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Restore your furniture with furniture cleaning from ServiceMaster by Zaba

Your furniture is part of what makes your Glenview, Illinois house a home. It’s also a significant investment, and you’re proud of the pieces you’ve hand-picked over the years.

Furniture works hard, though.

before and after furniture cleaning in glenview

Over time, wear and tear can lead to discoloration, staining, stubborn odors, and a run-down appearance. Fortunately, our furniture cleaning services can restore it to like-new condition.

We serve customers throughout the Glenview, IL area, including zip codes 60025 and 60026. For your convenience, our skilled team also provides carpet cleaning and rug cleaning. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Professional stain and spot removal for all fabrics
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting treatments for upholstery
  • Deodorizing techniques designed to work on stubborn odors
  • Fabric steam cleaning
  • Pet stain and odor treatment for even tough stains
  • Eco-friendly green cleaning options
  • Comprehensive restoration services for water- and fire-damaged upholstery

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Our Furniture Cleaning Services for Glenview, IL

Sinking into your favorite chair makes coming home so much sweeter. If you have kids, pets, or a busy lifestyle, though, your furniture may be looking a little worse for wear. Fortunately, our professional, Glenview, IL furniture and upholstery cleaning team can leave your sofas, armchairs, and more looking fresh and clean once more.

Our skilled cleaning experts have the equipment and experience needed to clean delicate fabrics like wool, silk, and cotton, as well as nylon, polyester, and olefin upholstery.

Here’s a breakdown of our various upholstery cleaning services:

Couch, Sofa, and Ottoman Cleaning

If the living room is the center of your Glenview home, your couch and ottoman work hard to keep everyone comfortable.

Fortunately, our expert Glenview upholstery cleaning team offers advanced cleaning techniques to eliminate tough odors and stains and breathe fresh life into your living room furniture.

When your favorite furniture starts to look a bit shabby, contact our team for high-quality upholstery cleaning in Glenview, IL.

Chair Cleaning

Whether you have oversized armchairs, leather club chairs, formal dining room chairs, or antique chairs in your home, our team provides cleaning services you can count on.

Our specialized techniques allow us to restore the original beauty of your chairs and remove stains without harming even the most delicate fabrics.

Complete Mattress Cleaning

mattress cleaning

Did you know that the average adult sweats 26 gallons each year in bed? Yuck! To keep your mattress clean and provide a platform for healthy, restful sleep, we offer comprehensive mattress cleaning services.

Our mattress cleaning techniques eliminate contaminants (including dander, dust mites, and mold particles) and refresh your mattress completely.

Car Upholstery Cleaning

Why let the clean stop at your front door? Our team also offers comprehensive car upholstery cleaning. We can renew leather, fabric, and vinyl seat coverings and help bring back that “new car” smell and feel.

Deep Furniture Cleaning

special fabric

When your furniture needs a total refresh, our deep furniture cleaning services can help. When we deep clean a piece, we clean under cushions, into crevices, and around the frame itself. The result is a piece of furniture that looks and feels new.

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Why Choose ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba?

We Specialize in Furniture Cleaning

While other companies offer furniture cleaning as an add-on, we specialize in it. Our industry-certified techs are highly-trained in advanced upholstery cleaning tactics and can handle even delicate fabrics like silk. This allows us to deliver comprehensive cleaning, stain, and odor removal without damaging your furniture.

We use Gentle, Safe Techniques

It would be a disaster for a cleaning company to ruin your antique ottoman by using the wrong cleaning tactics. Unfortunately, it does happen.

When you work with ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, though, you won’t have to worry about furniture damage. We use gentle products and techniques, as well as green cleaning options (available upon request) to protect your fabrics.

We Guarantee Pet Odor Removal

If you live with pets, you know they bring a lot of joy (and dirt) to your life. Fortunately, our team uses advanced tactics to provide guaranteed pet odor removal. We’re so confident that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that our neutralizing process will remove pet odors and stains completely.

The ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba Difference:

  • 85 years of combined cleaning experience
  • Locally owned, backed by a national brand
  • Licensed, bonded, insured, IICRC certified
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Top rated in Glenview, IL

Our 6-Step Upholstery Cleaning Process for Glenview, IL

When you contact our team for upholstery cleaning in Glenview, IL, you expect results.

Here’s how we get them, every single time:

1. Pre-Cleaning Inspection

Before we begin our cleaning process, we start with a close inspection of each piece of furniture in your home. During this inspection, we confirm the upholstery type and condition and develop a plan to deliver the safest, most effective cleaning solutions.

sofa cleaning service glenview, illinois

2. Colorfast Testing

Without careful attention, some fabrics “bleed” during cleaning. To prevent this, we offer colorfast testing on both natural and synthetic fabrics. This process allows us to ensure the materials are colorfast, and that our cleaning won’t harm them. We conduct this test on a small, hidden location of the furniture, such as the underside of a cushion.

3. Preconditioning

Next, we’ll pre-treat the fabric to set the stage for excellent cleaning. First, we lightly vacuum all upholstery to remove surface debris. Next, we apply a preconditioning treatment designed to loosen set-in dirt and soil.

If the furniture has deep stains or spots, we may also apply a pre-cleaning treatment to loosen the discoloration.

4. Cleaning, Rinsing, and Drying

Next, we’ll clean all the fabric and upholstery in your home using our safe, gentle products. We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, which reaches deep into the fibers of the fabric to remove dust and dirt, even from stubborn and hard-to-reach areas.

From armrests to cushions and trim, we’ll clean, rinse, and dry your future.

5. Fabric Protection Treatment

Our fabric protection treatment provides a barrier against dirt and dust and keeps your fabric clean. This treatment helps furniture resist stains and airborne contaminants, like bacteria and mold spores.

Depending on the type of your upholstery and furniture, our teams will recommend the best treatment options for you.

6. Final Grooming and Inspection

The last step in our cleaning process is to provide comprehensive hand-grooming for your furniture. During this phase, we’ll also offer a final inspection to ensure the work meets our high professional standards. When we know that you’re 100% satisfied with the work, we can rest easy knowing our job is done.

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