smoke damage restoration

6 Steps for Proper Smoke Damage Restoration

The devastation left behind after a house fire is difficult to deal with emotionally and physically. The flames are out, the first responders are gone, but the challenges are still there. You’re looking at extensive fire and smoke damage. No one is ever prepared for a situation this overwhelming. We know. For more than 10 […]

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chair with smoke damage

How to Clean Smoke Damaged Furniture: From Fabrics & Leather to Wood

It isn’t scorched, but it’s covered in soot and smells like smoke. The sofa survived along with chairs and tables. Still, you’re dealing with the aftermath of a home fire, and you’re facing a house full of smoke-damaged furniture. It isn’t a total loss, but you aren’t sure about how to get smoke damage out […]

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soot damage house

Can Soot Cause Health Problems? Here’s What You Should Know

The aftereffects of a residential fire can linger for weeks. Smoke damage, layers of soot and heavy odors create an environment that’s very difficult to clean up. It takes the expertise of fire damage restoration specialists to get everything back to normal. During the recovery process, you might ask yourself, “Can soot cause health problems?” […]

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smoke damaged house chair

How to Clean Smoke Damage in Your Home: 5 Actionable Steps

The first responders finally give you the OK to go back in. You’re still in a state of shock. It’s never easy to recover from a home fire, but you have to start putting things back together as quickly as possible. Looking around, you realize that you’re facing extensive smoke damage cleanup. Is this something that you […]

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