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Are you facing water damage at your Park Ridge IL, home or business? We can help.

park ridge water damage cleanupWhether it’s water standing on the kitchen floor or a flooded basement, you need help.

Fixing the leak yourself or calling in a plumber stops the water, but it doesn’t stop the damage. The aftermath ruins floors, walls and ceilings. You need professional services for your Park Ridge property.

We’re on call 24/7 with expert water damage restoration services for Park Ridge zip codes 60016 and 60068.

Since 2008, ServiceMaster by Zaba has provided water damage restoration for Park Ridge residents caused by the following situations & more:

• Water damage due to overflowing gutters and leaky roofs
• Floors soaked from faulty appliance connections
• Ceilings damaged by broken fire sprinkler systems
• Water-damaged drywall caused by plumbing failures
• Laundry room flooding due to leaking washing machines
• Structural damage in flooded floors and crawl spaces
• Basements flooded by frozen pipes that burst and thaw.
• Property damage after storm flooding or snowmelts
• Water-damaged furnishings and contents at home or your business
• Dangerous Category 3 water damage from sewage backup

You’re right to be concerned about the long-term problems that come with water damage to your property. Whether it’s soaked walls or a flooded basement, we’re right around the corner with the best water cleanup services in Park Ridge.

Request an inspection today.

Our 7-Step Water Damage Restoration Process for Park Ridge Residents

1. Water Damage Inspection

We arrive in fully equipped service vans ready to clean up your property’s water damage. Our technicians inspect all affected areas to determine the extent of damage and potential structural problems.

water damage moisture reader2. Personal Consultation

After our assessment, we give you a clear outline of what to expect. Our consultation covers everything, including the scope of cleanup, final restoration plans and estimated time for job completion.

3. Water Damage Mitigation

To ensure your property’s safety, we address any structural issues, such as collapsing walls or buckling ceilings. Our technicians take care of water extraction, clear away debris and set the stage for water damage remediation and restoration.

4. Material Tear-Out

As our teams finish up with water extraction, we remove materials that can’t be salvaged. This often includes tearing out and disposing of soggy drywall, buckling ceiling tile, wet carpeting and warped trim.

5. Structural Drying

Structural drying is a critical part of our water damage restoration process. It can take several days, but we expedite this phase with heavy-duty equipment. Our teams set up axial fans, floor drying systems and industrial-grade dehumidifiers.

6. Cleanup and Sanitation

Next, we scrub and rinse porous and non-porous surfaces affected by the water emergency. We use specialized products for this step and finish with a certified sanitation process that also deodorizes water-damaged interiors.

7. Property-Wide Restoration

Finally, we replace or reconstruct all torn-out materials. This includes walls, trim, floors, sub-flooring and ceilings. We also restore salvageable contents such as furniture and personal items. Our work completely restores your property to its pre-loss condition.

Why Choose ServiceMaster by Zaba?

We Dispatch With Your First Call

When you’re suddenly facing water damage to your property, what to do next can seem overwhelming.

You need water damage restoration services near you, and our highly trained technicians are just around the corner ready to dispatch 24/7.

You can depend on us to arrive at your door within 45 minutes of your call.

We Tackle the Dangerous Jobs

We’re one of the few restoration contractors certified to address dangerous sewer problems.

Our sewage and toilet overflow water damage cleanup services include advanced sanitation and deodorizing processes.

When your property is contaminated by Category 3 water, you want ServiceMaster by Zaba on the job.

Our Teams Handle Everything

From cleaning up flooded basements to restoring water-damaged drywall, we take care of all types of water emergencies.

Our truck-mounted extraction systems and industrial-grade air moving equipment speed up the remediation process.

As our teams restore interiors to pre-loss condition, our staff helps with filing your homeowners insurance claim. We really do it all.

We Take Care of Category 3 Water Cleanup

category 3 water damage

Cleaning up Category 3 water damage is very dangerous. It’s never a DIY project. This type of water is highly contaminated with chemicals and hazardous microorganisms. Often called black water, it results from storm flooding or sewage backups.

Our technicians are industry-trained in Category 3 water damage cleanup. We’re equipped to deal with this hazardous situation in residential and commercial settings. Our cleanup ensures the safety of your property and your health.

We’re Certified in Mold Remediation

moldy baseboards

Water damage at the house or your workplace sets the stage for unhealthy mold growth. Mold breeds in porous materials in as little as 24 hours after a pipe leak or storm flooding. It’s especially concerning behind walls, inside ceilings and under flooring.

As we restore your interiors, we identify and treat areas affected by mold. We use industry-certified mold removal and remediation techniques to completely eliminate the problem. Our process is highly effective on all types of fungal growth, including toxic black mold.

We Restore Flooded Basements

If your basement has flooded, our team will remove any standing water and safely restore your basement to its original condition with our comprehensive basement flood restoration service for Park Ridge, IL.

What Customers Are Saying

I highly recommend servicemaster by zaba, they took care of a recent flood damage in my home, the service and communication was exceptional.
Alvaro Gonza
Alvaro G.
15:45 02 May 24
Professional from start to finish.
Lisa Fremont
Lisa F.
17:24 03 Apr 24
This is the second time I've used ServiceMaster. I needed the walls and ceiling in my kitchen to be removed due to a water leak from the unit above me. They were super cautious of my furniture and covered everything with plastic. I hired them to do my reconstruction as well and am extremely happy with my new cabinets!
Jorge Daniel castro
Jorge Daniel C.
16:07 21 Mar 24
I had 4 inches of standing water in my basement. ServiceMaster was able to pump all the water out of the basement and cleaned and sanitized my floors and walls. I’m extremely impressed by how quick they worked and how clean they left my basement!
Barney Cruz
Barney C.
16:03 21 Mar 24
I used ServiceMaster for a recent water damage issue. They helped me with my insurance claim and handled all aspects from packing out my home, mitigating and repairs. Thank you ServiceMaster by Zaba, I highly recommend them !!!
madeline kim
madeline K.
00:20 12 Mar 24
Service Master Restoration work was excellent on time professional very clean respectful Employees and very detail in the service that they provide for you. They answer any questions you have And are very helpful And willing to assist you. And their services Was wonderful.
Edwin Munoz
Edwin M.
21:09 18 Jan 24
After a fire, that caused a lot of smoke damage, Fernando the GM, went above and beyond helping us navigate not only the clean up process,but all questions we had. The crew is professional and thorough cleaners. I highly Service Master.
sondra graton
sondra G.
11:56 28 Dec 23


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Flood Cleanup Process

Steps to Reduce Flood & Water Damage

What is the average cost of water damage cleanup in Park Ridge?

Water damage cleanup and restoration averages between $3,000 and $8,000. Typically, the cost estimate is based on the total square-footage of affected areas.

Are there other factors that can add to the final costs?

Yes, there are a number of situations that can impact the final cost. For example, Category 3 water restoration or extensive structural problems add to the cost of cleanup and restoration.

Does my homeowners insurance cover water damage?

In most cases, yes. The exception is water damage resulting from a natural event, such as storm flooding. Talk to your insurance agent, and confirm your coverage at home and your business.

What should I do before restoration teams arrive?

If you can do so safely, shut down the electricity to all affected areas. Document the damage with photos, start a file with the images, and be ready to show them to the insurance adjuster.