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Do you need professional vandalism cleanup in Chicago? Count on us.

vandalism cleanup chicagoVandalism leaves your property damaged and creates a negative impression on everyone who passes by. If your home or business has been vandalized, you can’t afford to waste time cleaning it up on your own.

You need help right away.

Which type of Vandalism did you Experience? We Handle Both!

  • Home vandalism. Home vandalism takes all sorts of forms, from break-ins to burglaries. Whether your home was robbed or vandalized randomly, our team will work with you to repair the damage and get life back to normal.
  • Commercial vandalism cleanup. Businesses can be vandalized during a break-in or robbery or as part of a city-wide vandalism streak. No matter what the case may be, our team will act quickly to repair all vandalism-related damage and get you back in business as fast as possible.

Our IICRC-certified technicians are ready to respond 24/7 with a full line of vandalism cleanup services for residential and commercial customers throughout the Chicago area. Our technicians quickly secure the property, clear debris, and take care of the cleanup.

We’re industry-certified and fully licensed, and we have years of experience working with all major insurance carriers.

Note: If you require graffiti removal, click here to place a service request with the City of Chicago for free removal. 

Don’t delay vandalism cleanup. Call us now for fast, reliable help.

Our Vandalism Cleanup Services in Chicago

You can count on us to provide the following:

vandalism cleaning expert in chicago, il

  • Vandalism cleanup for exteriors and interiors. Whether vandalism affected the interior or exterior of your building, we’ll remove all signs of damage and restore your property to its former condition.
  • Broken glass and debris removal and disposal. When vandalism creates broken glass or other dangerous debris, our team will remove the debris and restore the safety of your property.
  • Crime scene and biohazard cleanup. In cases of extreme vandalism or property damage, our team will provide crime scene and biohazard cleanup services to remove all traces of dangerous organic and chemical materials, including blood.
  • Disinfection and decontamination services. Our professional cleaning experts provide comprehensive disinfection and decontamination services to restore properties and make them safe once more. We use commercial-grade equipment and products to ensure your peace of mind.
  • Water damage and fire damage restoration. When vandalism involves water or fire damage, our team will provide the expert services needed (including mold remediation) to address safety concerns, repair the damage, and restore your home or business to its former condition.
  • General interior surface and content cleaning. Vandalism can create a significant mess. Fortunately, our interior surface and content cleaning services, including window cleaning, pressure washing, carpet cleaning and repair, and area rug cleaning and repair, help save your personal or business property and allow you to get back to life as you know it.
  • Property-wide odor removal and deodorization. We use commercial-grade air scrubbers, filters, and cleaning products to remove stubborn odors and refresh your property.
Let us restore your vandalized property today.

Our 6-Step Vandalism Cleanup Process for Chicago, IL & Suburbs

Vandalism in Chicago affects all types of commercial and residential properties. Our action plans for cleaning up vandalism are based on years of experience dealing with the problem city-wide.

While every cleanup project is different, our process follows these six steps.

broken glass cleanup chicago

1. Property Damage Assessment

We arrive at your property ready to assess the extent of the damage. We will then provide you with a quote for cleaning, repair, and restoration.

2. Debris Cleanup and Removal

Vandalism leaves behind dangerous debris, including broken glass and splintered wood. Our teams quickly clear sidewalks, steps, and entrances to ensure the safety of everyone near the property.

3. Stain Removal

Depending on exterior materials and surface types, we use one or more specialized techniques for removing stains or discoloration after a vandalism incident.

  • High-power steam cleaning
  • Low power pressure washing
  • Specialized chemical cleaning
  • Detailed manual cleaning

4. Exterior Vandalism Cleanup

Our teams take care of vandalism damage with the same professional techniques we apply to other emergency cleanup situations. We clear and clean these affected exteriors and more.

  • Entryways and storefronts
  • Walls, sidewalks, and steps
  • Windows, including display plate glass
  • Driveways, parking lots, and fencing
  • Exterior signage and furniture

5. Interior Cleaning and Restoration

We address interior vandalism by removing debris, cleaning surfaces, and taking care of any necessary repairs.

Our work often includes tearing out and replacing damaged drywall, carpets, flooring, and ceilings. We finish by restoring property interiors to their original condition.

6. Help with Insurance Claims

As a certified Quality Restoration Vendor, we work with all major insurance companies. We help you document vandalism damages, and our experienced staff assist you with the insurance claims process.

Why Choose ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba?

We Disinfect Your Property

Vandalism often leaves behind smashed windows, blood and other bodily fluids. We provide thorough disinfection and sanitization services to ensure the safety of your property.

We Cleanup Inside and Out

Damages from vandalism aren’t always limited to exteriors. As a full-service restoration company, we address problems inside the building. Our teams handle all types of interior cleanup, including water and fire damage restoration.

We Provide Fast, Efficient Services

While the City of Chicago offers some vandalism cleanup services, it can take days or weeks for help to arrive.

Here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, we act quickly to restore your property. Our thorough, efficient vandalism cleanup services help you reopen your business or restore your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What to do After Vandalism

Vandalism is a shocking experience, and it can leave you wondering what to do. Keep calm and follow these steps:

  • Document the scene. Take photos of the vandalism scene, being sure to document any containers that reveal the ingredients of substances used in the vandalism.
  • Contact your insurance. Call your insurance company to notify them about the vandalism event.
  • Contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. Next, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba for fast, reliable vandalism cleanup services you can trust: (773) 647-1985
  • Rinse and wash. Rinse and wash any surface materials from your property. Vacuum or sweep up glass to make the area safe for people to enter.

What NOT to do After Vandalism

Avoid causing more damage or sustaining an injury. Don’t do these things after vandalism occurs:

  • DON’T attempt vandalism cleanup on your own. Vandalism cleanup is an extensive process that requires professional attention. Resist the urge to clean your space on your own and contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba instead.
  • DON’T use electronics. Electronics may have been damaged during the vandalism. Avoid using them until your restoration team has examined and cleared them.
  • DON’T throw anything away. Sometimes, even extensively damaged items can be restored. Don’t throw anything away until a restoration company has inspected your property.
What are the most common damages from vandalism?

Vandalism results in broken windows and smashed doors. Other types of vandalism damages include organic debris, broken water mains and interior ransacking. It can be very challenging to prevent vandalism, but government programs have been put into place to deter vandals.

How soon do I have to remove graffiti from property exteriors?

We recommend addressing graffiti removal within the first 24 hours. After 48 hours, it becomes very difficult to completely remove graffiti stains.

Does business insurance cover vandalism cleanup?

Most business property policies cover damages caused by vandalism, including graffiti. If you’re a commercial building tenant, speak with the property owner about coverage details.