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Water and Fire Disaster FAQs
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You do all you can to stay ready for all types of emergencies. As a residential property manager, it’s one of your most important responsibilities and biggest challenges.

As Chicago’s leading restoration company, we work with individuals in your position every day. These are the questions we’re most often asked about commercial property water and fire disasters.

1. What can I do to maximize my tenants’ safety during emergencies?

Develop an evacuation plan for your multi-family property. Distribute it to all tenants, include it in move-in packets and review it twice a year. Post evacuation maps and instructions throughout the building so that anyone on the property can quickly determine the best route to safety.

2. Do I need to be concerned about damage to units adjacent to a fire or water emergency?

Water and fire damage can spread to units above, below and on either side of the original emergency scene. Tenants from these units aren’t always aware of potential aftereffects, so be sure to thoroughly inspect all surrounding units for possible damage.

3. Are there fire sprinkler and extinguisher requirements specific to my building?

Chicago’s Municipal Code lays out the details concerning fire protection equipment for all types of commercial properties. You can also ask the professionals at your local fire station for input about preventative strategies and safety equipment for your building.

4. How can I prepare my property and tenants for natural disasters?

Here on the shores of Lake Michigan, we sometimes experience property flooding from heavy rains. We’re much more likely to be hit by snowstorms and blizzards. The State of Illinois offers an online guide to natural disaster preparedness.

5. How can I prepare my facility staff to handle water and fire emergencies?

Work with your employees to develop in-house plans that include helping tenants evacuate. Key points should cover building-wide water, power and gas shutoff procedures as well as a network for contacting preferred electricians, plumbers and disaster restoration contractors.

6. What are the advantages of partnering with a disaster restoration contractor?

An experienced restoration contractor offers a wide range of services covering non-emergency projects including commercial cleaning, mold remediation and duct cleaning. When you have a working relationship with a restoration company, you have a trusted partner who also handles all types of emergency situations.

We Understand Your Questions

We’re always available to answer any questions you have about water and fire emergencies, cleanup and restoration, the insurance claims process and more. ServiceMaster by Zaba understands your unique needs as a Chicago property manager, and we’re here for you 24/7. Just give us a call.