Water Damage Restoration Equipment

water damage restoration equipment

Plumbing problems, heavy rains and backed-up sewer lines top the list of water disasters that flood properties here in Chicago and the suburbs. Every day, we respond to calls from residents and business owners who need expert water damage restoration services right away.

When you contact us with a water emergency, our IICRC-certified technicians quickly arrive at the scene ready to take care of soaked floors, wet walls and soggy belongings. We tackle the job with industry-proven techniques and the very latest water damage restoration equipment.

Our State-of-the-art Equipment Includes:

Infrared cameras

Infrared Cameras 

Designed to maximize and record thermal imaging, our ultra-sensitive cameras allow us to zero in on areas of hidden moisture under flooring, behind walls and in ceilings.

Truck Mounts

This heavy-duty water extraction equipment operates as a system of powerful hot water vacuums mounted to the floors of our fleet trucks and vans. Truck mounts remove water from carpets and furnishings.


Water extractor

High-Performance Extractors

It’s important to mitigate water damages quickly, so we also rely on this line of industry-proven water removal equipment. Extractors work efficiently on both carpets and hard surfaces.

Deep Shampooers

This equipment deep cleans and scrubs floors and other hard surfaces. Shampooers are essential for treating areas that have been saturated with contaminated water.

hardwood floor drying system

Floor drying system

Hard Floor Drying Systems

Our unique setup consists of a series of mats attached to an injection drying system. The equipment saves hardwood floors by generating heat that attracts and extracts moisture from flooring material.

Axial Fans

When interiors need a strong, indirect air flow, we put axial fans to work. Their aerodynamic design produces the velocity needed to dry subfloors and ceilings.

Velo air mover

Velo air mover

Air Movers

Once mitigation is complete, we position this essential drying equipment for water damage throughout the job site. Air movers speed up structural drying by producing high-volume airflow through large areas.

Special Dehumidifiers

We use a variety of dehumidifiers to draw moisture out of water-damaged environments. Our units range in size from models that fit crawl spaces to equipment with large-scale capacities.

air scrubbers

Air scrubbers

Air Scrubbers

Often, conditions at a job site compromise air quality with odors and impurities. Our extra-large air scrubbers effectively remove smells and contaminants with industrial HEPA filtration systems.

Hygroscopic Dessicants

These unique drying agents increase the efficiency of our dehumidifiers. Their chemical properties extract and absorb water from a wide range of materials.

Staying on Top

We maintain our leadership position in the industry by always staying on top of the latest, cutting-edge technology that takes care of the job quickly and efficiently while minimizing costs.

Over the years, that commitment has allowed us to become the area’s most trusted restoration company. We handle your water emergency with a proven process, and our teams take care of you with the best equipment in the business.

Take a look at our frozen burst pipe case study to get a better idea of how we work.

Our Full Line of Water Damage Restoration Services

You can always depend on ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba for the following services here in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs:

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