how to put out grease fire

How to Put Out a Grease Fire and Save Your Kitchen

You’re looking forward to fried mozzarella snacks or a crispy fried chicken dinner. Perhaps you’re sizzling breakfast bacon in the oven. The kitchen smells heavenly. Suddenly, you’re in trouble. It only takes a few seconds for hot oil or grease to flame up. Grease fires happen on stove tops, inside ovens and over backyard grills. […]

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microwave fire

My Microwave is on Fire – What Should I Do? (3 Steps to Take Right Now)

Microwave fires are common, and they can cause massive damage when they do occur. According to the National Fire Protection Association, microwaves cause 4% of cooking-related house fires per year (PDF) and 1% of associated deaths. If you’ve experienced a microwave fire in your household, you’re probably wondering what to do and how to begin […]

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protein fire chicago

Protein Fires: Everything You Need to Know

Burning the evening meal ruins dinner plans, but it doesn’t usually result in a kitchen filled with smoke and flames. A protein fire doesn’t produce smoke or flames either, but it’s a disaster that impacts the kitchen and your entire home. Let’s take a closer look at how it happens and your best options for […]

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slow cooker in chicago kitchen

Crock Pot Fires: Is Your Kitchen in Danger?

You love adding ingredients, turning a dial and letting the slow cooker do the rest. You don’t like hearing stories on the news or a favorite TV show about crock pot fires that burn down houses. Slow cooker fire statistics are on your side. Still, these countertop appliances aren’t completely safe. A crock pot can […]

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grease fire aftermath

Kitchen Fire Damage? Here Are 5 Essential Cleanup Tips

Cooking at home can turn into a disaster in just a few minutes. A small grease splatter ignites, and you’re suddenly facing a kitchen fire. Once the flames are extinguished, you’re out of danger. Take a good look around. Everything is covered with soot. Smoke damage stains walls, and overpowering odors hang in the air. […]

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thanksgiving kitchen fire

10 Basic Thanksgiving Cooking Safety Tips You Should Know

The warm kitchen fills with delicious aromas. Your plans include family favorites and a few new dishes. The most mouthwatering day on the calendar is well-seasoned with anticipation for even more holiday celebrations. You’ve done it all for so many years, and everything always turns out just fine. Why think twice about Thanksgiving cooking safety […]

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electrical kitchen fire after

How to Put Out an Electrical Fire

It might be a flickering lamp or an odd odor around the wall outlet. Either one can indicate a hidden danger that easily leads to property destruction and fire damage repair. The electricity humming through your home is a powerful energy source and, according to the National Fire Protection Association, one of the leading causes of […]

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips: How to Avoid a Fire Disaster

The guests have confirmed and the house has been deep cleaned, all that’s left is to prepare the meal and set the table. It’s Thanksgiving and diets are temporarily forgotten while a multitude of side dishes and desserts are prepared. Hopefully you have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season and it’s hard […]

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