furnace fire safety

Furnace Fire Safety: 6 Strategies for a Safe Winter

With cool weather finally here, we all look forward to the change in seasons. As beautiful fall days bring us closer to wintertime, we enjoy a refreshing chill before the freeze. It’s time to prep the house for cold weather and make sure the furnace is ready too. Do you have a handy list of tips for […]

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cleaning gutter

Best Ways to Clean Gutters: 10 Tips That Really Help

Some seasonal chores around the house always seem like a big job. Climbing the ladder and tackling the gutters isn’t a project you look forward to, but you know you have to get it done. Do you sometimes wish you knew the best way to clean gutters? Could you use a few tips and tricks? We know […]

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furnace troubleshooting issues

Furnace Troubleshooting: 10 Issues and How to Fix Them

When your furnace suddenly stops working, the temperature in your home seems to drop by the minute. You’re on the phone trying to line up help, but you know HVAC technicians stay extra busy this time of year. The whole situation leaves you cold and frustrated. Is it enough to make you think about trying […]

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