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As one of Chicago’s loveliest neighborhoods, Kenilworth charms residents and visitors with beautiful parks and amenities. The Historic Royal Fountain of Kenilworth is a prime example of the area’s gracious style.

furniture cleaning before after kenilworth illinoisThe stately houses here in the village are especially admired for their architectural style. Residents in Kenilworth, Illinois, are just as proud of their homes’ elegant interiors and fine furnishings. When they need upholstery cleaning, they know they can depend on ServiceMaster by Zaba.

We offer premier fabric and upholstery cleaning in Kenilworth zip code 60043. You can trust our certified technicians to restore the original beauty of your home’s furniture with our unique line of upholstery care.

  • Safe, gentle steam cleaning for upholstery and fabrics
  • Certified Green Seal furniture cleaning on request
  • Specialized care for delicate, luxury, and vintage fabrics
  • Highly effective upholstery stain and odor removal
  • Restoration techniques for water- and fire-damaged furniture
  • Fabric and upholstery sanitizing and disinfecting
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on pet odor elimination

You want the very best fabric and upholstery cleaning in Kenilworth, Illinois. We provide it all, as well as expert carpet and area rug cleaning. Contact us today, and be sure to ask about our limited-time upholstery cleaning special.

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Our Upholstery Cleaning Services for Kenilworth, IL

We understand how much you value your home’s beautiful furniture. You can depend on us for the highest levels of furniture fabric care, including these IICRC-certified services and more.

Sofa, Couch and Ottoman Cleaning

couch cleaning

The most comfortable seats in the house are often the most likely spots for food and drink spills. Our sofa and couch cleaning services include stain and odor removal, and we also offer protective upholstery treatments.

Specialized Care for Vintage Fabrics

Silk damask, heirloom needlepoint and vintage chenille are just a few of the special fabrics we clean in Kenilworth homes. You can trust our experienced fabric cleaners with your furniture’s most delicate upholsteries.

Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing

mattress cleaning

The bed you sleep in every night needs professional cleaning at least twice a year. Our certified cleaning services sanitize mattress materials by eliminating dander, dust mites, allergens and other unhealthy microorganisms.

Safe Deep Cleaning for Furniture

Our deep furniture cleaning removes dirt and contaminants from the hardest-to-reach areas. We use equipment designed to gently clean around sofa arms, behind seat backs, down into cushion decks and under dust covers.

Complete Chair Upholstery Care

special fabric

Chairs need individualized care, specific to the upholstery on each piece. We bring years of professional experience to gently cleaning every type, from silk dining room chairs and linen armchairs to leather office chairs.

Why Choose Us for Upholstery Cleaning in Kenilworth, IL?

Upholstery Cleaning Is Our Specialty

From cleaning heirloom chairs to removing stains from sectionals, we do it all. Our industry-certified technicians are highly experienced in all aspects of upholstery cleaning and care.

Our Process Is Fabric-Safe

We customize our cleaning process so that it’s fabric-friendly for each piece of furniture. This individualized approach ensures the safety and colorfastness of your finest upholstery.

Pet Odor Removal Is Guaranteed

Our pet odor removal technique completely eliminates all traces of unpleasant smells. You have our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our odor removal methods are that effective.

Our 6-Step Upholstery Cleaning Process for Kenilworth, IL

1. Upholstery Type Assessment

Before we begin cleaning your furniture upholstery, our technicians identify the type of fabric on each piece. Based on our assessments, we adjust the cleaning process as needed for leathers, natural fabrics, synthetics and blends.

sofa cleaning service kenilworth illinois

2. Pre-Clean Tests and Treatments

To further ensure furniture safety, upholstery is carefully colorfast tested. We also pre-treat stains and odors as needed. If our cleaning pros find any problems, we let you know right away and explain your options.

3. Fabric-Safe Furniture Cleaning

Next, we clean furniture upholstery using a combination of advanced equipment, proven techniques and fabric-safe products. The covering on each furniture piece is gently cleaned with focused attention to details, such as welted seams, tufting, piping and decorative trim.

4. Upholstery Fabric Protection

Our fabric cleaning process also includes protection options that help upholstery resist dirt and stains. We recommend Scotchgard™ treatments as safe and effective on silk, wool, synthetic blends and most other fabric types.

5. Drying Time Estimates

The drying time for furniture after cleaning varies depending on its size, materials and covering. For example, sofas take longer to dry than dining room seats and backs. Our technicians explain what to expect. Per your request, we can reduce the drying time by setting up air-moving equipment.

6. Restorative Hand Grooming

This last step brings back the original feel and look of your freshly cleaned upholstery. Our special hand tools are especially effective at restoring the luster to delicate fabrics, such as velvet and silk. When we’re finished, we accompany you on a final walk-through inspection and consider the job done with your approval.

What is the average cost of cleaning a couch in Kenilworth, IL?

The cost varies depending on couch fabric. Professional couch cleaning averages between $100 and $300. Expect to pay from $200 to $500 for cleaning a leather couch.

What should I expect to pay for cleaning a chair?

It depends on the chair type, construction and fabric covering. For example, most dining rooms chairs can be cleaned for $10 to $30. Cleaning armchairs ranges between $40 and $80, and recliners usually cost between $60 and $80.

How long does it take to have upholstery professionally cleaned?

Most jobs are completed in a few hours, but whole-house upholstery cleaning takes longer. During our initial consultation, we give you a time estimate. Large furnishings and mattresses usually need additional drying time.

How often do I need my furniture upholstery cleaned?

We recommend professional upholstery cleaning at least once a year for most homes. Large households, especially those with children and pets, and commercial properties should have furniture cleaned more often.