, with […]

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